Is There Going To Be A Third Season Of 'American Vandal'?

by Josie Rhodes Cook

American Vandal, a mockumentary television series, returned for an eight-episode second season on Friday. The first season, and the series overall, premiered almost exactly a year previously, and people are already wondering: will there be a Season 3 of American Vandal? The jury may still be out on that one.

American Vandal, for those who may not know, is a satire of a true crime drama and is definitely not meant to be taken seriously. The first season had eight installments, and explored the aftermath of a high school prank where 27 faculty cars were vandalized by spray painted penis. Not exactly the deepest material out there.

The first season was so popular, people were already clamoring for more as soon as the first season of American Vandal aired. And this newest season, despite only just having come out, has some fans wondering already whether the series will return for another go. Since I can't tell you for sure what's happening with the show next, let's take a look at a couple clues regarding American Vandal's fate. Back in August, Business Insider reported that American Vandal was one of the many Netflix original shows coming back for another season, reporting that American Vandal was renewed on Oct. 26, 2017. That was only a little over a month after the first season first aired.

So far, searching for "American Vandal" and "Season 3" doesn't bring up much of anything at all. And it doesn't appear that Netflix has made any official announcement about a third season — or any additional seasons for that matter. So it's safe to say there hasn't been any formal word yet on whether American Vandal will return to investigate another oddball crime in the future.

However, as I already mentioned, it took over a month for an announcement about a second season of American Vandal to come out after it first premiered. So it makes sense to imagine that this is what will happen with a third season of American Vandal, if there is one. After all, the second season of American Vandal literally just came out. In fact, the second season premiere date wasn't even announced until Aug. 21 of this year. The truth is, it might just be a little too early to know exactly what the future holds for Netflix's American Vandal.

The second season of American Vandal on Netflix follows the case of "the Turd Burglar," who apparently drugged his Catholic school cafeteria with a laxative, leading several of the students there to suddenly experience violent bouts of diarrhea all at once, according to The Week.

To make matters worse, many of those affected were then tagged on social media in videos of them suffering through uncontrollable diarrhea right there in the cafeteria. It's not a cerebral joke — but it's kind of a classic. With how creative the team behind American Vandal has been with their "little show that could" so far, if the show does in fact get renewed for a third season, it will be very interesting to see what they come up with next.