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The Best Toys For 3-Month-Olds

Play time is here.

It might seem too early, but believe it or not, 3-month-old babies are ready to play with toys. Now, we’re not talking about elaborate toys. The best toys for 3-month-olds are soft or squishy sensory development items — think chewy shapes they can look at and drool on, or soft stuffies that glow or make music.

“A play mat or activity gym on the floor is a great way to develop your baby’s motor skills,” Mary Herbert Williamson, OTR/L, a pediatric occupational therapist at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, tells Romper.

“By playing on the floor and working against gravity, especially on their tummies, they can build muscles that will help with head control, rolling, and beyond.” As Williamson explains, 3-month-olds are also starting to develop their ability to grasp toys and swipe, so this is a perfect time to introduce light and easy-to-grasp rattles. “Cloth or board books with contrasting colors and textured pages are also a great way for your 3-month-old to learn through their senses,” she adds.

All that and more are compiled here in a list of the best toys for 3-month-old babies. Each has been chosen specifically to be appropriate for young infants — physically, emotionally, and developmentally. That means babies around 3 months old will be able to manipulate, grip, or interact with the toys. And in turn, you’ll be able to witness in real time your child’s developmental growth as they’re entertained and challenged with each and everyone of these toys.

What to consider before shopping

Before you head online to snag some great toys for 3-month-olds, consider how little they actually are. A lot of development is happening in those tiny bodies and they need, in fact, crave, opportunities to explore their new skills. The toys you select should have these milestones in mind to help them learn and grow.

“Avoid toys that have screens, or lots of bright lights and noise,” says Williamson. “These can be over-stimulating to a young baby’s developing senses.”

“Assume everything will go in baby’s mouth,” says Christa Green, MPH and the Injury Prevention Coordinator and Pediatric Trauma Coalition Coordinator for Safe Kids Charleston Area. Green says the biggest worry with any 3-month-old toy is risk of choking.

“Three-month-olds, at the end of the day, are very vulnerable. They’re still very much infants and new infants at that,” she says. With that in mind, the biggest concerns with toys are batteries — especially button batteries which babies are very attracted to due to their shininess, and pieces of toys that can easily break off. Both pose a choking risk.

“When considering what toys to buy, check that it’s age appropriate by reading those recommended age groups,” Green says. But also do it thoughtfully keeping your own baby’s development in mind. “Children don’t develop at the same speed, so you need to consider what toy is most appropriate for them,” Green adds. And if you’re not certain, it’s always OK to ask your pediatrician or care provider.

And finally, familiarize yourself with websites like, a site dedicated to providing toy safety information, and, the government run site for all product recalls. By using these resources, you can determine what toys to keep and what toys to chuck.

“Most important though,” says Green, “is regardless of what toy you give a 3-month-old, never leave them unattended with it.” Play should always be supervised to protect baby.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Romper's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


A toy for rolling and chewing

Pros: Easy to grip

Cons: Hard plastic tough on gums

Baby Eistensten brand is known for making great baby toys and this activity ball is no different. A toy made for ages 3 months old and up, it features a squeezable BPA-free construction with a little Baby Einstein ball inside. On the outside it’s decorated with a friendly-looking caterpillar. Made of primary colors, it engages all the senses from sound, touch, texture, sight, and possibly even smell.

Review: “Wow - The only toy that my 3-month-old fell in love with instantly and has not tired of after a month of continuous playing. She can hold it easily and is stimulated by the colors and ball the rolls around inside.”


A toy for calming teething

Pros: Gentle glow easy on the eyes

Cons: Some rougher edges

Here’s another of many toys for 3-month-olds that features a light up element. In this case, the Rain-Glow Squeeze – Light-Up Cloud Rattle lights up when a baby shakes its little cloud and shines with a variety of colors. The handle features six colorful beads they can play with as well. One AAA battery is required, but it locks in safely in the back so baby can’t access any small parts. A win parents love.

Review: “I am so in love with this glow cloud, it is so stinking cute!! The cloud is made of soft silicone and is the perfect size for little hands. My 3-1/2-month-old loves staring at the changing colors and playing with the rainbow beads on the handle.”


