13 Comfy Postpartum Underwear Options To Help You Recover After A C-Section

Because it's possible to protect your incision and still stay stylish.

Never has a pair of panties been as important as the pair that you’ll put on after having a C-section. Not only do you have to factor in everything your body has gone through during those nine months to get you ready for labor and delivery, but now you have an incision (and a significant one at that) to take into consideration, too. So if you’re looking for postpartum underwear to wear after a C-section, you'll want it to help you feel like yourself — and keep your incision safe as well.

But before you pick out any ol’ underwear, you’ll really need to think about what your body needs right now. Chances are, it won’t resemble any undies you’ve ever worn before, says Jada Shapiro, a postpartum doula and founder of boober. People who have given birth by cesarean want to give additional thought to the postpartum underwear they choose, since their scar needs extra protection from chafing and rubbing while it heals,” she tells Romper in an email. “High-waisted underwear will be more comfortable for most people since they won’t irritate the scar.” And skip the bikini-cut panties for now, since the waistband can fall right on your incision area. Another factor to consider is vaginal bleeding, which occurs even if you don’t deliver vaginally, so make sure that your undies can handle the extra flow.

Until the time when you can rock your regular underwear (and that day will come sooner than you think), these postpartum panties can offer support, and, dare we say, they're kinda stylish, too.

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Designed By Moms

Who better to design a pair of C-section panties than a mom, amiright? This pair from UpSpring offers medical grade high compression without being binding. The silicone panel ensures that your scar won’t be scratched or irritated.


Reduces Moisture & Bacteria

These panties offer not one, but two areas of compression so that you feel protected. Silver-infused fibers work to reduce bacteria (and a possible infection) from forming. The lower area (where your scar is) has moisture wicking capabilities to keep you dry.


Lovely & Lacey

Pretty panties can make the postpartum period that much easier, thanks to Kindred Bravely. These high-waisted panties (which, woot, come in a 5-pack) are perfect for when you want to feel a little like yourself again. They sit above your incision and are made from super stretchy fabric, so you’ll feel comfortable as you recover.


Disposable Undies

Let’s say you’re looking for a pair of postpartum panties you can wear without having to wash. The disposable ones from Frida Mom make recovery a lot easier (and less messy), thanks to this 8-pack.The high-waisted, brief cut design is comfortable without crushing your new mommy curves. And when you’re done wearing them, simply toss them into the trash.


Optimal For Extra Coverage

Whether you have a C section or vaginal delivery, you can wear the Nyssa FourthWear Postpartum Recovery Underwear. An outer pocket means you can place an ice or heat pack anywhere you need it. The panties also have a widened gusset for extra coverage...and comfort.


Disposable After 5 Times Of Usage

A 5-pack of postpartum undies for under $20? Yes, please. Although they’re mesh, they’re not your hospital granny panties. The airy fabric allows for healing, and since the underwear doesn’t have an elastic waistband, you won’t have to worry about it rubbing up against your incision. They go right in the garbage after wearing them up to five times, which means less laundry for you to do.


Super Stretchy Boy Shorts

Microfiber and spandex are a match made in postpartum heaven. These disposable boy shorts offer enough coverage to keep everything, well, in place, while protecting your C-section. They’re super stretchy, conforming to your body without losing their shape — while helping you to keep yours


Postpartum Panties That Work For Your Period, Too

These “period panties” from Thinx can act as postpartum underwear as well. They’re made from nylon and elastane and help keep everything pulled together, thanks to their high-waisted design. And once you stop bleeding postpartum, you can use them when Aunt Flo comes to town again. Period.


A Stretchy Wide Waistband To Protect Your Tummy

A wide, stretchy waistband is what sets these panties apart from regular postpartum undies. Unlike other drawers that droop, these will sit right at your waist--and away from your incision. The 100% cotton crotch helps wick away moisture and sweat from your girly bits.


Compression Undies That Aren't Restricting

If you’re looking for panties that protect your C section incision but are still soft like buttah, this pair from Belly Bandit is a good choice. They offer 360 degrees of compression without compromising your incision. They’re also leak-resistant, and (woot) don’t have a visible panty line.


Hi-Rise Undies That Wick Away Moisture

Move over, muffin top. The Wirarpa Women’s High Waisted Cotton Underwear are high-rise...without the worry of rolling back down. They offer compression on the tummy without crushing your scar. A wide, breathable, sweat-wicking crotch can keep you cool and dry for days when you might not get to see a shower.


Drawers That Don't Droop

Panties that stay in place are definitely what you need after a C-section. These adjustable undies from Motherhood allow you to pull them up over your bump during pregnancy, and keep them there to help your incision heal once your baby is born. The cotton/lycra blend will feel soothing on your sensitive skin.


Undies That Offer Extra Belly Support

Whether you want to call it a girdle or not, it’s all a wrap with this pair of panties from Leonisa. It offers a constant amount of compression (which can be adjusted so you can breathe) and without cutting into your incision site. It will help protect your C-section and protects from panty lines, too.

Your body has been through so, so much after a C-section. Give it the TLC it so desperately deserves by picking out postpartum underwear that cater specifically to your incision. That way, you can be comfortable and safe while wearing undies that will allow you to heal properly...and might even be pretty, too.


Jada Shapiro, a postpartum doula