Hey Scorpio, Looks Like You Might Finally Hit The Big Time In 2019

Julia Roberts, Gabrielle Union, Ryan Reynolds, Hilary Clinton, and Drake have more in common than fame and fortune: They also all happen to be Scorpios. Excitable and headstrong, Scorpios make their way in the world however they see fit, not by standing on ceremony or holding on to anyone's coattails. 2019 is shaping up to be a season of change in the U.S., and it makes you wonder how the stars and the world will affect that mutable Scorpio nature. Worry not, I have the 2019 astrological forecast for Scorpios, and it really puts things in perspective.

If you're a believer in Astrology, you know that Scorpios are said to be incredibly loyal and faithful friends and lovers. As per Astrostyle, they're also passionate, magnetic, and even a little obsessive. These characteristics can be a boon for Scorpios when they're out in the world, as they tend to draw people in, and their nature makes them feel very trustworthy to strangers and coworkers. But what can Scorpios expect from 2019, exactly?

First and foremost, Helene Cierzo of Heart House Astrology tells Romper that 2019 will be a profitable year for the Pluto-ruled sign.

"Scorpio, this is your year to reel in the dough," Cierzo says. "With the great benefactor Jupiter spending most the year in your second house, you will likely see an increase in your financial flow." What should Scorpios be doing with all that extra coin? Treat yourself. Not only to fun things like bags and audiobooks, but also to a pretty little bump in your retirement savings, or paying down your student loans. Cierzo notes that this is the year to make "manifestation" your mantra, "so perhaps it's time to invest in some Law of Attraction books or audio downloads, to take full advantage of your golden astrological alignment this year."

Cierzo wants you to believe in your ability to gain overwhelming abundance, no matter how steep the climb appears from the bottom. She says that you have the ability to shift your mindset to accept what is due to you, and move about in the world in a manner that achieves and succeeds this year. This is a useful frame of mind from which all of us can potentially benefit, of course, Scorpio or not: We get so caught up in the blockades that we all too often forget we're given feet for kicking and fists for slamming right through many of the obstacles before us.

The 2019 forecast for Scorpios isn't just financially abundant, although, given the near-bear state of the stock market, that is most reassuring. This year is going to prove to be *the* year to make new friends, too. As adults, it is a struggle to form those deep bonds we made so easily as children. This year, that particular struggle bus will have fewer riders because Scorpios won't be on it, notes Cierzo. "With Uranus camped out in your 7th house beginning in March, you could meet new people this year that are very different then you," she says. "This could be the perfect medicine for you to help you shift your thinking and outlook on life."

Who knows, maybe one of those new friends is someone you'll want to go into business with, and that's how you'll make all the cash Cierzo says is coming your way. Maybe they'll help you invest it!

As far as other relationships, you might find that this year gives you plenty of opportunities to spend (and enjoy) quality time with your kids, according to WeMystic; as the entry of the Sun into the fifth House of Scorpio on February 18 "indicates the joy of living and the desire to share moments of fun with children or the person you have romantic interest in." And any New Year's resolutions you might have made regarding improvements to your relationship with your S.O. should be easy to keep: "2019 will begin with the natives of Scorpio being more intense in love," as well as "more invested in their partner," WeMystic reported. The good vibes should keep up through March at least, so take advantage of this cosmic harmony to really work on improving your closest relationships and laying the groundwork for a successful year.

Whatever happens, with a year full of new friends (including all those Jeffersons and Franklins and Benjamins), the 2019 forecast for Scorpios is full of blue skies and expanding horizons.

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