A toy for wearing and rattling

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: Rattle is very quiet

This toy is such a hoot, you’ll want to put your child in it all the time. It’s Baby Wrist Rattles and Foot Rattles. That means socks and — think of them as little sweatbands — for your baby’s wrists, rattles! They can shimmy shake and move all around while making their own music. While they’re at it, they’ll be stimulating their senses and building brain development. To make them even better, each features a fun little character they can look at and enjoy at the same time.

Review: “Love these hand & feet baby rattles, the quality is fantastic, they are super cute & vibrant in color. Compared to the others I've seen these are by far the best option!”


A toy for teething

Pros: Features 4 textures

Cons: Can melt if steamed

Teethers are a toy when we’re talking about 3-month-olds. With the early buds starting to peek out in some tiny babies, a teether is a great gift. But why give a boring one when there are toys like the Creative Molar Toy? This is like a galaxy of teethers in one. Made of 4 different textured surfaces to massage gums, the varying loops make it easy for a small hand to hold onto. In addition, it doubles as a rattle and features loose parts to move around as well. Super hygienic, you can give it a good bacteria reducing scrub as necessary.

Review: “This thing is awesome and my baby loves it. We washed and sanitized it right away and it came out perfect. She immediately took to it, grabbing it & bringing it to her mouth.”


A toy for multi-sensory play

Pros: Easy to clean surfaces

Cons: Simple for baby to manipulate

If your baby is in need of a little more action when it comes to toys, this Tinabless Roly Poly Baby Toy might be the answer. It contains multiple elements of some of the best toys for 3-month-olds. This is a rattle/teether/rolling toy. A light push will send this little giraffe cruising across the floor. But there are also buttons beads baby can play with as well to light up all of their senses. Easy to clean with a damp cloth or soap, it’s a fun item to spark development.

Review: “It’s a simple well constructed toy my little one enjoyed. Has several features for littler hands to explore. Would recommend!”


A toy for piano fun

Pros: Large variety of sounds, music, and lights

Cons: No real keys, just a long piece of fabric

Giving a child agency, even when they’re still a baby, can be done through play. And this Discover & Play Piano toy does just that. A teeny piano, the large buttons let babies make sounds while introducing them to instruments, numbers and animals. Made of soft cloth piano keys, this best toy for 3-month-olds operates on 3 AA batteries. It also can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, though not immersed in water. Even little ones can appreciate this baby piano. “She likes the animal sounds and recorded tunes,” writes one Amazon reviewer of her 3 month old granddaughter.

Review: “This keyboard plays very well for self-entertainment, but not to compose or play individual notes, just to engage with melody notes from a piece of classical music (rather than adult-annoying kid songs).”


A toy for easy grip teething

Pros: Dishwasher safe

Cons: Red color is more of a brown

It might seem overindulgent to give a baby multiple teething toys, but take it from a mom, you’ll need them and your child will use them all. Jellydog Rocking Silicone Baby Teether is a great option as its form makes it especially easy for a baby to grip onto. The design also miniaturized a rocky chair that will tilt back and forth on a flat surface. The premium silicone makes it safe for babies’ mouths and easy to clean. Available in four colors, you can buy a few and rotate them in and out as needed.

Review: “I was looking for a good looking and functional teether for my son so long time. When I received this product I knew I got this! Excellent shape design and reliable materials.My son cannot put it down. I don't have to worry about him eating his fingers anymore.”


A toy for bubbles

Pros: Simple operation

Cons: Bubbles can get stuck

Sometimes the simplest forms of entertainment are the best. We’re talking about bubbles. Babies love bubbles. And they can appreciate them even at a very young age. This Vimzone Dino Bubble Machine Bubble Blower allows a parent to keep the bubbles going without having to blow and blow until they’re lightheaded. Sit this on a table high above baby and watch them become fascinated as bubbles rain down on them. This is a toy you’ll hold onto for years.

Review: “I purchased this for my grandson and he loves it! He's obsessed with dinosaurs and bubbles and this is the perfect gift. I love that I don't have to worry about spilling solution and the auto feature makes tons of bubbles.”


