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Kevin & Sophie May Be Another 'This Is Us' OTP

They wouldn't introduce Kevin's ex-wife on This Is Us, only to take her away an episode later, right? At least, you have to hope not, if having her in the picture means that Kevin might be able to find some romantic happiness. But will Kevin and Sophie get back together on This Is Us? In the promo for Tuesday's episode, it looks like she's giving him a chance to talk, but viewers also know zero about why they divorced in the first place. What exactly happened between them, and how likely will it even be for Kevin and Sophie to get back together?

That being said, let's look at it from a strictly technical point of view. The show introduced Sophie at a time when Kevin is searching for more meaning in his life and she's much more important than any new love interest given all the history they share. And the actress who plays Sophie on This Is Us, Alexandra Breckenridge, is no stranger to the small screen, so they wouldn't bring her on for such a small, one-off episode just to let Kevin down and go on her way, right? I also refuse to believe that Kevin Pearson doesn't get a happy ending this season because at his core, he's too sweet to end up alone.

But even though fans still know so little about Kevin and Sophie's past relationship, there are some clues that tell you she might give him another chance.

They Go Wayyyyyy Back

In Episode 13, during the triple birthday parties, Kevin told his parents that he loves Kate's best friend Sophie. In the present day, he then showed up on her doorstep after realizing, via love guru Toby's Jedi mind tools, that he wants to be with her above all else. Basically, he's been in love with the same woman since elementary school, which makes fans want to root for this couple all the more.

His Heartfelt Speech

Kevin is becoming king of the emotional speeches on This Is Us, but that's totally OK. You didn't forget his speech on the day he quit The Manny, did you? But when he compared Sophie to a lost limb and feeling lost without her in his life, it made you want to know right away what their past is and how the characters can repair it now.

She Agreed To See Him For A Reason

Sophie could have totally turned him away and rejected him at her doorstep on the spot, but instead Sophie agreed to talk to him later. It could be just a roundabout way to give Kevin closure, but the romantic in me wants to believe that it means he has a chance, however minuscule it may be.

Justin Hartley Wants Them Together Too

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hartley said that although their past is rocky, he's rooting for Kevin and Sophie too. "I like her and Kevin together,” he said. “It is very much a story that when you’re along for the ride when you’re watching it, you realize what happened, why they’re not together anymore. But then there’s an explanation behind it too." He went on to talk about the love that still exists between the two of them, giving hope to fans who want the most needy Pearson child to have some real happiness. "You will see absolutely how impossible it is to turn off the love, even though you’ve been betrayed," Hartley said. "You still love the person and that’s the way it is.”

Season 1 of This Is Us still has a few episodes left, which gives Sophie and Kevin plenty of time to work through whatever issues they had as a married couple. But as a fan and admitted blubbering mess during and after each episode, I will for sure be rooting for them.