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7 Things To Know About Sagittarius Babies

These fiery little characters have bright futures ahead.

It’s safe to say that pregnant people fall into two categories: those who look up everything about their baby’s zodiac sign as soon as they know their due date, and those who think their child is a Cancer... or maybe it’s Capricorn? Whether you’re a devout horoscope reader or you’re just dipping your toes into the cosmos, these facts about Sagittarius babies and children are a fun glimpse into your child’s personality. And for those people who fall into the latter category above, Sagittarius babies are born between Nov. 22 and Dec. 21.

I’ll admit it’s hard to know what aspect of a personality is due to the zodiac sign itself or other factors that influence people born at a similar time of year (exposure to light in the womb is a big one for example, or how old they are compared to peers in their class). From living a long life to excelling at sports, you may never know exactly what causes these Archer traits for sure, but it’s still fun to learn more about your Sagittarius child. Here, Kyle Thomas, pop culture astrologer for the New York Post and Page Six breaks down some fun facts about Sagittarius children and babies for Romper.


There’s A Good Chance They’ll Excel At Sports

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You may have a tennis star or a basketball prodigy on your hands with your Sagittarius baby, especially if they’re born on the November side of the sign. One 2014 study found that, “Children born in November were fitter and more powerful than those born at other times, particularly the summer months.” The working theory here is that this could be true because of vitamin D exposure in the womb (mothers in the Eastern Hemisphere, where the study was conducted, are pregnant through all of summer). So if you’re into sports, you may as well start your little one early. Plus as Thomas says, “Many Sagittarius children crave physical activity, whether in sports or in performance,” so be sure to sign up your little one for a variety of activities or let them run loose in the park or yard.


They Are More Likely To Be Left-Handed

Weirdly, this fact Sagittarius kids actually only applies to boys, so if you have a one (or your baby’s on the way) you may want to buy a pair of lefty kid scissors. A study out of the University of Vienna found that on average, 8.8% of men are left-handed but among those born Nov., Dec., or Jan., the percentage rises to 10.5. The theory as it why this is the case is complicated and I’m definitely not a scientist, but it has to do with exposure to light in the womb causing an increase in testosterone levels, which causes harmless delays in the maturation of the left brain hemisphere; the right brain hemisphere is associated with left-handedness.


They Make Be Accident-Prone

Your Sag child may have a bit of a wild streak (which means they won’t be afraid to climb furniture or dive off the couch), so you may want to bust of the baby gates ASAP. “Sagittarius children can be impulsive and spontaneous and end up getting hurt a lot (just bumps and bruises usually) because they're very fiery; wise parents should ‘child-safe’ their houses,” Thomas tells Romper.


They Express Themselves Creatively

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“Sagittarius children constantly hunger to express themselves and like to share their ideas and creativity with others,” Thomas tells Romper. This is a really lovely trait and you may notice your Sag child is drawn to art, dancing, acting, or writing. But it’s important that parents and caregivers pay attention and really listen or watch what their child is doing, or else they may feel rejected or frustrated.


They May Have A Long Life

No one wants to think about their kid’s mortality, but the good news for Sagittarius kids (at least those born in December) is that one 2011 study found that they may live a (very) long time. Of all the months studied, those born in December were most likely to live to be 105 years old and beyond. So while their birthdays may come at the end of the year, they may get a lot of them.


They Are Funny

Most kids are funny, but a lot of their humor is accidental. This may not be the case with your Sagittarius child, who will likely make you crack up regularly while being deliberately funny. “Sagittarius children have a highly adept sense of humor and will bond more closely with people [and] parents who make them laugh,” Thomas tells Romper. So don’t be surprised if your little Archer rolls with a pretty hilarious crew of kids.


They’re Not Rule Lovers

You know those kids who follow the rules because it makes them feel good to please others? Yea, that probably won’t be your Sagittarius child. These independent thinkers “prefer not to be caged or controlled; if they are, they'll lash out and become rebels later in life,” Thomas says. While this may wear down your patience at times, it means your child is trying to understand the deeper reasoning of why they’re being asked to do something instead of blindly following, which overall is probably a good thing.

Whether you read your horoscope (and your child’s) as often as you can remember, or you don’t place much stock in the zodiac, it’s still fun to read up on what aspects of your child are totally their own, and what facts about Sagittarius kids apply to their personality.