A toy for bath time

Pros: Soft and squishy

Cons: Some complaints of a chemical smell

Even if a baby is still soaking in a sling or even in the sink, you can introduce bath toys at 3 months old. The distraction will give babies something to play with while they’re cleaned. These MoldFree Bath Toys for Babies are a pack of five child-size animals including a frog, lion, unicorn, penguin, and tiger. BPA-free, the animals are made of bright colors. There’s no opening in them for mold to grow either. The tallest animal, the lion, is five inches, so they’re all just the right size for babies to grip.

Review: “I was very excited to find these bathtub toys that don't have an opening for mold growth and these are just the thing!”


A toy for bath play

Pros: Colors change once lit up

Cons: You can’t replace the batteries when they die

Another idea for bath time toys for 3-month-olds are these Light Up Bath Toys. The PVC material, non-toxic, odor-less set comes with seven characters, each of which light up and change colors. They float so you won't have to fish around the tub for them. The brand also makes a variety of character options from mermaids to swans, so you can choose what your child likes best. These can also be used in the pool as well.

Review: “These are amazing! Very good quality and work in and out of the tub. To light them up just press them in the palm of ur had and they flash different colors keeping my little occupied.”


A toy for rattling

Pros: Two for one

Cons: Big for babies to grasp

Rattles have been a favorite baby toy for generations. But the age of the silver rattle is long gone. Early childhood development experts have determined that the rattle can be so much more, like this two-pack of stuffed animal rattles. The perfect toy for 3-month-olds, these soft shakers come with an easy grip for babies though they are on the large side. Topped with a squishy stuffed animal face, like an elephant or lion, when shook the rattles make a rattle sound. On the bottom is a loop which makes it even easier for the baby to pick up or a parent to hook on a diaper bag. As one Amazon reviewer says, “most importantly a baby won’t hurt themselves with these soft rattles.”

Review: “I am a huge fan of these rattles. They have a really cute design and are full of vibrant colors. It has colorful balls that will the bottom of the rattle.”


A toy for soothing

Pros: Plays up to 5 minutes of music

Cons: Music is repetitive

When you’re dealing with a new baby, a lot of time is spent soothing them. Rocking, feeding, and cooing are all great options to achieve this, but sometimes you might want to pull in some back up. One of the best toys for 3-month-olds is this Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse. The soft pink toy to help babies feel secure and comforted. A gentle glow emits from the seahorse belly while soothing sounds and music engage your baby’s tactile, auditory, and visual senses. Though two AA batteries are required, they’re included when you purchase this toy — a win for any gift giver.

Review: “Bought this for an infant to help with background noise when trying to sneak out of the room after putting them in bed and be a comfort toy. Baby used it every single night since then, and "baby" is now a first grader!”


A toy for fine motor skills

Pros: Great variety of songs and sounds

Cons: Loud even on lower volume

Want to encourage a child’s eye hand coordination while promoting fine motor skills? The Critter Shake Wobble Ball does both. With six bead tracks and colorful buttons little ones can explore colors, movement, and sound all at once. By pressing the buttons around the ball, the VTech says the color of the button. When they shake the ball, 45 different songs and sounds come out. A curved design allows the ball to rock gently without flipping over and its ropes make it easy for babies to grip.

Review: “Best toy purchase I've made as this is my baby's favorite toy. Price is right.”


A toy for gripping and chewing

Pros: Colorful design

Cons: Cactus may shed

Make teething a little more silly with this Cactus Textured Silicone Teether. Shaped just like a flowering cacti, the bi-colored food grade silicone teether is of a saguro cactus. Made 3. 25"L x 0. 5"W (thickness) x 4"H, it’s the appropriate size for a small grip. And thanks to its circular base, it can stand up on its own, keeping it off of dirty surfaces. “Darling toy with a pleasant chime and rattle sign. Beautiful colors and so much less visually offensive than so many of the infant toys out there,” writes one reviewer.

Review: “Glad I bought this, it’s my 3-month-old’s favorite stroller toy.”


