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The 7 Best Toddler Utensils & Sets On Amazon

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by Erica Gerald Mason

Toddlers often want to do everything on their own, and eating is no exception — which is why it's important to choose the best toddler utensils for a safe and easy mealtime. While CDC guidelines state that babies can use a spoon to feed themselves starting at 10 to 12 months and a fork soon after, they also suggest that many initial attempts will be unsteady at first. That’s why top-rated toddler utensils feature easy-to-grip handles designed specifically for little hands, with some options made from softer materials that are gentler on the gums for those still working on their coordination.

While standard metal silverware might be the eventual goal, your toddler might find it easier to start with silverware made from softer materials like bamboo, recycled plastic, or wheat straw. As your child’s table skills progress, they can give stainless steel utensils a try. Some stainless steel utensils will have grips made from other materials that might be easier for a newbie to hold, while others are essentially toddler-size adult utensils shaped for little hands (aka perfect for transitioning to adult silverware). Utensil manufacturers often provide a recommended age range, if you find it helpful to consider.

You should also take the size and shape of the utensils into account. Some utensils are curved so that the eating surface won’t touch the table, or hit the ground when dropped. A handle with a stop can help overeager eaters who might accidentally place the utensil too far into their mouths. Most toddler utensils have a shorter, ergonomically designed handle, but some also have scoop-like tip that makes it easier for beginners to dip the utensil into a bowl of food. Toddler utensils can come in sets with multiple pieces, or be packaged individually, so no matter which features you prefer, make sure they’re available in your preferred format.

Finally, if you don’t want to spend a lot on utensils your child will use for a limited time, a less expensive batch of utensils might be just the ticket. But whether you want to invest in pricier utensils or buy a cheap multipack, these highly-rated toddler utensils are beloved by tons of parents — and they’re all dishwasher safe to boot.

1. A Budget-Friendly Set Of 16 Toddler Utensils

  • Recommended age: 9 months and up (although the CDC recommends children start feeding themselves with utensils at 10-12 months and up)

With 16 pieces for under $5, it’s hard to beat the price of this plastic flatware set, which comes with eight forks and eight spoons in assorted colors. The price point makes the utensils an ideal choice both for family meal or on-the-go eating, since it’s not a big deal if you lose a few, and they’re safe to recycle after use if you want to toss them. The handles have a textured grip and a finger groove that makes it easier for little hands to hold. The plastic material is softer than metal for beginner self-feeders, and fork’s rounded tines and spoon’s scoop shape make these a cinch for toddlers to use. When you’re ready to reuse them, they’re safe to wash in the dishwasher.

In addition to the flatware set, the brand also sells matching storage bowl sets and infant spoons, if you care to add those to your order.

Helpful Amazon review: “Good quality for the price. Able to withstand multiple uses, holds up to the high temperatures of the dishwasher, and cheap enough that I'm not sad when we lose one. My toddler thinks it's fun to throw away utensils so I expect these will disappear quickly but if they happen to hang around they are quite durable and should last without issue. [...] The handle is curved and has finger grooves that encourages a solid grip. The spoon and fork base have a concave shape that helps to hold food on. Perfect for travel, daycare, or for the toddler that enjoys trashing your dishes. I would definitely buy them again.”

2. A Fan-Favorite Spoon & Fork Set

  • Recommended age: 12 months and up

This fork and spoon set from Munchkin makes mealtime fun for your toddler as they transition to metal utensils — and with more than 18,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.8-star rating overall, it’s safe to say lots of parents are big fans, too. The set includes two forks and two spoons, each of which has a stainless steel tip, which means they might not be right for toddlers just starting to feed themselves, but could be a great choice for more coordinated self feeders. That said, the ergonomically-shaped plastic base has a soft grip for little hands, and each utensil has a built-in barrier that keeps the tips of the utensils from touching the floor or table when your little one sets them down or drops them. This barrier also acts as a stop so your child doesn’t stick the utensil too far into their mouth and choke.

The set is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. You can buy it in sets of four blue and green or pink and purple-colored utensils, or in six-packs of all blue or all purple.

Helpful Amazon review: “Easy for [my] toddler to hold, keeps utensil off the table when she puts it down, prevents toddler from accidentally putting utensil too far into her mouth.”

