Courtesy of Tenderfoot TV

'Culpable' Isn't Done Investigating Christian Andreacchio's Death

For the past three months, listeners of the captivating new true crime podcast Culpable have been waiting on pins and needles for more updates surrounding the investigation into 21-year-old Christian Andreacchio's death. While the season finale — episode 15, titled "The Bigger Picture" — aired last week and a lot of eyebrow-raising information has been uncovered, there are still some unanswered questions. So will Culpable have a Season 2 and continue to investigate Christian Andreacchio's story?

Although Culpable, the latest true crime podcast from Tenderfoot TV and Black Mountain Media, has indeed aired this season's finale, the team certainly isn't done investigating and trying to get justice for Andreacchio and his family.

"The Andreacchios, and that includes you Christian, are like family. So while this is our season finale, do not take the word 'finale' too literally," Culpable host Dennis Cooper says at the end of episode 15. "Our work is far from over. We will continue investigating this, and if there's new evidence or a break in the case, we will make it known. We're not going away, we will remain dedicated to this until there is justice and closure."

Though it doesn't seem like there are any concrete plans for a full Season 2 at the moment, Culpable's investigation into Andreacchio's death, which was ruled a suicide after a 45-minute investigation on Feb. 26, 2014, is still ongoing. In fact, during the finale, Cooper announced that Tenderfoot TV and Black Mountain Media are offering a reward of up to $100,000 for "new information or evidence that leads to an arrest and conviction."

"It's our understanding from comments made by public officials that new evidence could result in the re-opening of this case. And we would like to help get them whatever it is they need," Cooper says in the finale.

In a few days since making that announcement, the producers of Culpable shared on Twitter that there's been an "overwhelming response" to their reward offer. "We are sorting through all of the tips and will be following up on any new leads," the podcast tweeted on Sept. 18.

While there haven't been any new episodes as of Sept. 23, a rep for Tenderfoot TV tells Romper that there will "definitely" be "more episodes if there are updates on the case, especially with any new, pertinent info that comes in with the announcement of the reward."

Culpable has taken a deep dive into the suspicious evidence and circumstances surrounding Andreacchio's death and his family's "ongoing fight for justice." In February 2014, according to The Clarion Ledger, Andreacchio was found dead in the bathroom of his Meridian, Mississippi apartment, "slumped over his tub from a gunshot wound to his head." Responding officers from the Meridian Police Department quickly ruled his death a suicide, but the coroner noted in his report that the manner of death as "undetermined," according to Mississippi Today.

Culpable — along with the Andreacchio family, a team of private investigators, forensic experts, and crime scene re-constructionists — have uncovered that several factors in Andreacchio's don't add up. "Looking at all of the evidence, in my opinion, the manner of death of Christian Andreacchio is homicide. And I've signed my name to that in my report and I would testify that in court in a heartbeat," Dr. Jonathan Arden, a forensic pathologist, says in episode 8, "Doesn't Add Up," of Culpable.

District Attorney Kassie Coleman told The Meridian Star in a statement last week that her office "is ready to receive and review any new information from any source at any time concerning any closed case." Andreacchio's case remains closed, and Culpable hopes its own investigation and reward offer for new tips will provide law enforcement with what it needs to further investigate the suspicious death of Andreacchio. And any developments regarding Andreacchio's case will undoubtedly be covered on Culpable.