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10 Reasons Why Having A Newborn In The Summer Is The Best

To say I planned my first pregnancy is kind of an understatement. I actually made a pro/con list and, through careful analysis, determined when I should get pregnant so I could enjoy an early-summer delivery date. Because after careful research, all evidence clearly pointed to the fact that having a newborn in the summer is the best. When my planning paid off, and I was lucky enough to get pregnant at the right time, I learned that my research was, in fact, correct. I had my first baby right at the beginning of the summer, and the experience did not disappoint.

It was so wonderful to be on maternity leave from Memorial Day through Labor Day. I had a pretty idyllic summer with my baby. The weather was nice, we could actually get out of the house for a daily stroll, and before I knew it I was starting to feel like a person again. When I was home I could lounge around the house without a bra or shirt, and when we were out and about it was easy to dress for breastfeeding. I didn't have to worry about putting socks and shoes on my newborn, or even clothes for that matter, unless I wanted to. We had a few friends and family visit, and even took a road trip. I am relatively sure that there's nothing cuter than a baby in a romper, too... unless it's a baby in a swimsuit, that is.

My younger two children were born in the winter, and postpartum life was such a different experience. I felt isolated, alone, and like I didn't have enough energy to leave the house — especially when I faced icy roads, cold weather, and the stress of the holiday season. So believe me when I say that I know, from experience, that having a baby in the summer is the way to go, and for the following reasons:

Maternity Leave In The Summer

If you are able to time your pregnancy (and I totally get that it's not always possible), I highly recommend shooting for an early-summer due date. Not only will you avoid being pregnant during the summer heat, but you'll have the summer season off for maternity leave (which is way more fun that being stuck at home with a newborn during the winter months).

Baby Swimsuits

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

I'm pretty sure that baby swimsuits are the most adorable thing on the planet — maybe in the entire universe. For me, they are definitely one of the best parts of having a baby in the summer. There's just so much cuteness to enjoy.

Going For Walks Outside

After having my first baby in the summertime, and having my second two babies in the winter, I can tell you that my summer maternity leave felt so much less isolating. The difference in my mental health was pretty astounding, too. When I had my baby in the summer the two of us were able to go for long walks and get some sunshine almost every single day, which did wonders for my mood.


I am not ashamed to admit that one of my favorite parts of summer is indulging in the occasional margarita, glass of white wine, or a cold beer. While this made being pregnant in the summer the worst, after my baby was born I was able to enjoy summer backyard, campfire, and porch-drinking season.

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation with kids is a ton of work, and not a whole lot of fun for the moms that are doing that work. Summer vacations with a tiny newborn, however, are surprisingly easy. Once you figure out feeding and sleeping arrangements, newborns are actually pretty good travelers, especially when it comes to road trips and hotel stays.

Hanging Out Topless

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

Hanging out topless was a must for me — and my baby — during the summer months. The first few weeks of breastfeeding made my nipples so sore that wearing a shirt or bra was a no-go. My baby preferred to wear just a diaper, too, so it seemed like a win-win scenario for both of us if we just ditched the clothes when we were at home.

As an added bonus, we got to have a ton of skin-to-skin time, and without freezing your you-know-what off in the process.

Not Having To Worry About Socks & Shoes

Keeping socks and shoes on your babies seems, at times, like an endless, futile endeavor. Thankfully, in the summer you don't have to worry about it, because you can just let your newborn go barefoot. You get to look at cute little baby toes all day, and you don't have to walk down every aisle of Target looking for that lost miniature shoe.


Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

Summer baby clothes are ridiculously adorable, you guys! There are so many cute options, from hats and rompers with ruffles, to onesies with rainbows on the butt and adorable t-shirts.

Fewer Germs Going Around

When you have a baby during cold and flu season it feels like you can't leave the house without some germ-infested person trying to touch your baby or, worse, coughing on them. It kind of makes you want to just stay home. In the summer, however, you tend to feel a little safer and more at east when bringing your child around other human beings.

Not Being Pregnant The Rest Of The Summer

Courtesy of Steph Montgomery

I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely hate being pregnant, especially in the summer time, and when the heat made life pretty unbearable. Having my first baby at the beginning of the summer season meant I no longer had to be pregnant, which was, by far, the best thing ever.