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The 8 Best Breast Milk Storage Containers, From Bags To Bottles

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To safely and securely store pumped milk, you’ll need the best breast milk storage containers, which come in a container style that suits your needs and budget. In terms of size, they range in capacity from just a few ounces to 9-plus ounces. It’s also important to look for a pick with leak-proof features like a double-zipper seal or a screw-on lid to ensure no milk is wasted or spilled.

When it comes to storing milk, your main options are breast milk storage bags or bottles, and each has benefits and drawbacks. Quality disposable bags are usually made from BPA-free plastic, and they’re sold in bulk sets with anywhere from 25 to 100 bags. These bags are budget-friendly, safe for both the fridge and freezer (the best picks will lay flat when frozen), and they take up minimal space. The only downside is that bags can be a bit tricky to work with, so you’ll want to use caution when filling or emptying to avoid spillage. That said, a self-standing bag or a pick with a spout can make things easier. While most storage bags are intended for single-use, there are some silicone picks that can be used over and over again — just be sure to keep an eye out for one that’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Reusable storage bottles are typically made from BPA-free plastic or borosilicate glass that won’t easily shatter if dropped. These picks are typically safe for the fridge and freezer, and they’re easy to fill since they stand on their own. The one drawback? They can be costly, particularly if you need a lot of them.

For added convenience, some storage containers connect to specific breast pumps (though an adapter may be needed) to pump milk directly into them — the manufacturer will list which pumps the container is compatible with. You may also come across some storage containers that convert into a baby bottle by attaching a nipple. If you’re beginning your breastfeeding journey, a starter set with a variety of items to store and feed breast milk to your little one may be helpful.

These eight storage containers will simplify your breast milk storage situation — and Amazon reviewers stand by them, too.

1. A Bulk Set Of Writer-Approved Storage Bags

With a knockout 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon after 55,000 reviews, these breast milk storage bags from Lansinoh are clearly adored on the site — and they’re also a personal favorite. I’ve tried many brands of breast milk storage bags, and others have leaked, ripped open, or been too difficult to work with. After using hundreds of these, I can attest that I’ve never had a single leak, even after being defrosted. Plus, you can’t beat the cost — for less than $15, you’ll get 100 bags! They’re also available as a 200-pack if you’d prefer.

The pre-sterilized storage bags are made from BPA-free plastic, and they have a double-zipper seal to reduce the chance of leaking. The side seams are double sealed for added strength, too. The bags stand on their own for easy filling, but they lay quite flat for freezing. Each bags holds a maximum of 6 ounces, and the convenient label allows you to keep track of the contents.

These breast milk storage bags are compatible with Lansinoh pumps, or, if you use an adapter, they’re compatible with most other major breast pump brands — they worked well with my Medela pump.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I have a 9 month old son and have been breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle feeding breastmilk for that entire duration. We've tried several different brands of milk storage bags for freezing and also heating up the milk, but Lansinoh brand is far superior to anything we've used. I also use the Lansinoh breast pump and their milk storage containers as well. The bags seal really really well, they don't leak, and are by far the quickest way to heat up his milk for my husband while I'm at work. We have these on a 30 day subscription because we go through them constantly. I wont use any other bag!”

2. A Set Of Highly Rated Storage Bottles

These breast milk storage bottles from Medela have a near-perfect overall rating on Amazon — 4.9 stars, to be exact, after more than 9,000 reviews — with tons of reviewers noting that these bottles are highly durable. Multiple reviewers report that they don’t get warped or deformed by the dishwasher (a common problem with other storage bottles, trust me I’ve dealt with it). Each of the BPA-free plastic bottles holds 5 ounces of breast milk, and the convenient measurement markings are easy to read. The screw-on lids are totally leak-proof, ensuring no milk is wasted.

These storage bottles are compatible with Medela breast pumps — I have pumped directly into these and have had success — and they’re microwave and freezer safe. If you want bigger storage bottles or would prefer to buy three at a time rather than 18, you can also opt for a three-pack of 8-ounce Medela bottles, which come with some additional caps and nipples.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I needed to pump almost exclusively for the first six months of my son’s life. I needed these bottles to help me store breastmilk until I was ready to use it. The nice thing about these bottles is that you can pump directly into them put and when you are done you simply put a lid on them and you can store them in fridge or freezer. These bottles were a great size as my milk was coming in they could hold an entire pumping session per breast. They were also easy to clean and easy to store. And even after 6 months of daily use and cleaning these bottles look the same as they did when I bought them brand new.”

3. A Set Of Reusable Silicone Storage Bags

An eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic picks, these breast milk storage bags from haakaa are made from BPA-free silicone which is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The handy bags stand up on their own for easy filling — they each hold a whopping 9 ounces of breast milk — and they can be stored in the fridge and freezer either upright or laying down. The leak-proof stopper ensures that no liquid is wasted. And the included paper tags allow you to easily label the contents in each bag. Many Amazon reviewers commented that once they were done breastfeeding, they utilized these bags to store other liquids and purees for their little one.

