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13 Nursing Bras & Pumping Bras You'll Actually Love To Wear

Your boobs deserve better than your pre-pregnancy bras.

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Along with a new baby, a new schedule, and a new sense of responsibility, becoming a mom is going to require some new bras, especially if you’re planning to nurse or pump. The best nursing and pumping bras are supportive yet comfortable, easy to get in and out of, and conveniently accommodate access for Bebe or various parts of a breast pump. They are also ideally hands-free so you’re able to scroll, snooze, or read as you express breast milk. Luckily, many of the nursing bras available now are actually cute (even comfy lace is not out of the question), so you can opt for something pretty as opposed to a strictly utilitarian, bulky contraption.

So much of pregnancy is mysterious, but here’s a universal truth: The pregnancy and the post-partum period will change your boobs. You can shove most of those cute little bralettes and bandeau bras into the back of the drawer for now. While you’re breastfeeding, you’ll need one of these nursing and pumping bras that are soft enough to sleep in (because you’ll be snoozing in a bra a lot) and that allow you one-handed, unbridled access to that "liquid gold." On this list you’ll find wireless bras, seamless bras, racerbacks, sports bras, and underwire bras, all designed with nursing and pumping in mind.

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An adjustable, hands-free pumping bra that’s an Amazon bestseller

This adjustable pumping bra accommodates a wide range of bra sizes thanks to the velcro "latch" on the back and the front zip and removable straps allow you to easily wrap it over your chest without having to remove the entire top half of your wardrobe. Over 11,000 fans have given it 5 stars on Amazon, which speaks volumes about how happy purchasers are with this product.


A plus-size, hands-free nursing bra

One thing that sets The Dairy Fairy nursing bras apart is that they truly have a great size range and currently support (literally) up to a size 50H. The Ruby Plus is soft, lacey (but not itchy) and it has enough stretch to easily accommodate a hands-free pump (including the Willow). The clip-down straps are easy to use and the hook-and-eye closure offers a generous three inches of range, plus it’s padded so it shouldn’t dig in to your back. This is also available in non-plus sizes.


A nursing bra that’s soft enough to sleep in

Sometimes underwire is simply out of the question. Made of soft buttery material that is comfy enough to sleep in, this bra works for everyday, whether or not you're pumping. It has easy clip-down straps you can pop open using just one hand helpful when holding a baby), six rows of hook-and-eye closures for the best fit, and the option to adjust to the straps into a racerback if you’d like a little more support.


A nursing bra that molds to your shape

This soft, stretchy, bra has no clasps, snaps, or buttons so it’s truly comfortable, and you can even sleep on your side in it without anything pressing into your skin. I own this bra (also available in black or off-white) so I can attest to the fact that it’s cozy yet supportive and works well if you’re pregnant or after you’ve weaned. The simple design is straight across the back (it looks like a cropped tank from behind) with V-neck cups that pull down for nursing or pumping.


A nursing bra with underwire

Sometimes you'll need a nursing-friendly underwire bra to get the support you want. This tag-free nylon bra has thin memory foam cups for comfy coverage and easy clip-down straps for breastfeeding or pumping on-the-go.


An everyday pumping & nursing bra

This nursing and pumping bra was designed in collaboration with a lactation consult so it's functional, yet stylish and comfortable. It supports hands-free pumping (meaning it's stretchy but supportive enough to hold pumping parts on its own). It comes in black, too.


A sexy nursing & pumping bralette with lace

Nursing bras don't have to be blah. This lacey bralette is actually very supportive with its stretchy jersey fabric and racerback. The magnetic nursing clasps easily twist to release, but you don't have to worry about them popping open unexpectedly.


A racerback maternity & nursing bra

This racerback bra is comfy and supportive enough to take you from a spin class to nursing. It's machine washable with removable pads and clip-down straps. It looks pretty peeking out of a shirt, too.


An organic cotton nursing bra

This organic cotton bra feels buttery soft against the skin and it's wire-free, yet supportive, thanks to the crossover style. It has straightforward pull-aside nursing access and double-layered cups. It's so comfy you'll want to wear it even after you stop nursing.


A seamless nursing bra

If you've ever worn seamless undies or bras, you know there's no going back once you experience that level of comfort. This one gives a smooth silhouette with six hook-and-eye settings in the back to accommodate fluctuating breasts. The straps can be worn straight down the back or criss-crossed and it has clip-down straps, plus you’ll probably be at Target anyway.


A sports bra you can nurse and workout in

Whether you're working up a sweat on the treadmill, or just like to feel supported all day, a sports bra is always a good choice— except they can be really hard to wriggle out of when it's time to feed or pump. This one, made of polyester, elastane, and mesh, is specifically designed for nursing with its clip-down straps and room for nursing pads.


A leak-proof nursing bra

The stretch fabric on this comfy bra adjusts with your body, and the leak-proof technology makes it so that you don't have to worry about milk stains or wet spots on your clothes as you go about your day. You can unclip the straps with one hand, which is convenient when you have a hungry baby in the other one!


A supportive, hands-free pumping bra

Designed to fit most major pumps, this wire-free bra has cups that pull to the side, plus magnetic straps for simple unclipping. It converts to a criss-cross back and fits true to size.

Providing breast milk for your child can be more of streamlined and comfortable experience with these comfortable and practical nursing and pumping bras. You might even find yourself keeping them in the rotation after you wean.

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