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Corinne's Nanny Needs Another 'Bachelor' Cameo

Now that the nanny is out of the bag, so to speak, and all of the other women (along with Nick) know about her, will Raquel appear on The Bachelor? Corinne's nanny has only been seen once on the show so far, during her introduction video in the season premiere, but that small spot has made fans not only create Twitter profiles in her honor, but also start a GoFundMe to "free Raquel." But something tells me that even though she is 24 years old, Corinne's nanny doesn't mind waiting on The Bachelor contestant or making her cheesy pasta and cucumber slices. Corinne has made it clear that Raquel has been with her for a long time, so assuming that Raquel has been her nanny since before she was too old for it to be socially acceptable to have one, she's likely not going anywhere.

But will Raquel actually show up at some point on The Bachelor? Typically, if a contestant makes it to the round of hometown dates, the Bachelor will get to meet her family and experience life in her home for a day or two, while getting properly judged and questioned by her parents or siblings. In Corinne's case, her close family members include her parents and sister, but also clearly, Raquel. So if she makes it to the final four on The Bachelor, then Raquel will probably be there to make another TV appearance.


But I wouldn't be all that surprised if, somehow, Corinne finagled a way to see her nanny before the allotted time. It's already been made clear this season that Corinne follows no rules but her own (like being the first to sleep through a rose ceremony because she already had one, getting frisky with Nick via one trench coat and one can of whipped cream, and all of the times she's been quick to steal him away from the other girls during cocktail hours). Some would say she's ruthless, but maybe she's just trying to play the game as best as she knows how.

In Episode 3, Corinne complained for the first time about not having her nanny, Raquel, there to make her feel better during the competition. Of course this prompted the room full of women to pause and try to figure out what kind of nanny this 24-year-old woman has, which was likely part of her plan. But depending on how badly Corinne needs her nanny, Raquel could appear on The Bachelor sooner rather than later, especially since Corinne seems to be having a hard time adjusting to life without her at the mansion.

Not only that, but former Season 20 Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi told People Now that she not only sees Corinne getting a hometown visit later on in the season, but also the chance for Raquel to get some more screen time on The Bachelor. And it was Episode 3, during which Corinne was seen talking about her nanny and explaining how Raquel does pretty much everything for her, that made Olivia realize that Corinne will make it at least as far as the hometown visits. "They would not introduce Raquel and make her such a big part of this if we weren’t going to meet her," she pointed out. Which totally makes sense.

Although the most popular Twitter account made for Raquel (yes, there are several) has more followers than Corinne's even has, it's another parody account. That doesn't mean that fans of the nanny can't have fun with it, though. In addition to creating a poll to see if people would want to have a nanny of their own, the account also posted the faux recipe for Corinne's lemon salad dressing.

Obviously it's all in good fun, but it just further proves how much fans are loving/loving to hate the idea of Corinne, the unofficial season villain, having a nanny for herself. Honestly, it seems to be just another name for an assistant, but Corinne obviously knows what she's doing in order to get enough screen time and attention. And as long as she makes it to hometowns (which, let's face it, is almost guaranteed), Raquel will be appearing on The Bachelor again.