12 Cute Postpartum PJs You'll Never Want To Take Off

To help you get your Zzzs.

When you’re just home from the hospital after delivery, all you want is a soft place to land. Not only are you now the keeper of a tiny infant, you’re recovering from physical trauma. This is not the time to break out the starched garments. You need super comfortable postpartum pajamas. This might mean a loose nightgown or two, or maybe you’re more of a shorts and tank person. If you’ve just had a c-section, your mid-section is going to be extra sensitive to fabrics, a pair of pajama bottoms with a low inseam might be preferred to a pair of thick sweats.

Another factor you might want to keep in mind is breastfeeding or pumping access. Many of these postpartum pajama options offer a nursing feature to allow for midnight feeds. The dealbreaker in every postpartum pajama is the fabric and these have intentionally been selected for their promise of comfort. Poly blends and super breathable cotton are ideal. Stretch is also a critical factor. When a body is healing, you don’t want anything constricting it in any way.

These postpartum pajamas check all the boxes. Find the right fit for you and sleep well (when you can catch a wink).

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3 Piece Pajama Set

You know what postpartum moms need? Options. Especially when the fourth trimester comes with weird side effects like night sweats. That’s what you get with this Storq set. The three pieces include a generously sized tank top, loose cropped pants, and a matching robe all made out of a certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®, which is a super soft and lightweight cotton spandex jersey. What that means is this combo is both c-section and postpartum friendly. Available in four colors, you can find just the write hue scheme for you and look put together in a period when you’re likely still figuring things out.


Nursing Nightgown

Hesitant to let any kind of fabric touch your delicate stomach? Understood. For that, consider this light weight and lovely nightgown. It comes with a scoop down neckline and clip down nursing cups to make late night feedings less stressful. The sleeveless design will keep new parents cool while the 87% rayon, 8% polyester, 5% spandex fabric is stretchy and breathable. Keeping you covered is also easy with the knee-length cut. As every nursing mom knows, breastmilk can become embedded in everything you wear. But that’s not a problem with this nightgown given it’s machine washable. Available in three colors, you could buy multiples and rotate them nightly.



One word: bamboo. There’s a reason bamboo shows up in so many loungewear garments. It’s super breathable and considered much stretchier than cotton. That’s great news for postpartum people when it comes to this nightgown ideal for c-section patients. The double layer design allows for easy nursing, while the gown itself can double as a nightgown or dress. Two solid colors (black and red) and two stripes (blue and cream) are available for what’s likely to be a staple item in any postpartum pajama drawer. But the best part? It has pockets! Just think of the possibilities. Now you won’t have to go searching for your phone or pacifier. Just pop it in your pocket and go to sleep.


Drop-Cup Nursing Pajama Set

Are you one of those people who is cold one second then hot the next? You need a pair of postpartum pajamas that can help you maintain the right temperature and these have all the makings to do just that. A long tank top goes well over the belly so you won’t feel like extra skin is exposed. But the pants are ¾ length to allow a little breeze to flow through. The top is also a nursing tank with drop down latches at the straps. Made of a stretchy knit, the pants also have a below the belly waistline which is great for both the generally sore mama or one who is recovering from a c-section.


A Sleep Jumpsuit

The idea is in the name: you can wear this jumpsuit to bed, to lounge, to the grocery store, and never once have to worry about struggling to feed your baby. The sleeveless onesie simply unbuttons down the front so you can get your child fed fast and efficiently. Why this works as pajamas too is thanks to its super comfortable design. With no waist at all, you won’t have to worry about fabrics irritating stitches or sore skin. The legs are cut wide so it’s extra comfortable and it comes with pockets for the new parent who races from the bed out the door in the morning.


African Print Nightgown Set

Independent vendors offer variety when it comes to postpartum pajamas and this wildly colorful ensemble from Etsy vendor Teddies Afrique is a great example. Recover from delivery in this matching African print nightgown, bonnet, and robe made from chiffon fabric with lace trim along the scoop neckline. As the vendor explains, the pattern name, Ininghe, means sweet in the Southern part of Nigeria. What a fitting title for the sweet period of your life when your newborn has just been brought home from the hospital. The pattern is available in three colors so you can choose the print that best suits you.


A Sleep Bundle

If you’re looking for the whole kit and caboodle for sleep survival in postpartum pajamas, look no further than Hatch Collection’s New Mama Sleep bundle. A set of four garments, it comes with a pj top and bottom as well as a skin to skin bra and high cut underwear. That means you get the support you need with a full coverage pajama option that also allows for easy nursing and pumping. The machine washable spandex/modal blend also allows you to wash, rinse, repeat as necessary. The shirt buttons down the middle just like traditional pajamas, so really a new parent won’t feel like they’re wearing something maternity specific.


Satin Sleep Shirt

Want to add a little glamor to your postpartum life? Why not. This silky sleep shirt is just the thing. The satin night shirt even comes with a matching hair scrunchie to really make you feel like your old self. Empire waisted, you won’t have to worry about looking like you’re wearing a tent. Add to that the fact that it buttons down the front to make nursing just a bit smoother. The night shirt hits at the knee as well for added comfort and modesty. And a chest pocket adds a nice detail in contrast to the typical plain sleepwear.


Dream Shorts

They’re called Dream Shorts for a reason. Almost as good as wearing nothing at all, these soft shorts are cut low to sit neatly under a sensitive tummy. In addition, they have a extra stretchy waistband to keep your sleep pinch-free. A lovely satin waist tie allows the wearer to customize the fit and looks nice as well. And the floral pattern ensures no one gets these confused with a partner’s boxer shorts. If you’re looking for an uncomplicated postpartum pajama option, this is it. To complement the look, pair these with a favorite shirt or check out Hot Milk’s camis designed to go with them.


Heart Nightgown

When you’re a new parent, you’re basically walking around like a love struck foot. Might as well wear a nightgown to match your mood. This one is a heart covered nursing nightgown perfect for postpartum pajamas. Ultra soft and lightweight, it has spaghetti straps and a built-in underlayer for convenient and discreet nursing. The dress is knee-length too, so you can open the door for those early Amazon packages (diapers and bottles, anyone?) without worrying about flashing the neighborhood. And consider this, the fun pattern could actually double as a sensory experience for your tiny tot! You might be actually teaching them something with that late night feed.


Cashmere Leggings

If you really want to treat yourself during your fourth trimester, go big with cashmere leggings. This pair comes in white, dusty rose, and gray. Now, it’s important to note that by committing to cashmere, you will have to hand wash these pants (and lay them out to dry), but you’ll reap your reward when you put them on and feel the super soft material against your skin. If you’re looking for optimum comfort while you catnap with baby or grab a few hours sleep between feedings, the lowrise design should make for sweet dreams. And to complete the look, you can buy a matching tank top to go with them.


Linen Boxer Shorts

If staying cool during postpartum recovery is paramount to you, the best fabric choice you can make is linen. A material made from flax plants, linen is super breathable, absorbent, and dries faster than cotton. Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight. That’s why these linen boxer shorts in 23 colors would make an ideal postpartum pajama pant. They’re pre-shrunk so you can rest assured they’ll keep their shape. Even better? Linen is one of those wonderful fabrics that actually gets softer with every wear, so doubling down and making this your fave postpartum pajamas will only result in them being even cozier.

Tired? Ready to get some rest? Try on one of these postpartum pajama options and go ahead and clock out for a bit.