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9 Fascinating Facts About August Babies

Who knew?

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Whether you've got a little one due this month or you've already welcomed your August baby (who maybe isn't a baby anymore), you're probably dying to know what kind of a person he or she is destined to be. Unfortunately, even astrology isn't a surefire predictor when it comes to personality, but there are some pretty fascinating facts about August babies out there that are fun to know... and just might turn out to be totally true.

Actually, some of these facts are, well, facts: just indisputable stuff that comes with being born in August. Others come from scientific research that's definitely 100 percent legit (but of course not every study applies to every baby ever). Still others are more along the lines of trivia. But because everything about your baby is essentially worth knowing, might as well absorb as much potentially relevant info as you can, right?

And naturally, it goes without saying that some things about being born during the final weeks of summer are simply universal. No, they'll likely never know what it's like to bring cupcakes into school for their birthday... but they will have awesome outdoor birthday party options. And as far as those early months go, it sure is a lot easier to transport a newborn when all they need to wear is a onesie and a pair of socks (good luck with those snowsuits, winter baby moms!).


They're Less Depressed

Being born in the sunshine comes with a sunny disposition: In a 2012 study of 58,000 babies in the U.K., those born in the summer scored high on the hyperthymia scale, TIME reported. And yes, I know that sounds like a disease, but hyperthymia is another word for general optimism.


They're Born Under The Sign Of Leo Or Virgo

Depending on when your little one is born, he could be a Leo (July 23-August 22) or a Virgo (August 23-September 22), as Astrostyle explained. Interestingly, they're extremely different zodiac signs: Leos are known for being brave, loyal, outspoken types who love attention; Virgos are hardworking, witty, practical, and perhaps a bit critical.


Their Birthstone Is Peridot

A gorgeous green stone, peridot is the birthstone for August, according to the American Gem Society. Ancient Egyptians called peridot the “gem of the sun,” apparently, and believed that it "protected its wearer from terrors of the night" and could harness the power of nature. Pretty cool.


They'll Grow Up Big & Strong

Scientists based in Cambridge, England, found that babies born in the summer tended to have healthier birth weights and also grew up to be taller adults, as CNN reported (though they weren't sure why).


Their Birth Flower Is The Gladiolus

August has a particularly majestic birth flower, according to FTD: The gladiolius stands for strength of character, faithfulness, integrity, infatuation, and persistence.


Girls Are Super Smart

As WIRED explained, when researchers from the Columbia University Medical Center examined the gray matter of babies born in the summer, they discovered that girls born in the summer had more than girls born in December. That's not to say that girls born in the winter aren't smart, of course!


They're Maybe A Bit Naughty

Don't panic, but... researchers from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia discovered that summer babies are "more likely to struggle with sharing, concentrating, making friends and helping than those born during winter," reported The Sydney Morning Herald. (Hey, that doesn't mean they won't ever do those things!)