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Don't Worry — David Won't Be Gone For Good On 'Roseanne'

It was never a big secret that Johnny Galecki would only be able to commit to the one episode of the Roseanne revival, but it’s still sad to think that his one appearance in the episode "David v. Darlene" is now over and done with. But since the end of the episode left things open for a more permanent return, will David come back for more Roseanne episodes? Because of Mark’s death and David and Darlene’s marriage troubles, he left his family to build homes for charity, and while ditching his wife and kids definitely doesn't seem like something David would do, it is very like him to want to help others. But now it seems like he's ready to stop traveling and settle back down near his kids. But will it actually happen? It will if the actor who plays him has anything to say about it.

Before the Roseanne revival premiered, Galecki said that he would be onboard to appear in more episodes of the show in the future, especially since The Big Bang Theory could end after Season 12. This means that fans might see David again next season to reprise his role and hopefully work on things with his children and maybe even with Darlene. For the rest of Roseanne Season 10, however, David will not be making another appearance.

Sara Gilbert (Darlene) recently spoke to TVLine about Galecki’s return to the show and how important it was since their on-screen relationship was such a big part of their characters’ stories in the original series. Gilbert said that she was grateful to have been able to bring Galecki back in the revival, even if it meant creating trouble in his marriage with Darlene and effectively turning him into a sort of deadbeat dad. Of course, by the end of the episode, it was clear that David was ready to take the right steps in mending things with his children and even revealed plans to move back to Lanford, so David coming back for more Roseanne episodes definitely seems like a possibility.

"I think if Johnny [Galecki] didn’t have an empire to run, he would’ve certainly been in more episodes," Gilbert told the outlet, adding:

But I still like the idea of an inconsistent parent. It’s such a great area to explore, regardless of his availability. I know he did say in an interview that he wanted to do more episodes next year, so hopefully he’ll be doing more than just one next year.

In real life, Galecki is involved in multiple projects that keep him so busy that it would be hard to allow himself to pinned down to appear as a regular next season in the Roseanne revival. However, there’s no reason not to hope that he can somehow fit the show in occasionally. He’s still one of the main stars on CBS’ long-running hit comedy The Big Bang Theory and now he serves as executive producer on the new CBS show Living Biblically. But if that wasn't enough, he’s also going to be the host of SciJinks, a new Science Channel prank show.

Regardless, the door was left wide open for David to come back for more episodes, even if it won't be until next season. Instead of David leaving again on a sour note and giving up on trying to mend things with Darlene and their kids, he made the promise to come back and make things right with both Harris and Mark. And since he already signed a lease with a nearby home, it seemed pretty legit. In that respect, it’s entirely possible for David to come back for more Roseanne episodes as long as Galecki himself is available once filming for Season 11 begins.

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