Will An Orgasm During Pregnancy Hurt The Baby?

by Cat Bowen

Pregnancy hormones are weird. One moment, you're crying over your toast because you're out of avocado (and butter won't cut it), and the next, you're thinking about how that honey you're drizzling on your toast might taste drizzled over your partner. But, will an orgasm during pregnancy hurt the baby?

Worrying that something that causes your entire body to constrict, release, and shudder could be dangerous to a pregnancy is understandable — orgasms really do work you over, and there is more than one type of orgasm. The vaginal orgasm works one set of nerves, and the clitoral orgasm excites a second group of nerves, according to a study in the Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution. Although, according to an article in Clinical Anatomy, the overall effects of these orgasms are much the same in the woman's systemic response to stimulation. (Even if they feel very, very different in my humble, but thankfully experienced opinion.) But how are they different when you're pregnant, and does that difference matter? Is an orgasm something to be concerned about? Will an orgasm during pregnancy hurt the baby?

According to an article in Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, sex and orgasms are not only 100 percent safe during pregnancy (provided you've been given the go-ahead from your doctor), they should be encouraged — and occur frequently. You read that right — this study suggested that your partner (or your hand/vibrator) should be worshipping at the love temple of your downtown as much as you want. However, the March of Dimes did note that orgasms, because they cause your body to tense all over, may lead to uterine contractions and cramping, but it's totally normal, and expected. You should only worry if the cramping continues for a prolonged period of time and if they worsen in quality and duration. (Don't worry, they don't affect your baby either.) For me, I always felt like my abs went rock hard for an hour after climax. Annoying if I was hoping to fall right asleep, but not dangerous.

The study above also stated that the increased blood flow to the genitals and hormonal rush of orgasm is likely to make for a very happy and healthy baby. The rocking motion of sex may also soothe them to sleep, or they may start kicking as it's happening (or soon after) from all of the moving around. While you may find orgasms more difficult to achieve later in pregnancy, or find that they've changed in intensity and number, orgasms are a healthy way to relax and relieve stress (and horniness) during pregnancy. Ask your doctor if you're unsure. Chances are, they'll say yes, so you can say yes all night long, too. Which really means until 9 p.m. when you're tired and pregnant.