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Cyrus Makes Mellie An Offer On 'Scandal'

It's literally the next best thing to winning the presidency, but Cyrus offering Mellie the spot of vice president underneath him doesn't sound the most appealing right now, since he's public enemy number one. So will Mellie become vice president on Scandal? It's her way into the oval office and right now, her only option to get to the White House. It didn’t take long for Cyrus to offer Mellie the spot of vice president on a unity ticket, but it also took little time for her to turn him down. Still, she could always turn that around and change her mind. Right now, it may be her only chance for the next four years to get into the White House and in a prime position should Cyrus eventually be impeached.

Mellie pointed out that she had run against Vargas, not him, and that she and Vargas were the candidates who stood a real shot. So naturally, she has no interest in being under Cyrus' rule in any way, shape, or form. Not only does it seem like a way for Cyrus to keep the competition close to him, but it's still hard to trust him completely. Mellie made it clear that she wasn't about to submit defeat to him yet, and although Cyrus seemed totally genuine in his claims of innocence in regards to Vargas' murder, Mellie wasn't about to concede at this point in time. That being said, she may not be on board right now, but it's a tempting offer for sure, so she might end up changing her mind.

As scary as it is to say, the person to get Mellie to agree to be the vice president would be Olivia. She's still convinced that Cyrus definitely had a hand in killing Vargas and getting Mellie to remain close to him might be what's necessary to take the soon-to-be new president down. And if viewers know anything, it's that Olivia can convince anyone to do pretty much anything with one of her powerful, passionate speeches that leaves no room for taking breaths between words.

One of the hardest things for Olivia and Fitz as a couple, after his marriage was over, was being together while in the constant spotlight. Now, Mellie has found love with Marcus and if she does become the president, they would meet a similar disastrous fate. But as the vice president, she could still maintain some privacy while living a semi-private life with Marcus.

Cyrus hasn't been sworn into office just yet, so there is some time before he officially announces his vice presidential candidate, but Fitz made it clear that there needs to be some cleared air between them. Mellie isn't likely going to back down from the idea that Cyrus had something to do with Vargas' death, but that doesn't mean that she won't eventually accept this place in his Cabinet to get herself into the White House in the second most important position in the country.