Monty Brinton/CBS

Why Is Paul Shouting On 'Big Brother 18'? He Has Something To Say About Everything

If there's one voice we can all agree on that has been overbearing and just all too present from the beginning of Big Brother 18, it's Paul's. The way he insists on shouting over the other houseguests or shouting at us in the Diary Room makes Bronte's voice nothing in comparison. So, why is Paul always shouting on Big Brother 18? It probably isn't necessary to yell at us every time he needs to comment on someone's move in the game or reveal his next course of action, but it seems to be the only way for Paul to get his point across — always.

Obviously, Paul is just super passionate about all of his opinions and ideas on Big Brother 18 and I can't exactly fault him for that. But it doesn't make it any easier to endure his bobble head syndrome as he shouts about Victor or Tiffany in the Diary Room. Not to mention when he's in the general house, also discussing all of his important ideas and opinions with the other houseguests. But having an opinion about everyone and everything in the Big Brother house isn't the most fun thing to watch Paul shout about in every episode and during the live feeds.

You have to hand it to Paul that at least some of the time, he isn't shouting at the other houseguests, but maybe he should be if that will tone him down in the Diary Room, because being passionate is totally understandable, but Paul shouting on Big Brother 18 all of the damn time isn't cute anymore. Was it ever cute, though?

No one can ever accuse Paul of not speaking his mind, but he also tends to do that more so in the DR as opposed to out in the open. Don't get it twisted - he's all about that loud-mouthed, in your face life, but we as the viewers get the brunt of Paul's shouting and bobble headedness. Why is shouting Paul's go-to on Big Brother 18 though? Maybe he grew up in a house where everyone else was just as loud and abrasive and he had to learn how to talk over everyone and now that's just second nature to him?

Or, you know, maybe that's just going to be Paul's "thing" this season on Big Brother, being loud and shouting to keep himself at the forefront of everyone's thoughts. And, somehow, be so in-your-face that we're all forced to tolerate him.