Will Taylor Swift Perform At The VMAs?

Taylor Swift has certainly been busy this past week with the release of her first new single since her 2014 album, 1989. With a new song hitting the airwaves, fans are practically foaming at the mouth wondering if they'll get to hear Swift perform her latest single live. Will Taylor Swift perform at the VMAs? According to MTV, Swift is not listed as one of the scheduled performers at this year's Video Music Awards, but if the craziness that is late summer music awards show is any indication, anything is possible at this point.

Fans were definitely surprised and disappointed that Swift didn't appear at the 2016 VMAs. But the 27-year-old music star had a pretty good reason to miss the VMAs last year, and it had nothing to do with Kanye West: Swift actually had jury duty. With the release of "Look What You Made Me Do" on Thursday night, fans are hoping that Swift will surprise the world with a VMA performance, just as she surprised everyone with the news Wednesday of her new album Reputation coming out this November.

The VMAs have had plenty of surprises and unscripted moments, one of which will certainly haunt Swift forever: Who can forget that infamous Kanye West "I'll let you finish" moment from 2009?

So where does that leave us with Swift? She's had a history of performing new releases at the VMAs, including the debut of her song "Innocent" at the 2010 VMAs. In 2012, she closed out the VMAs with her first performance of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." So, it's not entirely out of left field for Swift to perform the first single from Reputation at the VMAs on Sunday — but it's her last debut that leads us down the VMA rabbit hole even further...

Even though The New York Daily News reported at the time that "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" was likely about ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, there were rumblings about Swift's relationship with fellow pop star Katy Perry. According to Digital Spy, their relationship took a turn for the worse when three backup dancers for Perry's California Dreams world tour reportedly bailed to perform with Swift on her Red tour in 2012. And, as fans know, the Taylor Swift-Katy Perry feud only got more drama llama ding dong since then.

Which of course leads us to the final piece in the "is she or isn't she" question of whether or not Swift will perform on Sunday night: Guess who's hosting this year's VMAs? That's right: Katy. Freakin'. Perry. People, we are through the Looking Glass here.

Bottom line: Swift isn't officially on the schedule, she's got a new single out, and her biggest rival ever is hosting one of the biggest music awards shows of the year — so let's put this rumor to bed with a big fat MAYBE. Or not. Who knows... The MTV VMAs will air at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday.