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Bey Will Share Twins Photos ASAP, Right?

Beyoncé Baby Watch 2017 is in full swing, with the singer flaunting photos of her pregnant belly all over Instagram and plunging fans into excited speculation about baby names and due dates. And the fact the Queen Bey announced way back in February that two new additions to the Knowles-Carter clan are on the way means double the happy anticipation for all in her kingdom. But Bey and husband Jay Z are notoriously private, doling out information about their young family in tightly controlled bursts that inspire frenzy throughout the internet. So, even though the the public demand for images of the newborns is unlikely to abate even one second before they hit the interwebs, there's definitely no guarantee that Beyoncé will release photos of her twins right away.

And, honestly, that's fine. When Beyoncé does give birth for the second time sometime in the very near future, the Lemonade mastermind's fans will begin learning the answers to some of the enduring questions of our time: Did her decision to wear the "If I Were a Boy" earrings for a second time mean she was having boys? What will she and Jay name the little heirs to the throne? What, exactly, does a double infant induction into the Illuminati entail? (Well, maybe not that last one.) By the time a lot of the Beyhive is done freaking out over the arrival of the twins, perhaps their parents will be ready to grace the plebes with a photo or two.

And if history is any indication, the wait period will be about a month — and that should be enough time for Bey diehards to collect themselves. At least, that's how long the public waited with bated breath to catch their first virtual glimpse of Beyoncé's firstborn, Blue Ivy Carter, back in 2012. Blue came into the world Jan. 7 of that year; Her parents opted to share an adorable slew of photos of her via Tumblr Feb. 10. "We welcome you to share in our joy," read a picture of a handwritten note that accompanied them, according to The Daily Beast. "Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives. – The Carter Family."

They were worth the wait, showing the new baby looking peaceful and serene all by herself as well as nestled up with both her mom and her dad in two separate photos.

Of course, Bey has already shared many, many, many more photos of her pregnant self this time around that she did last time — perhaps in no small part because of the undoubtedly hurtful but pervasive rumors that she was never pregnant with Blue in the first place.

This time, let's go easy on the conspiracy theories and respect the family's desire for privacy. Maybe that will inspire the Queen to have some mercy and get those baby pics out sooner rather than later.