Phillippe Bosse/ABC

Vanessa Wants Nick To Consider A Big Change

When The Bachelor begins each season, there are always contestants from all over the country and sometimes even beyond. And, more often than not, the bachelor ends up with someone who lives somewhere else because what are the odds that it could actually work out perfect, geographically? That being said, one of the final three on Season 21 is Vanessa, who’s from Canada and lives in Montreal, so will Nick move to Canada after The Bachelor if he picks her?

Even before Nick made the move from Chicago to Los Angeles, it would have been a big move for him, so now that the distance is even greater, how would the potentially engaged couple handle that? During the hometown visits, Vanessa’s sister was quick to bring up to Nick how important their family is to Vanessa and how they wouldn’t want to lose her. And in a sneak peek of Nick and Vanessa’s fantasy suite date on The Bachelor, Vanessa brought it up as well. It’s definitely a huge deal if they get engaged and something that should be ironed out, however difficult the decision would be on either of them.

In the clip from their fantasy suite date provided below, it’s clear that even if Nick proposes to Vanessa on The Bachelor, the fact that they live thousands of miles from each other and neither of them have interest in uprooting their lives is going to put a huge damper on their relationship.

Nick is honest with Vanessa and says that he's already moved so much that he can’t see himself moving again, although he does assure her that he would also want to be with the woman he loves. Of course that doesn't really help to resolve anything, especially since Vanessa totally seems like there’s no way she will budge on relocating from her family, friends, and entire life either. Honestly, both sides of the coin are understandable, but they also both knew this was a conversation they would have to have eventually.

The last Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher, got engaged to Jordan Rodgers at the end of her season and although they both lived in different states, Jordan ended up relocating to her in Dallas. And although he took a job with ESPN’s SEC Network on the East Coast, the couple has stayed together. According to Life & Style, it’s been tough for the couple, but they’re a prime example of two people in Bachelor Nation who had to move and work to make their relationship last beyond the cameras.

Then there’s the fact that Nick was recently announced as one of the “stars” to compete on Season 24 of Dancing With the Stars, which once again keeps him in the United States. Obviously, as Nick said himself in the clip from his fantasy suite date with Vanessa, he’s proud to be an American and honestly seems to have no plans to permanently relocate any time soon. That leaves things in Vanessa's court if Nick does pick her in the end.