A toy for musical snuggles

Pros: Easy to push buttons

Cons: Difficult to open battery compartment

Babies love music. Research suggests they even enjoy it in utero. So it’s a natural transition to share music with them in their early months of life. This Aitbay Plush Elephant Music Baby Toy features 12 classic lullabies, nature sounds, and silly noises children can listen to while snuggling the 7-inch toy that’s easy for 3-month-olds to grasp. Three easy to punch buttons sit on the elephant’s belly made out of ABS materials, which are non-toxic and durable. A battery compartment is hidden on the back so you can swap in fresh batteries when necessary. That also means a baby can’t get into the battery compartment, so there’s no choking risk.

Review: “I loved how this toy played 12 nursery songs, some nature sounds, some funny sounds, made baby cooing and laughing sounds when you moved the elephant back and forth, and lit up.”


A toy for tactile entertainment

Pros: Colorful and textural

Cons: Size is a bit cumbersome

Packed with squeaking, crinkling, and multi-textured fabrics, this little fish feels like an entire school in one. Large enough for even tiny hands to manipulate, the soft toy features no small parts so it’s safe for 3-month-olds. The variety of textures will surprise babies and encourage them to explore and interact. But once they’ve really fallen in love with the fish and gooed it up, parents can throw it in the wash to clean it up. And if your baby is all worn out and falls asleep on the fish toy, no worries, it’s squishy enough to double as a little pillow.

Review: “Every part of this beautifully made busy toy is something that baby Marta wants to touch or chew on. She puts up a real fight if anyone tries try to take it away from her. A great value.”


A toy for a baby rockstar

Pros: Easy to hold

Cons: Included batteries may have limited life

Can your baby be a rockstar at age 3 months? Yes indeed. All they need is this Baby Einstein Rock, Light & Roll Guitar Musical Toy. Shaped just like a real guitar, but with baby friendly features like big buttons and a handle, even the littlest rockers can jam out with 10 classical melodies. As they play, lights glow at the top of the guitar. Another toy for babies to grow with, an infant will return to this music maker again and again as they develop and grow their fine motor skills.

Review: “Baby loves it! Dad plays guitar in front of him. Started to “play” the guitar at 3 months. Music is nicer than typical baby toy tunes. We also used it as a fun photo prop!”


A toy for swimming

Pros: Easy to inflate

Cons: Runs small

Pool time is play time when it comes to babies, so give a 3-month-old toy a baby can use to swim. This little Inflatable Baby Swim Float props up a baby in a fully secure waist ring designed to improve lung capacity, develop find motor skills like kicking, and introduce children to the water. The body float latches at the back so baby can’t squirm out. It keeps the child’s face well above water for added protection and is made of soft material to avoid irritation to the skin.

Review: “My little guy loved it, he looked super comfortable. His position seemed more natural than with some of the more upright designs.”


A toy for early stacking

Pros: Easily washable

Cons: Limited to 10 per pack

Building blocks are practically a baby gift requirement. At some point nearly every child gets them and for good reason. They’re a great learning tool that can help children develop an understanding of spacial awareness, balance, shape, and texture too. But wooden blocks are a no-go for little ones. That’s why these ​​Soft Chew Educational Building Blocks are ideal. Made from soft plastic and in a variety of pastel colors, each of the blocks features a shape, letter, number, or set of objects, like carrots, for babies to explore.

Review: “I bought these on a flash sale on Cyber Monday. I really like the colors- more subtle shades and not in-your-face primary colors. Besides some of the animals looking a little weird (see photos), I really like them. They seem well-made and durable.”


A toy for tunes

Pros: Plays for a long time

Cons: Low volume

If you’re sensing a musical theme here, it’s for good reason. Babies love music. And any toy that can thoughtfully bring music to them is a great gift idea. That’s why Teddy Tunes Music Station is an ideal toy for 3-month-olds. This darly music maker is just the right size for little hands with a sweet handle they can grip. The little bear plays five songs including “Baa baa black sheep,” “Mary had a Little Lamb,” “Old McDonald,” “This Little Piggy” and “Farmer in the Dell.” Meanwhile the light up rattle makes seven different sounds. Parents or babies can easily adjust the volume.

Review: “Omg it's sooo cute!! This pretty, little musical toy is working beautifully.My little one absolutely loves this! She loves it anytime of the day to play with it, to soothe herself, and for the bedtime.”


