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19 Cute Printable Llama Coloring Pages That Will Keep Your Kid Busy For Hours

Bored kids? No prob-llama.

It’s safe to say that llamas are having a major moment. Whether your kid is into the rhyming LLama Llama books (which are super fun to read aloud and were also made into a Netflix show) or they just like the cute slash silly-looking animal, then they’ll love these llama coloring pages that can be printed right at home.

Llama toys started popping up everywhere in 2019, and they really haven’t gone anywhere since. As a New York Times article about the 2020 American International Toy Fair said, “There were squishy llamas. Plush llamas. Sequined llamas. Knit llamas. There were llama diaries, llama lip balm, llama puzzles, llama backpacks, llama pool floats, llama rockers, llama teethers and llama mobiles.”

Well, now there are llama (and alpaca) coloring pages, and best of all, unlike most llama merch, these pages are free, and some are even slightly educational. Plus coloring can help develop fine motor skills, and it’s a fun way to get creative.

If you need to keep your little one quiet and entertained for a while without the help of a screen, try printing out some of these llama pages and handing over the crayons or markers. You could even assemble a bunch of these printouts into a handmade llama coloring book.


A Llama With A Boombox Coloring Page

Sloths and llamas know how to party, apparently. This page is full of fun, and music-loving kids will especially like this.


A Confused Llama Coloring Page

Part confused, part annoyed, this llama has a whole lot going on. The large body will be easy enough for little hands to color.


A Llama & A Sloth

Aw, this llama and sloth napping together is giving me some feels and kids will love coloring this cozy page.


An Intricate Design

Ideal for older kids or even adults, this intricate coloring page reminds you to enjoy every moment (or as many as you can).


A Surfing Llama

Catch a wave with this surfing llama and its good pal, sloth that’s serving up vacation vibes.


A Holiday Llama

Whether your kid makes this as a holiday card or just wants a fun festive llama to color, this Fa-La-La-Llama has you covered.


A Llama Mask Coloring Page

Maybe your little one actually wants to be a llama and not just color one. Enter this fun mask that can be cut out and worn with the help of a little string.


Llama Coloring Page With Design

This beautiful, paisley-patterned llama is a relaxing way for older kids or their parents to unwind with some good ole fashioned coloring.


“L” Is For Llama Coloring Page

This realistic-looking llama is a fun way for kids to practice their letters.


Is Your Mama A Llama? Coloring Page

How cute are this llama and little owl? This coloring page is full of detail.


Llama At School Coloring Page

Whether you’re hoping to ease their back-to-school jitters or you just like the cute scene, this little learning llama will be fun to color.


Llama In Sand Coloring Page

This adorable llama (just look at those lashes) looks fluffy and soft and not-at-all scary.


Cartoon Llama Coloring Page

This cartoon llama is totally cute and made of simple lines that will be easy to stay within.


I Love You A Llama Coloring Page

Aww. This lovely llama coloring page would make a great birthday card or gift for a loved one from your little.


A Super Llama Coloring Page

Llamas can be superheroes too. I love that this coloring page encourages kids to use their imaginations and think of a story to go with the image.


Llama Spelling Page

Another fun way to practice letters and spelling (just be prepared to explain why llama is spelled the way it is), this musical llama is cute and fun to color.


No Drama Llama

Keep the drama away with this cute no drama llama. You’ll find many llama coloring pages on Crafts Kids Love, and you can download them all in one file.


Llama In The Desert Coloring Page

If they finish coloring the llama (and its cozy blanket) quickly, then there are plenty of small cacti in the background of this coloring page that will keep kids busy.


Two Llamas Coloring Page

The only thing better than one llama? Coloring in two llamas, of course. This duo is super realistic too.