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'Vanderpump Rules' Isn't On Tonight & You Can Thank NYE For That

Just when you thought holiday specials would stop interfering with your regularly scheduled programming, there’s one last holiday of the year to shake things up on primetime TV — New Year’s Eve. Some of us might live for holiday specials from November until January, but sometimes it can be a bit much. So if you find yourself wondering why Vanderpump Rules isn't on tonight, that well-placed holiday is the culprit. It makes sense that Vanderpump Rules is taking a break for the night since for some, it’s one of the biggest party nights of the year. That doesn't really matter for viewers who’d rather stay home than try and beat the New Year’s Eve crowds, though.

Instead of hoping that Monday’s episode would still get enough viewers in a time slot that is neither before or after typical party times, Bravo will not be airing a new episode. Fans can, however, watch Vanderpump Rules Uncensored in its place. It’s essentially a clip show that looks back at Season 1 of the show and the beginnings of the stars we all know and love or love to hate today. In the past, Vanderpump Rules Uncensored included Lisa Vanderpump and some of the SUR staff and Andy Cohen’s trip down memory lane to the good and cringiest moments of the show early on. Before Jax did a complete 180 and back when some of the other cast members seem like children compared to now.

Bravo couldn't have been gifted with a better time to make fans wait an extra week for a new episode. The season only just began a few weeks ago, but already the drama has been laid on thick. The latest involves James, who may have finally been fired from SUR. There’s a good chance that Lisa hired him back soon after, but all of his insults toward fellow SUR employees and his overall attitude seem to have finally caught up with him.

Katie went to Lisa to deliver an ultimatum that if Lisa didn't get rid of James, she would be walking. When Katie revealed this to some of the other SUR employees, they applauded her and agreed that James needed to get fired. When Lisa finally sat down with James to talk about it, however, he crumbled in tears and essentially begged to keep his job. Judging by the promo for the Jan. 7 episode, the heart-to-heart will continue.

In a preview posted on Bravo.com, Lisa talks to James about his mother, who has struggled with alcoholism. James reveals that he’s been helping his different family members out financially, which explains why he needs to keep his ongoing gig at SUR. Lisa tells him, "I’m not gonna give up on you," so I'd say it’s safe to say that his job at SUR hasn't officially ended. Though to really get the goods, viewers are going to have to wait until the episode airs on Jan. 7 instead of tonight.

In another promo, Brittany defends her decision yet again to marry Jax. It was expected that Jax and Brittany’s engagement and relationship in general would be a big talking point this season, especially given their past. But at this point, it’s got to be overkill for Brittany to hear friends like Lala voice their concerns. I’m just glad that the next episode will be more than The James Show because as much as I love watching him get called out for everything he’s said, there are far more important things to worry about on Vanderpump Rules moving forward this season. Like Jax and Brittany, obviously.

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