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Whoa, Fans Are Still Waiting For 'Bad Blood' Season 3

Old world. New blood. New story. Bad Blood Season 2 is available to stream on Netflix starting May 31, and there's plenty left in store for the Rizzuto family in Montreal. The mob boss drama already made its sophomore season debut on CityTV back in 2018, so it's only natural that fans are asking if there will be a Season 3 of Bad Blood following its second season international release. Unfortunately, the Canadian network hasn't revealed whether or not Bad Blood will be cancelled or renewed for a third season. So fans will just have to wait and see what happens next.

Although the fate of Bad Blood Season 3 is up in the air, fans shouldn't have to wait too long for more news. According to Express.co.uk, CityTV renewed Bad Blood for a second season back in Mar. 2018, which was five months after the Season 1 finale aired in Canada.

“The calibre of talent both in front of and behind the camera, in addition to the overwhelming viewer response, made the decision to renew Bad Blood for season two an easy one," said television executive, Nataline Rodrigues, per the press release courtesy of Rogers Place.

Rodrigues also revealed that at this point, the Bad Blood team already developed "eight fresh new scripts" for fans to "sink their teeth into."

That being said, if Bad Blood is picked up for a third season, Canadian fans will have to wait some time before the premiere, and international fans will need to hold on for even longer. Season 1 premiered in Sept. 2017 and finished in Oct. 2017, with its Netflix debut in Dec. 2018. Meanwhile, Season 2 of Bad Blood aired in Oct. 2018, wrapped up in Nov. 2018, and makes its Netflix premiere in May 2019.

If CityTV decides to renew Bad Blood for Season 3 and continue the same schedule, it's likely that the show's third season will begin airing in Canada during the Fall 2019 season and be released on Netflix in the summer of 2020.

Of course, I need to point out that this is entirely speculation given the network decides to renew the series. But that doesn't mean a third season is out of the question just yet.

Prior to the Bad Blood Season 2 premiere on Netflix, Kim Coates, who plays Declan Gardiner on the drama, tweeted about the show's international streaming release. The actor also teased the potential of a few more seasons.

"How goes the battle peeps," Coates wrote. "Couple of things.. JUNE we do a #PailnShovel. Promise!! Long over due. Also Season 2 of @BadBloodSeries drops on @netflix worldwide this Friday May 31. It’s gonna blow your minds.. here’s to raising a glass to a few more seasons."

While Coates' tweet doesn't exactly confirm or deny the renewal of Bad Blood Season 3, it's nice to see that the show's lead is interested in doing more.

With Bad Blood Season 2 finally makings its debut on Netflix, news of the show's third season couldn't come sooner. But if there's one thing I know in this world, it's that Bad Blood fans are patient. So hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Bad Blood is now streaming on Netflix.