In terms of storage, the bags fold down to a small size to not take up much space. Choose from sets with one, two, five, or 10 bags. These storage bags are not compatible with breast pumps, but they’re relatively easy to fill by hand.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I love these bags for storing pumped milk!! I wanted reusable bags so that I wasn't constantly buying and throwing away plastic milk storage bags. [...] These are so thick and sturdy and I love that they can stand upright on their own even when empty. It makes pouring the milk into them sooo much easier than with those flimsy plastic bags. The seal is super secure and I am not worried about it popping open or milk leaking out. I also love that they are large and can hold much more milk than the plastic bags I was previously using. I am going to order another package because I love them so much!”

4. A Set Of Glass Storage Bottles

If you prefer to store your breast milk in glass containers, these storage bottles from Matyz are made from heavy-duty borosilicate glass that is resistant to shattering — as one reviewer put it, “I even dropped one on the floor and it didn't break” — ensuring your precious milk is secure. Each of the four bottles holds 6 ounces — the handy measurement markings allow you to determine just how much is in each one, and the wide neck makes for easy filling. The screw-on lid features a sealing disk, which helps prevent leaks and spills. Plus, this pick is safe for the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave. Choose from sets with blue, green, or pink lids, and from a set with six bottles in all three colors. This pick is compatible with wide-neck breast pumps (like pumps from Spectra or Philips Avent), and it comes with a converter for use with other pumps.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Heavy duty glass, plastic lids seal really well. Exactly what I was looking for to store breastmilk in the fridge! Can also freeze too!”

5. A Convenient Feeding System

This starter set from Kiinde comes with a variety of essentials that’ll make storing breast milk and feeding your little one a breeze — the convenience seriously can’t be beat. Start by pumping your breast milk directly into the disposable storage bags (this set comes with 20 of them), but don’t worry, the included adapters ensure that this pick is compatible with all major breast pumps. Once complete, screw on the lid to seal the bag shut — each one holds 6 ounces. Store the bag in the fridge or the freezer, and utilize the handy storage container to keep everything organized. When it comes time to feed your little one, snap the bag into the bottle (and attach one of the three included nipples, each with a different flow rate depending on your baby’s needs) and you’re good to go — no transferring milk from bag to bottle necessary. Amazon reviewers stand by this pick, giving it a solid 4.7-star rating overall, after more than 2,700 reviews. Extra storage bags and bottles are sold separately.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Convenience is the key factor here. LBH, pumping sucks. This makes it a little easier. I pump right into the bag with my Spectra S2. Then I can feed straight from the bag with the bottle attachment. My baby has no issues with the nipples provided (though they're compatible with other nipples). I only have to wash the nipples, and no milk is lost with transferring to and from.”

6. A Set Of Storage Bags With An Easy Pour Spout

Accidentally spilling breast milk can be a bummer, but these breast milk storage bags from Motif help to ensure that this won’t happen — each one stands on its own and features an easy-pour spout to make transferring milk much simpler. The BPA-free, pre-sterilized plastic bags hold 8 ounces each, and they feature a leak-proof double zipper seal. The bags can be laid flat for freezer storage, but can’t be heated in the microwave. And the write-on label allows you to keep track of each bag’s contents.

These bags are compatible with Motif breast pumps.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These are my favorite milk storage bags by a long shot. They're sturdy- thicker than most. They have a super convenient pour spout and they freeze flat so they can be stored in the freezer really easily. I love these.”

7. A Set Of Smaller Storage Bottles For The Newborn Phase

If you aren’t producing large amounts of breast milk or you just want to store less milk per container, these storage bottles from Medela are your best bet. Each one holds 2.7 ounces, and they can be utilized in both the freezer and fridge. The 12 bottles come with screw-on lids that are leak-proof, and they’re compatible with all Medela breast pumps. If you need more than 12 storage bottles, this pick is sold in a 24-pack, too.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These are perfect for when you're just starting to pump and probably don't produce very much milk. It sounds silly, but it eased my anxiety and made pumping easier when I attached one of these to my pump and was able to see it fill up than when I used one of the 5 oz Medela bottles and felt like I was barely collecting anything. The milk in these thaws fairly quickly, and it's great to know how much you've stored. As a bonus, you can use a pencil to write the date and time on the side of the bottle and it washes/wipes off well, so it's easy to use the containers again and again without getting confused.”

8. A Set Of Storage Bags That Defrost Quickly

These single-use storage bags from Nanobebe are designed to defrost and warm breast milk two times faster than standard freezer bags (according to the brand), thanks to their slim, shallow shape — and that time makes a big difference when your baby is ready to eat… now! The pre-sterilized plastic bags feature a double zipper seal to prevent leaks. Amazon reviewers confirm that these bags are also thicker than most to help prevent mishaps — and each bag holds up to 5 ounces of milk. Included with this pick is a handy storage tray to maximize space in your fridge or freezer. According to reviewers, these bags should not go into the microwave.

When using the included adapter, these bags are compatible with narrow neck breast pumps like Medela or Ameda.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These are the best milk bags! They are nice and thick. They [...] warm up so fast when you need them. The milk tray is so worth it to. Helps keep them organized. I have gotten 3 I love them so much!”