Nicole Wilder/ABC

Cyrus May Be Looking At Jail Time On 'Scandal'

Shonda Rhimes is clearly on a jail kick this season. First, Grey's Anatomy almost saw Karev convicted and thrown into prison, then How to Get Away With Murder had Annalise arrested after being accused of murder, and now Cyrus is possibly involved with Vargas's murder on Scandal and could be looking at life behind bars. I can't say it isn't interesting to see this new side of Rhimes' world, but will Cyrus go to jail on Scandal? His arrest can only lead to one thing and the promos for Episode 4 show him cowering in a jail cell, but it's still unclear how long he will end up staying in jail or if he'll even be convicted of the crime.

Honestly, it's also still unclear if he even had anything to do with Vargas' death at all. It's super easy to place most, if not all, of the blame on Cyrus, since the crime has his name all over it, but that's the thing. It's almost too easy to place the blame on him since he's been the mastermind behind so many scandals in the past. But this time seems to be an exception to the rule. The promo for Scandal shows him pleading with Olivia on the phone to believe his innocence. Even Cyrus couldn't keep up a charade like this for this long if he was guilty. But does this mean that Cyrus will spend most of the season locked up for a crime he didn't commit (at least not directly)? He's easily one of the most despicable characters on the show, but I truly don't see him going out like that.

Right now, the big reveal was that Tom confessed to killing Vargas on Scandal and named Cyrus as the one who ordered the hit, but even that is an obvious red herring. Tom likely just confessed in order to place the blame Cyrus as the true mastermind behind the assassination. And while that definitely seems plausible given Cyrus' corrupt history, eh actually seems to have had no idea that Tom would take things so far (but really, he shouldn't seen that coming). So now that Tom feels rejected by him, he's ready to lash out and make Cyrus take the fall.

In the clip, you see a clearly beaten Cyrus in jail on the phone with Olivia, telling her to trust her gut after it's announced that the episode will reveal another big shocker. So chances are, Cyrus will soon be released from jail, but not before he does a decent amount of suffering first. And really, thanks to all of his past misdeeds, it's arguably karma finally catching up with him.