3. A Plastic Fork & Spoon For Younger Toddlers

  • Recommended age: 6 months and up (although the CDC recommends children start feeding themselves at 10-12 months and up)

Ideal for younger toddlers, these Grabease utensils come with a spoon, fork, plus a carrying case for on-the-go eating. Made of safe, durable plastic, the ergonomic handles are designed to be easy for small hands to hold and grip. The softer material is safe for toddlers who are new to self-feeding, and the design includes a stop that prevents choking. The utensil set comes in a bunch of different colors, and can be washed in the dishwasher between uses.

Helpful Amazon review: “My [toddler] was having trouble getting food from plate to mouth with the typical sized toddler spoons. These solved that! She has no problem getting the food all the way into her mouth without spilling everything off in the air.”

4. A Set Of Stainless Steel Utensils For Older Toddlers

  • Recommended age: 24 months and up

Annova’s six-piece flatware set, which includes three forks and three spoons, is a great way for toddlers to learn how to use grown-up utensils. The traditional stainless steel design is better for more advanced eaters, but the utensils are sized for smaller hands. All pieces of the mirror-polished set have cute animal designs on the handles and are dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze. The manufacturer promises the pieces will not scratch, break, chip, rust, or dent.

Helpful Amazon review: “These are the perfect size for my 3 year old who still struggles a bit with the full sized silverware. Quality is excellent and he is very comfortable using these. I find that he doesn't just drop everything off of the spoon when he uses actually works properly! And the fork is shorter so the food doesn't get caught too far back that he can't eat it, like with regular sized forks. Very happy with these!”

5. These Toddler Utensils Made From Recycled Plastic

  • Recommended age: all ages (although the CDC recommends children start feeding themselves at 10-12 months and up)

The RE-PLAY utensil set, which includes four forks and four spoons, is made from recycled plastic milk jugs, giving your little one an eco-friendly way to eat her food. Deep scoops keep food in place on each spoon, while each fork’s rounded edges won’t poke tender gums. The handles are shaped to be easily gripped by toddler hands. The set is available in a bunch of different color combinations, is safe to clean in your dishwasher, and is stackable if you want to store it in a drawer.

Helpful Amazon review: “This toddler spoon and fork is the easiest for my toddler to use! The other brands were too flat and difficult to keep food on the spoon. These are more of a little bowl shape and he can get the food to his mouth without spilling it!”

6. A Fork & Spoon For Toddlers That Will Look Nice On The Table

  • Recommended age: not stated (although the CDC recommends children start feeding themselves with utensils at 10-12 months and up)

Toddler utensils aren’t typically the most aesthetically pleasing thing on the dinner table, but this beautiful fork and spoon set from mushie breaks the mold. The set hails from Denmark, where it was specifically designed to be durable, elegant, and safe, so your little one can eat in style. The set comes in assorted muted colors, with matching cups, plates, and bowls available for purchase on the same product page. It’s made from dishwasher-safe polypropylene plastic that shouldn’t be too tough on your child’s gums. That said, the set seems to be designed for older toddlers and children, since the shape matches adult silverware a little more closely than most.

Helpful Amazon review: “Great fork and spoon for our 2yo. She is able to use both the fork and spoon despite the fact they are a bit longer than the regular toddler size. They are easy to grab and manipulate. The fork has flexible "teeth" ([...] and [is] hard and thin enough to go through soft food.

7. A Set Of Toddler Utensils Made From Wheat Straw

  • Recommended age: not stated (although the CDC recommends children start feeding themselves with utensils at 10-12 months and up)

The Boieo Kids spoon and fork Set are made from a natural wheat straw material. This set of utensils has nonslip handles and is great for kids to use as they learn how to use spoons and forks. The set comes in three colors: pink, green, and blue, and is free of latex, lead, BPA, and phthalates. The manufacturer doesn’t specify if the utensils are dishwasher safe, but reviewers state that they were able to put them through a wash cycle without issues.

Helpful Amazon review: “Just started transitioning my 17-month-old toddler to spoons & forks that are shaped like regular utensils. This was a great set! I really like the colors and texture. The size is perfect for her. The spoon is also wide enough so she can drink soup on her own. The tips of the fork is still smooth and round enough so that it is still safe to use. Highly recommended.”