These Smart Bassinets Might Get You A Full Night's Sleep

They’re practically magic.

Everything from phones and watches to thermostats and vacuums are now “smart,” so it makes total sense that you’d invest in smart technology that can help your baby (and therefore you) sleep a little bit longer and more soundly. On this list, you’ll find the best smart bassinets that keep your baby safe and cozy, and also do a little leg-work for you when they wake up fussy but aren’t in need of food.

What makes the bassinets “smart” is that they’re all controllable by an app (or Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home). This means you can set off rocking motions, shushing sounds and other white noise or music, or activate the built-in nightlight without your child seeing you (and decides they want you and only you). Some of the bassinets like the SNOO and the Graco use cry detection technology and will actually react to your baby with a soothing setting so you won’t need to do anything at all.

Typically, bassinets are not recommended past 5 or 6 months, but in those early days when sleep is scarce and you’re feeling a bit delirious, smart bassinets can help everyone get just a little more sleep, which makes for easier days. These bassinets come in a wide range of price points (and some are even rentable by the month) so read on to learn more about these techie lifesavers.

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Developed by Dr. Harvey Karp, the SNOO bassinet is responsive, meaning it automatically reacts when it detects a crying or fussy baby (after a few seconds to give time for self-soothing). This smart bassinet rocks in a way that’s similar to motion in the womb, and it makes soothing shushing sounds, plus it comes with a SNOO sack so your baby is actually attached to the bassinet, making it unlikely that they will roll into an unsafe position. If you’re (understandably) wary of the high price tag, the SNOO is available for rent for $129 a month for the first four months, then just $30 for months five and six.



The TruBliss Smart Bassinet looks sleek and modern in any nursery or in your own bedroom. It has built-in motion, ambient light and sound, and it can be controlled via Alexa, Google Home, or the SmartLife app which allows you to control volume, brightness, and the speed of the auto-glide motion. Some reviewers noted that they needed to adjust their WiFi settings to properly connect to the app, but a call to the responsive customer service team should quickly get that sorted out if it’s an issue.



This smart bassinet from Chicco is on wheels (with brakes) so it’s easy to move around the house depending on where your baby is napping. Its height is adjustable and this can double as a changing table for babies up to 35 pounds; the mattress is reversible for this reason too, and one side is soft and quilted for sleeping while the other is waterproof for changing. It plays six melodies, has two vibration settings for soothing, and has a nightlight. All the fabric pieces unzip too so they can be machine washed.



With five different motion settings to choose from (car ride, kangaroo, wave, tree swing, and rock-a-bye), you can get the perfect rocking for your child (and you won’t have to go for a car ride every nap time). It also has four white noise options, rain, ocean, fan, and shh, and it’s bluetooth enabled so parents can control the setting using the 4moms app. Mesh sides give you peace of mind, and the height is adjustable.


Halo Twin Bassinet

If you’re the parent of twins, this is the smart bassinet for you because it’s made to fit two babies. The bassinet swivels 360 degrees in a soothing motion, and the sidewalls retract making it easier for parents to lean in to reach the baby. There’s an auto-return safety feature there too, where the sidewall automatically returns to its upright position so you don’t have to worry that you left it down when picking up one baby while the other is still asleep. It has nature and womb sounds, vibrations, a nursing timer, and a nightlight.

If you don’t have twins, Halo has a single smart bassinet ($231.99)with all the same features as the double.



This smart bassinets responds with soothing settings when your baby begins to cry. It has two speeds of vibrations, three different motions, and white noise, music, or nature sounds, plus dimmable lights for nighttime check-ins. The included skirt with storage pockets is handy for keeping certain much-used items close.

Bassinets supply a safe and cozy place for your newborn to sleep whether they’re in your room or in their own nursery. Smart bassinets take it up to the next level by rocking, shushing, or gliding your baby all with the push of a button on your phone.