A toy for visual development

Pros: Eye level tummy time toy

Cons: You have to flip the pages for baby

Tummy time offers so many benefits to babies. It helps them build muscle strength, roll over, and ultimately leads to sitting up and even crawling. But not all babies love the experience. Distract them or make it more fun with this Tummy Time Floor Mirror with Crinkle Cloth Book and Teethers toy. The triangle-shaped toy sits at baby’s eye level on the floor and offers a variety of flaps with rich colors and shapes to look at, teethers to munch on, and a mirror for baby to get a good look at themselves. When it’s time to ride in the car, attach it to one of the front seats and allow baby to keep playing during the drive.

Review: “Baby girl loves this toy. Great mirror. Love how it opens up to play with different pictures.”


A toy for overhead entertainment

Pros: Easy to install

Cons: Not always as pictured

Toy time doesn’t end when you head out of the house with an infant. They want to be entertained whether you’re strolling through the grocery store or on a walk. And the best way to do that is Toy Space Themed Rocket Soft Baby Travel Spiral. This 3-month-old toy loops around a stroller handle, carseat, or even a crib. And from that vantage point babies can interact with dangling crinkle star on elastic cord, stars with textured fabric with silky tags and a furry planet chime. The space theme is implemented with soft fabrics kids will enjoy playing with.

Review: “It’s the cutest carseat toy perfect for our space galaxy theme for our son. Its a bit more expensive than the others but this was the only space theme and the quality makes it worth it.”


A toy for super chewers

Pros: 10 toys in one

Cons: Can take long to dry after wash

If teething is coming in hot, don’t buy one teether toy, but 10. That’s possible with this 10 Piece Teether Set. All made from nontoxic materials that babies can gnaw on, this set will allow you to carry a teether at all times — one in the car, one in the diaper bag, one at home, one at daycare. Your 3-month-old will love the variety of teething toys while you’ll be happy you always have one handy. Made with smooth edges and a sophisticated design, they look as nice as they work. The rattles make a pleasing sound and they’re easy for babies to hold in their own hands.

Review: “These are the MOST PERFECT rattles and teethers for baby!!”


A toy for active tummy time

Pros: Easy to inflate

Cons: Can get cloudy from moisture

Babies like challenges, that’s what the whole growing up business is all about. And this toy for 3-month-olds poses a challenge. It’s a blow up Jumbo Roller Rattle toy. While a three month old will have limited manipulation ability with this toy, it’s a great investment they can grow with as they discover that a kick to the roller will result in rattle noises. See through with fun designs and colors, this roller also stimulates visual development as well. Babies can learn to push this around a play mat or just enjoy drooling on it.

Review: “This is awesome! I bought it for the daycare I work for and the babies/toddlers all love it!”


A toy for safe water play

Pros: Easy to assemble

Cons: Strong plastic smell

Looking for more tummy time alternative. One of the best toys for 3-month-olds is this water-filled Baby Tummy Time Water Play Mat. The 40''X 40'' PVC fabric mat contains bright, colorful patterns floating and unique ocean theme that will entertain babies for hours. It’s easy to use as well. Parents need only fill the exterior ring with water and the exterior ring with air, then put it on the floor for play time. Easy to pack up, it will fold to the size of an iPad for storage. The material is thick to prevent leaks and punctures too.

Review: “I love this! She loves this! Works her little muscles. Helping strengthen to sit and crawl. She loves playing with the little floating animals inside.”


A toy for pattern play

Pros: Lightweight

Cons: Sloppy stitching

Exposing infants to patterns and shapes is a great way to help develop their brains. To make this concept age appropriate, consider this best toy for 3-month-olds: Mind Cubes Soft Baby Activity Toy. This set of four distinctively different six-sided cube shapes give babies a soft shape to play with as they discover patterns in black and white and color. At 3"L x 3"W x 3"H, these blocks were made for little hands, but are durable enough to take a baby’s mouth as they’re squishy design makes them chewable as well.

Review: “My baby son adores his crinkle. Clearly a rather substantial disparity between manufacturing cost and retail price, but for the amount of joy it’s bringing him I have no complaints at all. Charming design and very, very crinkly!”


