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You Won't Want To Believe This 'Game Of Thrones' Theory About Tyrion & Daenerys

After some big losses, Daenerys finally got a huge win in the battle outside of Highgarden, when Drogon and the Dothraki laid waste to a ton of Lannister and Tarly soldiers. But since no one character can have things going too good for them for too long, there’s a possibility that someone will betray Daenerys very soon. And since the latest battle was against his family, will Tyrion betray Daenerys on Game of Thrones?

This theory has a lot of merit to it and suggests that the youngest Lannister sibling will do something irrevocable to betray Daenerys, and soon. The theory stems from the prophecy in the books that mentioned Daenerys being betrayed three separate times. Once for blood, another time for gold, and a third time for love. The first, which came true, was when the maegi Mirri Maz Duur betrayed Daenerys by killing her unborn son to save Khal Drogo, giving us the blood betrayal. And remember how Jorah was originally sent to spy on Daenerys for Robert Baratheon in exchange for gold? There, we have the betrayal for gold.

According to the theory, the third betrayal against Daenerys will be for love and Tyrion’s love for his brother is wrapped up in what could be one of the worst betrayals for him to be a part of.

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The last we saw of Jaime, he was floating to the bottom of a lake in full armor after narrowly escaping Drogon’s fire breath. Assuming he survives that fall, there’s a good chance that Daenerys will take him prisoner. And since once upon a time Jaime helped Tyrion escape from prison in King’s Landing after being wrongfully accused of killing Joffrey, perhaps this will be the opportunity for Tyrion to repay that favor?

Of both Jaime and Cersei, Jaime has always been kind to Tyrion, enough for both him and his twin really, and Tyrion’s had a soft spot for his older brother too. Even though a lot of these characters are morally gray at this point, it’s difficult not to root for both Daenerys and Jaime, along with Tyrion, who’s about to be caught in the middle of two very important people in his life.

Episode 4 played hard into the theory that Tyrion may betray Daenerys. Early on in the episode, she all but accused Tyrion of trying to protect his siblings in King’s Landing and near the end of the battle, as Tyrion watched Jaime charge at Drogon, he muttered, "Flee, you idiot," along with the rest of us basically. Seriously, who brings a lance to a dragon fight? It’s clear that although Tyrion is the Hand of the Queen and has pledged himself to her and her cause for the Iron Throne, he still has ties to his brother that he can’t shake.

The theory goes on to suggest that if Tyron betrays Daenerys by helping Jaime escape, he’ll then be sentenced to death by dragon fire. And when he remains unburnt, much like Daenerys at the end of Season 1, the theory about Tyrion being a Targaryen will be proven true at the same time.

Because Daenerys has already been betrayed twice and those betrayals matched what’s in the prophecy, there’s a good chance she’s about to betrayed before Game of Thrones is over. And since past behaviors and actions would have us all pointing our fingers at Varys first — especially since she just warned him not to betray her — watching Daenerys be betrayed by Tyrion would, in a way, be the most surprising and heartbreaking twist of all.