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From Easy-To-Clean To Portable, These Are The 33 Best High Chairs

Some even grow with your child.

Of all the baby gear you’ll buy for your infant, the high chair is one of the top investments. This required accessory doesn’t just do the heavy lifting at meal time, it’s a spot to rest your baby when you need a hands-free moment. It serves as a play area for afternoons discovering shapes and toys, and oftentimes it becomes a must-have travel accessory for dining out situations. But is there a high chair that can do all of the above and grow with your child? What are the best high chairs on the market?

That depends on what you’re looking for. So let’s break it down.

Best Traditional High Chairs

If you want a no bells and whistles basic high chair you can belly up to your dining room table, these are the most affordable options get great review for their sturdiness and simplicity.

Best Collapsible High Chairs

High chairs are great and all, but do you really want guests seeing the sticky leftovers from your child's first taste of mashed potatoes sitting out? These foldable chairs help with clean up and can be tucked away until the next meal.

Best Portable High Chairs

Take it from a woman who only owned an attachable high chair, these things are the most versatile seats you can buy. Pop them onto a table at home or a restaurant, and you're good to go. Plus, they pack up easy and can be washed when they get too crusty.

Best Luxury High Chairs

As you might have guessed, the high chair world has gone luxury. If you want your kid’s eating seat to be as fancy as their Gucci booties, we can make that happen with these.

Best Modern and Minimalist High Chairs

Super sleek, modern looking high chairs are perfect if have a minimalist home. These options go for clean lines and natural materials.

Best Easy to Wash High Chairs

Most high chair makers claim their chairs are easy to wash, but parents know different the first time a gob of mushed peas gets smashed into a seat. So what are the true blue easy to clean options? Here’s what we found:

Best Booster High Chairs

Sometimes you don't want to mess with a tall high chair. You just want a seat you can either plop on the table itself or put on top of a chair. And the high chair market has answered this call with a variety of solutions.