A toy for silly amusement

Pros: Grows with the child

Cons: Delicate, not durable

There seems to be a cactus trend in baby toys right now and we’re here for it. Especially when it’s as silly as this Dancing Cactus toy for 3-month-olds. Here’s how it works: a baby says something and the cactus repeats it. So if a 3-month-old squeaks, it will squeak back. Turn it to its second mode and it will dance and sing, an activity a baby would love to watch. It might even illicit some of those coveted early giggles, something the whole family will appreciate.

Review: “My kid loves this dancing cactus. He will dance with it. When he is upset, I will take out this toy that can repeat his sound. He will laugh and stop crying. it’s a good way to comfort him and makes him happy.”


A toy for introducing sports

Pros: Safe for all ages

Cons: Very small

If you want to raise an athlete, there’s no reason to wait until they can kick and run. This My First Sports Bag Stuffed Plush Playset for 3-months-old will set them on the road to athletic success with four plush sports balls, a soccer ball, basketball, football, and baseball. Super huggable, baby can roll or eventually throw these without worry of anything or anyone getting hurt. Add it’s easy cleanup as the balls come with a matching duffel bag that says My First Sports Bag. Made by Gund, one of the most beloved Teddy Bear brands, you’re guaranteed the softest, coziest fabric possible.

Review: “This is an awesome combination of toys for around 3+ months when babies start to grab things. The bag is well made and the plush balls didn't have any issues like strings being lose or material not properly sewn on.”


A toy for introducing sports

Pros: Safe for all ages

Cons: Very small

If you want to raise an athlete, there’s no reason to wait until they can kick and run. This My First Sports Bag Stuffed Plush Playset for 3-months-old will set them on the road to athletic success with four plush sports balls, a soccer ball, basketball, football, and baseball. Super huggable, baby can roll or eventually throw these without worry of anything or anyone getting hurt. Add it’s easy cleanup as the balls come with a matching duffel bag that says My First Sports Bag. Made by Gund, one of the most beloved Teddy Bear brands, you’re guaranteed the softest, coziest fabric possible.

Review: “This is an awesome combination of toys for around 3+ months when babies start to grab things. The bag is well made and the plush balls didn't have any issues like strings being lose or material not properly sewn on.”


A toy for manipulation

Pros: Very durable

Cons: Hard edges

One of the most fun things for a parent to watch is a baby discovering its own power. This toy provides that. This Wooden Rolling Drum toy makes noise when a baby pushes it thanks to a series of colorful beech wood balls tucked within its bars. Easy to grasp and manipulate, it’s one of the best toys for 3-month-olds as it encourages babies to build dexterity while promoting muscle movement and fine motor skills. Plus it’s colorful and made of natural materials making is safe for infants.

Review: “I was surprised at how nice this toy is. It’s smooth and sturdy! The babe loves it when he is doing tummy time trying to crawl. Dont hesitate on this one!”


A toy for travel tummy time

Pros: Foldable for travel

Cons: Not a full-size tummy time mat

Tummy time play mats are great, but many are cumbersome and not convenient to travel with. That’s not a problem with this Travel Elephant Playmat. The smaller elephant shaped flat toy is designed to fold up into itself so you can throw it into a diaper bag and roll. Babies can snuggle this or play with its many accessories including crinkle ears, satiny ribbon "hair," and peekaboo flowers. At 4.49 x 10 x 7.24 inches, this elephant is a great sized toy for 3 month olds to manipulate and enjoy.

Review: “Love how this folds up and has multiple toys in one. Easier to store and is much quieter when folded up! Highly recommend.”


A toy for spatial reasoning

Pros: Soft and safe

Cons: Foam post can be difficult to use

Stacking toys have been around for a long, long time. The iLearn Baby Plush Stacking Toys Set is the same concept, but in a much more 3 months old-friendly design. This stack of six circles is made of soft cotton crafted in bright colors. There’s a beeping duck, a windmill rattle, a sunflower rattle, a teether ring, and a crinkle ring. And on top is a little house, all perfect for early spatial reasoning development. A soft tube allows them to stack the rings in place or just play with them individually.

Review: “Bigger and soft than I thought ! Nice and cute, very well made. Safe for baby and educational.”


