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Connor Might Be In Danger On 'How To Get Away With Murder'

by Megan Walsh

The winter finale of How to Get Away With Murder left several characters in jeopardy, but also revealed that Connor was not the one injured in an altercation at Caplan and Gold. However, Connor might not be as safe as it seemed since Dominic, the man who killed Wes, was lurking near him in the final moments of the episode. Will Dominic kill Connor on HTGAWM?

That was one answer the mid-season finale didn't provide. After the plan to expose Antares went up in flames, Connor returned to Laurel's (formerly Wes') apartment to meet with her and found that she wasn't there. He called Michaela to see if he could get some information, but what neither of them knew was that Laurel was trapped in an elevator in Annalise's hotel while Annalise struggled to save her baby. Connor also didn't know that Dominic was skulking around in the shadows of the stairwell — and because Connor had no idea, he let a lot of sensitive information slip.

While chiding Michaela for the failed plan, Connor basically gave up everything without knowing it: Simon was dead, Laurel was probably dead, and there was no way they could keep expecting to get away with all this murder. (Connor doesn't know the title of the show, either.)

Dominic heard everything (and the show gave viewers a helpful flashback to Wes' death just in case everyone at home couldn't recognize Dominic immediately). It seems obvious that he was there to spy on Laurel for her father Jorge, who has been known to keep close eyes on his daughter. That surveillance has likely increased now that they are back in semi-regular contact, and Dominic appears to be the one carrying out the spy missions.

It's impossible to say how long or how closely Dominic has been watching Laurel up until this moment, however. She endeavored to hide her pregnancy from her father, as well as where she was living and the fact that she was looking into Wes' death, but Dominic's presence at her home could indicate that Jorge knows more than Laurel thinks. He could have been keeping tabs on her this entire time.

But all of that is to be expected. It's not a surprise that Laurel's creepy father would send his favorite assassin to watch over her or gather information. The real question is what Dominic is going to do now that Connor has revealed so much to him. He certainly could kill Connor, but that's probably not the most effective way to deal with this situation. Technically Connor hasn't done anything besides be needlessly ominous in poorly lit hallways; Dominic killed Wes because his actions were about to ruin things for Antares. Until Dominic has more info — or gets the go ahead from Jorge — he might let Connor live, for now.

The more pressing matter for Dominic might be to figure out what's going on with Laurel, since that's sure of some concern to her father. Connor isn't an imminent threat and he could always be dealt with later. He could even become a source of more information before Dominic decides to off him, if he ever does.

Connor always seems to get very close to being killed, but skirts danger at the last possible second. Fans first worried that he would be the one under the sheet before discovering it was Wes, then worried that Connor would be the one injured at Caplan and Gold. Every time Connor has managed to make it through without a scratch (not counting the intense emotional and mental trauma, of course), so his chances look good for the future. He might be in a precarious situation, but he's survived worse.

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