Will There Be A New 'Serial' On New Year's Eve?

We're already three episodes in to season two of the groundbreaking podcast Serial, and fans are hungry for more (I know I am!). Season two has turned out to be just as addictive and complex as season one with its captivating "one story told week by week" narrative focusing on the Bowe Bergdahl case. Seeing as how episode three released on Christmas Eve, will there be a new episode of Serial on New Year's Eve? Serial fans, you can turn off your 6 a.m. alarm next Thursday: There is no new episode of Serial on Dec. 31.

I know, I know — I too, wailed aloud when host Sarah Koenig announced that the next episode of Serial wouldn't air until Jan. 7 at the end of episode three, "Escaping." But stay strong, comrades: We've been in this boat before. Remember when we had to wait two weeks in between episodes nine and ten of Serial season one over the Thanksgiving holiday last year? It felt like an eternity, especially when Koenig left us hanging with: "I confess to having reasonable doubt about whether Adnan killed Hae. I’m not talking about the courtroom kind, I’m talking about the normal person kind."

We have to remember: It's Christmas Eve. I feel like Serial was being more than generous to us listeners by dropping at episode this morning:

Still, episode three of Serial this week left us hanging with its own tantalizing peek at episode four, as Bergdahl ends his tale of his attempted escapes from his Taliban captors: “That escape was the last time I saw stars until the night Special Forces picked me up. That was a long time.” Koenig continues — and then leaves us wanting more:

About four years, in fact. And while he’s waiting, so many people would be trying to get Bowe away from Sangeen: all these huge military and diplomatic forces about to kick in just as the United States is realizing “we need to get out of this war.” And then, things get really interesting.

And then just casually mentions it's going to be another two weeks until we get a new episode of Serial.

The fourth episode of Serial will air on Thursday, Jan. 7 at 6 a.m. Eastern.

Images: Serial, Carly Conway, Becca Marshall/Twitter; Giphy (2)