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David Could Still Show Up Again In The 'Roseanne' Revival & Here's How

The Roseanne revival is by no means The David and Darlene Show, but for all intents and purposes, their relationship is certainly important. They represent one of the second generations of the Conner family, in a way, and they did build a life for themselves, prior to the revival, during the original series. And now that he’s finally going to make an appearance, it makes you wonder, will David be in more Roseanne episodes?

Johnny Galecki only signed on for one single episode this season, which means David will be noticeably absent for the rest of the season after this week. However, the actor has a good excuse. Considering his busy schedule with The Big Bang Theory and the new comedy he produces, Living Biblically, it was lucky he was able to come back for the revival at all. But don’t count him out for future seasons.

During the Television Critic Association press tour back in January, Galecki told reporters that even though he was unable to commit to more than one episode for this season, he’d be willing to do more than that if the show was renewed. Luckily for fans, Roseanne was picked up for yet another season, so his return is totally possible.

Although it hasn’t yet been revealed why David and Darlene broke up or if they have any real chance of getting back together, he’s still the father of Darlene’s children and once upon a time he was like another child to Roseanne and Dan. When they took him into their home and he became like a surrogate son, his relationship with Darlene was a little tricky. There might have even been one or two Dan blowups that made me scared just watching them, but David is as much a part of the original show as anyone. It would only make sense for him to be in more Roseanne episodes in the future.

That doesn't mean that he and Darlene will need to be back together for that to happen. Right now they’re separated, possible divorced, or maybe just estranged, since he’s been absent for literally years. If David returns to the Roseanne revival for more episodes, it could simply be because he wants to build relationships with his children again and not necessarily because of Darlene, though if we’re being honest here, a romantic reunion between them is a must at some point.

Right now Galecki’s The Big Bang Theory schedule doesn't seem to be letting up, but there is a chance that it could end after its upcoming Season 12, meaning that he’d be freed up to take on a larger role in the Roseanne revival. "The only manner in which the cast has discussed wrapping [the show] has been that we're all going to be very sad when that day comes," Galecki said at the TCAs. "But I think at this point everyone's very comfortable with 12 seasons being a good time to go home and see our families."

While that doesn't mean that the long-running CBS hit series is guaranteed to end at that point, it does mean there’s a chance that Galecki could find himself back at the Conner household before you know it.

Nothing has been officially announced, but if he was able to make time for one episode of the revival, then if given enough time to prepare I’m sure Galecki could bring David back once again next season and perhaps many more seasons to come. Never say never!

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