Phillippe Bosse/ABC

Nick & Vanessa Could Have A TV Wedding

Vanessa and Nick as a couple on The Bachelor this season didn't have the easiest go at it, but in the end Nick realized that she was the women he's in love with. And since it wouldn't be the first time, will Nick and Vanessa get married on TV? The Bachelor couple seems to be totally solid and secure in their relationship and Nick is definitely no stranger to TV at this point. But right now, Nick and Vanessa don't even live in the same country, so getting a wedding date out of them is probably going to be hard. On After the Final Rose, Vanessa said that they're "taking baby steps," while Nick did reveal that they're leaning toward getting married in the United States, so that's something at least.

When they do finally get a date though, it isn't totally unrealistic to think that Nick and Vanessa might get married on TV, because the former Bachelor has been a Bachelor Nation repeat offender, making him more than comfortable with cameras around him. Next up, Nick will compete on Dancing With the Stars and if he continues to be so open to TV spots, then if the couple is asked to have their wedding televised, there's a very good chance that it could happen.

It seems like every time a season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette ends, Chris Harrison asks with hope that the couple might entertain the idea of getting married on After the Final Rose and it never really happens. But since there have been televised Bachelor weddings before, Nick and Vanessa could totally get married on TV and be more than comfortable doing it.

Season 21 of The Bachelor was Vanessa's first time on one of the Bachelor Nation shows, but as someone who seems totally confident in general, she seemed to be able to hold her own this season. And, as we all know, Nick has been on TV quite a bit, so it's almost expected for a televised wedding to happen.

I'm not saying that Nick secretly wants Chris Harrison's job someday, but the guy has no chill when it comes to taking chances on TV and accepting opportunities as they're offered to him. Right now, Nick and Vanessa are all about trying to figure out their life together, after the cameras, but seeing them again in a televised wedding would be kind of amazing.