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22 Super Cute Free Duck Coloring Pages To Print For The Kids

Because kids love ducks.

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There’s no doubt that learning to color is a great way to develop early childhood motor skills. From holding a crayon, to manipulating it on a page, coloring pages make for engrossing, creative activities. But to get a child’s interest, the content of the page has to be something they’ll find appealing. Enter: ducks. Kids love ducks. That’s why they’ll enjoy these free duck coloring pages.

Each of these pages can be printed at home and feature mallards and other types of ducks in all kinds of scenes, from a mama traipsing her raft of babies through a pond to a newly hatched duckling entering the world. The common theme? They’re all downright darling. Simple black and white line drawings mean it’s easy for kids to color. And if you want to add an additional learning element for early readers, some coloring pages come with short words on them to add an educational component.

You could also share some fun science facts about ducks while your child colors. Like, did you know that most ducks mate for life or that they’re omnivorous? You can then explain that means ducks eat both plants and animals (which is why they enjoy it so much when you throw them bites of bread).

So break out the yellow crayons and prepare the coloring space, your kiddo is about to have a quacking good time.


Ducky In A Pond Coloring Page

A duck in its element, this sweet duck coloring page will help kids not only understand what a duck is but what its habitat is like. This is a great opportunity to ask your child where ducks live, what do they eat, how do they take care of their young, and more.


A Nesting Duck

Nesting is a fundamental part of a duck’s life. It’s how chicks come to be and where a mother duck protects her flock. And you can tell your kiddo a fun fact: that the average mallard lays 8 to 13 eggs!


Ducks In The Rain

This little pair of splashing ducklings is just too cute not to color. They look like they’re having about as much fun as a pair of baby ducks can. And it’s a teachable moment to tell your child what the old adage “water off a duck’s back means.”


Mallard Coloring Page

If you want a more realistic duck depiction for your child, this image is a little more authentic. This duck represents one of the 48.4 million breeding ducks in the world, according to ducks.org. How’s that for a fun factoid?


Mandarin Duck

A great example of the fact that ducks come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, this Mandarin duck is known for its gorgeous, colorful plumage. It’s native to East Asia and can be found perching in trees over water.


A Duck Wearing A Bow Tie

Illustrators have loved to dress ducks up for ages. Just think of the high heel-wearing Daisy Duck for confirmation. She’s been wowing the crowd since 1940 with her look. So it’s no wonder kids will find this bow tie-wearing duck charming?


Umbrella Duck

Even ducks might want to stay dry when a storm brews. Just like this smart ducky. He’s even wearing rain boots which, of course, he doesn’t actually need. Ducks can dive 100 feet and come up totally dry.


Follow The Leader Ducks

Baby ducks love to swim behind their parents. Just like kids! Mama looks out for her flock both onshore and off by leading the pack. Read “Make Way for Ducklings” before handing this coloring page to your kiddo.


Fancy Duck

If your child loves a duck with attitude, this hen has it. In fact, she sort of looks like she stole Mother Goose’s look. Luckily pond-based fashion police aren’t a thing. Otherwise this sassy bird might be in big trouble.


Duck Tales Coloring Sheet

Remember Duck Tales? Here Louie, Dewey, and Huey return to the spotlight. The Disney series ran for four seasons and aired over 100 episodes. Your kid (and parents) will get a kick out of this timeless duck coloring pages.


Mama Duck Page

A classic scene and the stuff of millions of children’s books: A mother duck and her babies following along. Only unlike the previous image, this time the ducks are in the thick of some pond foliage, the perfect place to hide out.


Donald Duck

Arguably the most famous duck, Donald is an international superstar. Your child will love coloring him in then re-watching all the classic cartoons you likely loved as a kid.


Little Hatchling Coloring Page

Is there anything cuter than a fluffy newborn duck? Not much, right? Kids will love making this little guy come to life. And you can talk about the duck life cycle as they do. How they go from an egg, to a chick, to a full grown duck.


D Is For Duck

Work on the Alphabet while your child colors with this “D is for Duck” free coloring page. They can color in the lowercase D then write their own next to it to work on their handwriting.


A Sleek Mallard

A classic mallard in repose, this is another accurate depiction of a duck for a child to color. It’s also an opportune time to school your child on fun duck facts. For instance, did you know that some ducks can live up to 12 years?


Rubber Ducky

Kids might see a rubber ducky before they see a real duck. So putting the two together can help them understand what’s an inanimate object and what’s a real animal. Then when you ask, what does the ducky say, they can squeeze their rubber version and join a chorus of “quack quack.”


Bugs And Duck

Playing in the meadows is one of a duck’s many activities. This little duck is enjoying a dragonfly on its bill. But lookout, that ducky might eat that bug up. Insects, as well as pond weed, snails, worms, amphibians, and crayfish, all make up a duck’s diet.


Newborn Duck

Freshly hatched, this little duck is ready to explore. Just like your kiddo. As well it should be. Ducks incubate in their eggs for about a month or 28 days.


New Baby Duck Page

Siblings who have had to welcome home a new baby will appreciate this picture of a family of ducks saying hello to a new sibling. Interestingly, ducks don’t form long-term familiar bonds. They stay together for the first year, but then find new seasonal groups, according to springer.com.


Happy Swimmer Duck

This duck must be off to a party. She’s got her bonnet, dress, and is happily swimming along. As it turns out, dressing up ducks is a real pastime in some cultures. In fact, Sydney Australia hosts an annual duck fashion show.


Instructive Duck Page

What should I color this page, Mommy? You might get that question when your child goes to color this duck coloring page, and the sheet answers it for you. That said, the plumage of ducks can vary. Especially male ducks whose plumage changes depending on the season.


A Teachable Coloring Page

Teach your child how to spell duck while they color in this happy character thanks to the missing letter. Help them sound out the word while working with their box of crayons. Then practice spelling it again throughout the day.

You’re in duck. These pages can all be printed today for an easy afternoon activity you can have ready in minutes.

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