A toy for baby’s first phone calls

Pros: Soft lights and sweet sounds

Cons: Batteries not included

The Musical Turtle Crawling Baby Toy is so much more than that name. This toy moves, lights up, plays music, and features all kinds of fun buttons. Not to mention the fact that it comes with a phone that babies can answer. Now some of those items might require a developmental step beyond 3 months, but they can get to know this multi-entertainment toy at this age and grow and learn with it.

Review: “Like it for my grandson, he loves to play with it and watch it crawl.”


A toy for car entertainment

Pros: Built for rear-facing carseats

Cons: Cheap looking material

Let’s be honest, car rides can be boring, for adults and babies. Make the trip more fun with this Taf Toys Play & Kick Car Activity Toy. Designed specifically for rear-facing babies, the mat attaches to the headrest of the seat and features a baby-safe mirror, rattling Harry the lion, and a mane teether attached to a soft teething ring, and Tuki the toucan character. Easy for tiny arms to reach, adjustable straps can be shifted to make it easier to access, and babies can interact and play as you get from point A to point B. A little kick pad lets babies trigger music as well.

Review: “This is a cute toy for car play. Baby loves the little animals and mirror. It's difficult to kick the base to make the music play and may not be comfortable when kicked since it's a hard box under material. This should have been designed a little differently.”


A toy for advanced tummy time

Pros: Detachable pieces can be enjoyed on their own

Cons: Too large for some babies to manipulate

Tummy time doesn’t have to take place on a flat play mat. This Tummy Time Pillow Toy adds some elevation to the activity but comes with a series of detachable attachments to keep their attention including a mini tambourine, a stuffed animal zebra, and a set of three multi-color car-shaped plates. Easy to roll around, a baby can enjoy it lying on their back, stomach, or even when they eventually learn to sit up. The soft plush exterior makes it a safe toy to enjoy while the non-toxic attachments are fine for a baby to chew on.

Review: “It’s very interesting to my baby!There are few different materials so she loves to play with each one, touch it and feel the difference.”


A toy for foot play

Pros: Attention grabbing colors

Cons: Hanging toys a bit high for babies

Here’s why a Kick And Play Piano Gym is one of the best toys for 3-month-olds. When a child is only three months old, the place where they can enjoy the most activity is on the floor, either on their back or tummy. So basically, the action needs to come to them. That’s precisely what this toy does. Built around a soft fabric play mat, place your child under the activity arch, adorned with hanging objects like a mirror and monkey shapes. From there they can use their feet to kick the piano at the bottom and make their own music.

Review: “I bought this as a gift for my goddaughter and she absolutely loves it. The mat can be thicker however, but overall it is a great toy.”


A toy for sitting up

Pros: Easy to set up and fold away

Cons: Has a 25 pound limit so can only be used for brief time

By the time a baby reaches 3 months old, they can generally hold their head up on their own. And from this new vantage point, they’re going to want to, all the better to see what’s going on. Help them shift to that new space with this Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat. The supportive frog-themed baby seat holds them in an upright position. But it’s not just a chair. The arm rest is covered in two fun attached toys a baby can discover including a squishy butterfly and lion chew toy. Easy to put together, it can also fold down for storage. And if there’s an accident or spill, the fabric seat can be removed and washed.

Review: “Easy to put together. My baby is 2.5 months, she's had good control of her neck for several weeks and loves to sit up so I ordered this so she can sit up without having to be held constantly. She was all smiles the second I put her in it. Highly recommend for curious babies with good neck control.”


A toy for sit-up help

Pros: 3 toys in one

Cons: Seat allows some slouching

The transition from laying to sitting is a major baby milestone, one you can assist with the help of the Lay to Sit-Up Play Mat. The three-in-one design begins like a traditional play mat. An oblong shaped mat is adorned with two arches hung with toys for baby to play with. Once baby is ready for tummy time, flip them over on the mat nad they can play with a baby safe mirror and other attached distractions. Then, when it’s time to sit up, the mat tilts to an angle with a safety buckle to hold baby upright.

Review: “Easy setup! Baby loved it immediately. Soft mat and quality construction. We will use this for a while!”

Finding the best toys for 3-month-olds doesn’t have to be a drag. With this list, you can find educational, playful options for the young infant in your life.

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