Will Chad Die On 'Scream Queens'? There Could Be A Big Death Coming Up

Just when we got him back, it looks like we might be losing Chad Radwell all over again on Scream Queens. While you'd be hard pressed to find fans who legitimately love Chad, there is a certain kind of humor and ridiculousness that comes along with him that you need in a show of killers and idiot Chanels. And as it was recently revealed that there will be a big death in Episode 3, will Chad die on Scream Queens? He's only been back for one episode so far, but Glen Powell (Chad) is only set to appear as a guest star this season on Scream Queens, so this could be the way he leaves the show for good, barring any supernatural resurrection. Which, let's be honest, is entirely possible somewhere down the line.

It all started when the Episode 4 synopsis was released and it was revealed that in it, Chanel would be trying to contact the recently deceased character from the other side, in order to gain some answers about who the Green Meanie is. It was also revealed that the death that precedes that episode will be a sad one. And losing Chad isn't really devastating, but there are too few other candidates to get rid of at this point.

There are already plenty of theories about Chad dying on Scream Queens Tuesday night. Judging by the previews, he's expected to propose to Chanel, which would no doubt anger Dr. Brock and that itchy hand of his. But really, Chad is just a douche and could anger pretty much anyone into killing him on Scream Queens.

He's Only Supposed To Be A Guest Star

In all of the promos and cast photos for Season 3 of Scream Queens, Powell was noticeably absent, meaning that he's just supposed to be a guest star, set for an undetermined but likely low number of episodes. Killing Chad would give us the death of someone who we care about at least slightly more than a newbie, as opposed to another patient at the hospital who we just met.

His Death Would Sadden Chanel

The Episode 4 synopsis says that the Episode 3 death leaves everyone shocked and saddened and at the very least, the death of Chad would upset Chanel. He is the same guy who proposes to her, giving her the ability to marry rich, as has always been her dream to do. Losing Chad means losing all of that, and we can all agree that Chanel would mourn the loss of a perfect and wealthy life.

He Would Be Hilarious As A Ghost

If Chanel is going to try and contact the other side to talk to the latest victim and it is indeed Chad, then how amazing would it be to see Chad as a ghost? He would be just as annoying and whiny, instead of being any bit scary. Now, Scream Queens hasn't really crossed that line to the supernatural yet, but there's a first for everything and continuity isn't exactly key in this show, so it's totally possible for Chanel to contact a spirit and for us to see said spirit in all of its non-corporeal glory.

He Already Has An Enemy In Dr. Brock

Dr. Brock hasn't been confirmed as a killer just yet, but having the hand of a murderer might change that. Especially since he's already plenty on edge with Chad for stealing his new girlfriend and, apparently, trying to marry her now. The Green Meanie has only targeted patients so far, so this might be the chance for Dr. Brock's hand to do the work its obviously been wanting to do.

It Can't Be A Main Character Yet

Big deaths are always shocking and impactful, but we can't have a huge main character death just yet. That's why we have supporting roles and guest stars anyway, so Chad dying on Scream Queens gives us a dramatic death of someone we care about without losing someone we're way more invested in at this point.

But There Needs To Be A Big Death

Chad's death on Scream Queens would be the perfect big death right now. We already know him from Season 1, so he's not some nobody who's just shown up and is killed in the very same episode, and he's expendable. Watching different patients being murdered at the hands of the Green Meanie is all well and good, but at some point, we stop caring about these nobodies and we need a real, solid death to mean something.

Again, losing Chad wouldn't be the worst thing, but he also lends a certain comedic value that plays almost too well off of pretty much anyone else in the scene with him. But will Chad die on Scream Queens? Right now, he's legitimately the most viable candidate.