Even Spatulas Are Magic With Williams Sonoma's New Harry Potter Kitchen Line

Let me start by saying I am a huge Potterhead. I've read all of the books at least four times, I wanted to name my dog Lumos but my family outvoted me, and my father has photos of me dressed like Nymphodora Tonks (my Hufflepuff icon), anxiously awaiting the premiere of the last film. I have Hogwarts sweatshirts, posters, and even a replica wand I play with more than I am proud to admit. I thought I had every Potter product imaginable, until I discovered William Sonoma's Harry Potter line.

The home goods store came out with a massive line of Potter themed products in partnership with Warner Bros., just in time for the holidays and the release of the new Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald movie, the sequel to the Harry Potter spinoff about famed magician Newt Scamander (another Hufflepuff hero, just saying). Williams Sonoma thought of pretty much everything a HP nerd could ever want for her home, from dish towels to sweet treats, as Delish reported, and almost all of the items come specialized for each Hogwarts house. Can you believe Christmas came so early this year? It's taking literally all of my willpower not to buy every single item on the list.

You can check out the full collection on William Sonoma's site, but I'm listing a few of my favorites here because I'm fangirling and bringing you all with me. Take these freakin' adorable Harry Potter spatulas ($10, Williams Sonoma), for example. I don't even like cooking, but you can bet I'll be making a four course meal just so I can use my Badger-decorated utensil.

I may not be able to whip up a meal using magic like Molly Weasley, but at least I can rep my house while I bake some lightning bolt-shaped cookies. Plus, the spatulas are made with the sturdiness of a Williams Sonoma product, so they're BPA free and guaranteed not to chip or crack (and they're even reasonably priced). You can also get a set of three spatulas in different sizes ($23, Williams Sonoma). Brb adding to my shopping cart now.

I'm also loving these house-themed water bottles ($30, Williams Sonoma), which are made of stainless steel and double-walled for insulation.

Imagine how cool you'll feel whipping out your Slytherin bottle at the gym, or how excited your little Potter lover will be to go back to school after the holiday with this in their bag. Hydration has truly never seemed more magical.

This cute and practical Gryffindor apron ($40, Williams Sonoma) is a must for any self-respecting baker/Harry Potter-lover. It'll keep you from getting messy with the power of MAGIC. And versions are available for the other houses too, obviously.

Pro-tip: get the apron monogrammed to make it an even more special holiday gift. Just click "add-monogram" when adding the item to your cart. Please thank me in the form of a Hogwarts acceptance letter.

If you're obsessed like me, it's probably best just to bite the bullet and get the full Williams Sonoma Harry Potter gift crate ($120). It's a little pricey, but it's a great option for a big ticket present for any Potter lover in your life.

It comes with the Hogwarts water bottle, spatula, and dish towel, plus cookie cutters with each house's crest ($17 when sold separately) and two Snitch Ice Balls ($20, Williams Sonoma), which is a mold for making Snitch-shaped ice additions for drinks. I'd never leave my kitchen if I had all these items. Fingers crossed someone loves me enough to get me the best present of all time.