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Why Max Needs To Return For 'Stranger Things' Season 3

Although the majority of Stranger Things Season 2 found Eleven and Mike leading different journeys, only to finally reunite in the season finale, there was enough going on in their separate stories to more than make up for their lack of contact. Take, for instance, Mike and the gang’s new friend, Max. She seems to be an important part of the group now, but will Max return for Stranger Things Season 3? According to her, the kids need a zoomer in their group, or I guess, someone who can move fast and contribute in that way. Plus, as evidenced by her 13-year-old driving skills, she's definitely capable of being handy in some very stressful situations.

Right now, Max already has some solid ties to the group. Much like Eleven experienced back in Season 1, Max has now been through the thick of it with the boys. From hunkering down at Will’s house to fighting the Demo-dogs in the Upside Down, she was able to bond with them in a way that should probably make her a member of their collective friend group for life. And, judging from that kiss with Lucas at the end of the season finale, Max has a romantic tie to one of their own as well, so there’s no reason to suggest that she won’t be a part of Stranger Things Season 3.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Sadie Sink (who plays Max) revealed that she and her co-stars managed to bond enough behind the scenes, so filming together was almost second nature for them. And, despite the one cold scene between Max and Eleven on Stranger Things, Sink and Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) get along great outside of the show and even had sleepovers throughout filming Season 2. "It was really nice, because in the beginning, we kind of all had scenes together. But [eventually], all the characters’ story lines go their separate ways," Sink said.

She also revealed, in a roundabout way, that Max will return for Stranger Thing Season 3, even if not a lot of details are available for the series’ third installment just yet. The Duffer brothers apparently made it clear to Sink that Max and Lucas’ new relationship will be treated like your typical short-lived junior high romance. "One of the things that Matt and Ross [Duffer] were saying is, middle-school relationships, they don’t last that long," Sink told Vanity Fair. "I mean, the most I’ve ever witnessed one of those things going on for is like, one month, maybe?"

So even if Lucas and Max aren’t meant to be in a long-term relationship just yet (they’re still 13, I think that’s OK), it still sounds like Max will be sticking around in Season 3 regardless.

Max is as much invested in the core group of kids now as they likely are in her and not just because she shared that kiss with Lucas at the end of the Season 2 finale. She shared with the boys another fight with the monsters of the Upside Down similar to what helped them bond with Eleven in the first season and there’s no reason to think that Max won’t continue to be a part of their group from here on out.

Max definitely left her mark on everyone on Stranger Things Season 2, so I can’t be the only one looking forward to seeing the group’s resident zoomer again in the seasons to come.

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