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These Fan Theories Predict The Fate Of Kate & Her Baby — Just Try Not To Cry

More than one life is in danger on This Is Us, and fans are anything but okay. In the Mar. 5 episode of Season 3, entitled "The Graduates," Kate goes into early labor at 28 weeks and fans are not just worried about the potential of Kate's death, but Kate's baby as well. So will Kate lose her baby on This Is Us or is it possible that Kate will die in childbirth? Only time will tell, but until then, these fan theories about Kate and her baby are enough to calm a few nerves — even if they may not be exactly what fans want to hear.

In the episode of This Is Us titled "The Waiting Room," timing is everything. To make matters worse, the trailer showed that Kate was taken into emergency surgery and the hearts of fans across the nation simultaneously fell to the floor. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, revealed that what happens next is a lesson that viewers can learn.

"I know everybody is like, if Kate doesn’t have that baby ― I will lose my mind," Metz said. "It’s definitely unexpected but I think a lot of people will learn from it. And I think it will move people and I definitely have been moved in these last few episodes as an actress. Like, whoa, this was given to me, OK. I better honor that. You know, I think it’ll be cathartic to many people."

While Metz's words may not be reassuring to people who hope to see Kate and Toby have their happily ever after, it's clear that fans will need to prepare for some change in the upcoming episodes. Now, let's get ready with these fan theories from Reddit — that is, if you're ready.

Kate Will Die & Toby Will Raise The Baby As A Single Father

As fans might remember, in the Season 3 premiere, This Is Us had a flash forward sequence. While fans got to see an older Toby, Kate was nowhere to be seen. Reddit user mistermoviedude predicted that it's possible that Kate dies in This Is Us. However, because fans already saw that Toby is alive and still involved in the Pearson family, they are able to save the baby and Toby will end up as a single father.

That being said, other Reddit users replied to the thread, explaining that these things are too obvious, as This Is Us is known to throw out red herrings.

"It seems like with TV, they always make it seem like one thing is going to happen in the promo only to have basically the opposite happen," wrote Reddit user disappointing soup. "So when I saw Kate being rushed into the hospital my first thought was ‘well they are making it look like she might die, so... she’s definitely not going to die.'"

Toby Will Have To Choose To Terminate Kate's Pregnancy

In the same thread, Redditor deemarieforlife speculated a much different outcome from this storyline. And yes, it is incredibly sad, so be prepared.

"Toby will have to choose to save Kate by terminating the pregnancy," the Reddit user wrote.

But wait, it gets worse. Another Reddit user, barkev, added one final blow to the fan theory that could make any fan tear up. "And then Toby can't bare to make the decision but Kate begs him to save their child and be the great dad that she knows he can be," the Redditor concluded. Ouch.

Kate Will Slip Into A Coma But The Baby Will Be Fine

Reddit user todayshow129 did not come to play with this theory. In "The Graduates," young Randall told Kate and Kevin that, "things will be okay as long as you two are together." However, the fan predicted that what's coming will split the twins apart, ultimately leading to their demise.

"I think Kate will go into a coma and the baby hopefully will be fine," the Redditor wrote. "It looks as though Kevin is going to spiral and somehow I think his death will come as well at some point. We haven’t seen him in the flash forward. I am wondering if Randall doesn’t have a sibling out there that he doesn’t know about. Either William doesn’t know or they shared the same Mother and they will reunite. Rebecca will die and reunite with her children and Jack."

Kate's Baby Will Die & The Couple Adopts

Redditor mcshantski pondered if history could repeat itself for the Pearson family. "What if Kate and Toby's baby dies, but the same day in the hospital, another mother dies but has a baby girl who lives, and Kate and Toby do become parents to that child?" the fan asked.

While fans quickly pointed out that Kate and Toby are having a boy, it would be interesting to see how the couple could handle an adoption situation that Jack and Rebecca went through many moons ago with baby Randall.

Kate's Baby Will Be Born With A Disability

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Metz has revealed that “Toby and Kate are going to have a bit of an unconventional parenting situation." So it's likely that they will have a child at some point. Because of this, fans have speculated that Kate and Toby have a baby with a disability or even some sort of illness or genetic issue.

Reddit user leo080997 explained that this would be a new path for the show to explore and "It would explain the weird and somber look Toby had in the waiting room and possibly why him and Kate separate and/or divorce in the future. Maybe by them having a child with a severe disability who needs their constant attention and care will put too much of a strain on their relationship and marriage and cause them to split."

While some of these theories about Kate and her baby seem a little bit out there, others are plausible enough that fans can see them play out onscreen. Whatever happens, fans will just have to hold on tight and watch.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays on NBC.