Eric McCandless/ABC

Rowan May Be In Danger On 'Scandal'

The president-elect was assassinated, Charlie and Quinn are engaged, and somehow Fitz and Olivia aren’t even close to being romantic this season. Then there's Rowan, who was once so high up in Command of B613 and is now suddenly answering to others and doing their bidding, including Frankie Vargas' assassination. That's bound to come with some repercussions, which could very well involve his own life being taken away. So will Huck kill Rowan on Scandal?

In the promo for Episode 7, Olivia asks Huck to kill her father because of his part in killing Frankie Vargas and even for Huck, it seems to be asking a bit much. But he’s also very loyal to Olivia and usually whenever she asks him to do something, he complies without question. Still, Rowan has not only been a key figure on Scandal for a long time, but he was also being controlled by someone else entirely, even if Olivia doesn’t know that.

As far as she’s concerned, he was just up to his old tricks and wanted Vargas out of the way for his own political gains. Even for Olivia, though, calling out a hit on her own father is some serious stuff, but it looks like she’s all about being a white hat this season, so unless Rowan comes clean to her about committing the crime to keep her safe rather than for selfish reasons, it might be too late to call off the dogs. Or, in this case, Huck.

It’s becoming clear that these people above Rowan (are they B613? Do they even have a name yet?) are part of the big enemy for Season 5 of Scandal, so Rowan and Olivia should probably be teaming up rather than fighting their own battles in private. As one fan on Twitter said, Olivia has a couple of very dedicated killing machines on her team right now (Jake and Huck) as well as Quinn and Charlie too. And since Rowan is alone in being controlled by this new organization, he’d do well to come clean before he gets himself killed.

Olivia took Vargas’ death hard, mostly because at the time she felt that Cyrus, a close friend, had been responsible. And even then, she was not about giving any mercy to him. So when it comes to her father, that same treatment is also in place, only ten-fold. If she doesn't find out the truth about Rowan being controlled and blackmailed, then Huck will no doubt kill Rowan on Scandal. He’s not above killing (or torturing) those around him if the situation calls for it. I'll never forget about his little torture session with Quinn from back in the day. So yeah, he could be in serious trouble.