Winter's Instagram After 'The Family Chantel' Makes Me Love Her Even More

I expected The Family Chantel to focus on Chantel and Pedro's drama alone, given that there is enough to go around. But its first season is shaping up to include everyone's drama without holding back, including that of Chantel's sister, Winter. She is the latest unwitting subject of their family's scrutiny and her relationship is on the chopping block this season thanks to the family's meddling. Still, Winter from The Family Chantel's Instagram is all about positivity.

Despite her family's natural inclination to hire a private investigator as soon as they want to get the dirt on a family member's significant other, Winter seems to have moved past the drama she endured while filming The Family Chantel Season 1. Although the rest of the season has yet to play out, so far, viewers have seen the lengths her family will go to get to know her boyfriend of almost six years.

They didn't seem to have issues with Jah before the season began, but Chantel convinced their mom, Karen, to hire a private investigator, not unlike Mama Chantel did for Pedro once upon a time. But when they discovered Jah has another child who he never told Winter about, it got real. Despite all of that, Winter's Instagram shows how positive she has remained after The Family Chantel Season 1, and it honestly makes me love her even more.

One thing missing from Winter's Instagram, however, is a photo of Jah himself or his daughter, who Winter has said she considers to be her own child. At the start of the season, Winter shared a post of herself with Jah's daughter, but has since removed it. I'm not sure if it means she wants to keep her Family Chantel storyline under wraps until the end of the season, but it could mean the couple broke up as a result of the show.

Most of Winter's Instagram posts show her serious selfie game and the time she spends with her family. She also shares family outings on her Instagram stories and posts about her job and friends. But there are no posts about Jah or even hints that they are still together after The Family Chantel.

While it's still not clear where Winter and Jah stand outside of The Family Chantel and if Chantel’s ongoing interest in their relationship caused them to take a turn for the worse, Winter has posted some telltale memes with quotes that might make it a little more obvious where she’s at in life. One says, "The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go." Another says, "A negative mind will never give you a positive life." Winter’s philosophy is all about being happy no matter what. Even if she and Jah broke up as a result of what happens this season, she is still doing her.

Winter wrote a long caption on another photo, urging her followers to be as positive as she is and appreciate every day for what it’s worth. "Gaze into the eyes of the universe as you enjoy this moment in time and say, 'Thank you for everything that I am!'" She wrote. "Do something nice for yourself today and every day." It looks like she is taking that advice herself.

It has to be hard to remain as positive as Winter is after being in front of the camera on more than one 90 Day Fiancé series, including The Family Chantel, which kicked things up a notch and invaded her own privacy a little further. She probably didn't expect to be the subject of a handful of episodes diving into her personal life, but she is taking it all in with the grace I personally wouldn't have if I was in the same position.

The Family Chantel airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.