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Your Sagittarius 2022 Horoscope Says It’s Time To Take What You Want

It’s been a bumpy ride, but things are about to get better, Sag

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The last couple of years have taken a toll on everyone, but especially you, Sagittarius. It’s been even more challenging because your nature is one that favors freedom of expression (and some serious wanderlust, too). Sure, your unbridled enthusiasm might have dimmed down a bit, but it’s still inside of you, Sag, and it’s about to emerge once again — and burn even brighter. That’s right, according to your Sagittarius 2022 horoscope, come the New Year, you’re going to remember who the hell you are, so you can understand where you’re going.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, Archer. Nope, not at all. But you’ve learned a thing or two lately, and somewhere deep down, you know that this was necessary for your growth. And that inner understanding is what will help you see success in 2022, according to Wanica Dunn, an astrologer. “The South Node moved out of your sign, which helped you learn some lessons,” she says. “For those that have embraced the wisely optimistic energy of The Archer, they shall see reward and recognition.” But it’s not enough to just know the information; it’s going to be up to you, Sag, to then take all that you’ve learned and share it with others. That way, your life lessons can reach a greater audience and help others out (something that you love doing).

Get ready to take a trip through the stars, Sagittarius, as you learn about your 2022 horoscope, which is all about empowering you to be who you were meant to be.


You’re going to feel like a kid with their first crush at the beginning of 2022, Sag. Don’t think too much about it; just enjoy the relationship for what it is. That said, things will shift later on in the year, and you should be prepared for it, advises Jordane Maree, an astrologer and founder of Girl and Her Moon. “As we meet October, through until January 2023, Mars will retrograde in your 7th house of relationships, partnerships, and marriage,” says Maree. A fiery planet that brings passion, drive, and heat, Mars will make you put a pause on your relationship so that you can reevaluate it. Says Maree: “This is a great opportunity to reflect on what really matters to you in your relationships, what is worth standing up for, what is worth letting go of, and how you want to direct your passions.” Look for ways to cool off your Mars energy, either by engaging in activities that calm you, or by being near water to cool you off — literally.


If you groan when you hear the word “retrograde”, you’re not alone. They can make things even wonkier, but don’t fear them. Retrogrades are meant to help you, even if it doesn’t initially feel like it. So be prepared for the retrogrades coming at you, Sag, because these show up with cash in hand. “As we begin the year we have Venus Retrograde sitting in your 2nd house of value and finances,” says Maree. “While Venus already influences our money-relationship, here it sits in the house that is the ruler of your money.” Use this as an opportunity to connect with your heart so that you get clear on how you want to handle your cash and accounts. It might mean taking a deeper dive into your own relationship with self-worth and how that connects to money. Discover what your financial goals really are, (particularly during the two-week Mercury retrograde that occurs in early February) and then work hard towards crushing your financial goals.

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It's especially important to have your money matters under control, because 2022 will see you globetrotting once again, Sag. “Travel is in your cards this year!” Victoria Finlay, an astrologer tells Romper. “Whether it's a trip abroad or just exploring more of your own backyard, you'll be on the go and having a great time.” You might hit a few bumps in the road, but you’ll be able to find your path once again — or discover a totally new one.


On the home front, you’re going to see some changes, but they will be of your own doing, Sagittarius. You’ll have time to truly look at how your family is functioning, and be able to implement some new routines that will make everything run much more smoothly. This occurs because there will be two major astrological events happening in your home and family life; one is eclipses and the other is Jupiter. “Eclipses in your 6th house in May and October bring a change in your day-to-day life,” says Maree. “If you have been desiring more time with the family, this is a beautiful time to look at that.” When Jupiter is in your 4th house of the home until May, (and again October — December), you’ll find that things become a lot lighter at home. There will be more laughter, joy, and a feeling of expansion and opportunity will come to your casa. Deeper connections with your kiddos will occur, so be prepared for those memory-making moments to occur, too.


“During 2022 there is opportunity for massive shifts in your career, all geared to ultimately bring you the deepest fulfilment you could possibly receive,” says Maree. “Eclipses in your 6th house throughout the year will bring opportunities to rearrange your work-life and your day-to-day experience with your career, and to realign anything that is needed to bring you your health and happiness.” This will happen throughout 2022 for you, Sag, but there will also be eclipses meeting your 12th house of the subconscious. What does that mean? Well, you’ll find that you gain a greater understanding of yourself and what is working in your life… and what doesn’t anymore. Says Maree: “When we meet Eclipses in such a deep, personal, and spiritual part of ourselves we notice that things begin to drop away — or more accurately, we allow ourselves to let go of what is no longer serving us.”

Sagittarius, it’s been a struggle up until now. And while your Sagittarius 2022 horoscope is offering light at the end of the tunnel, it will be up to you to be brave enough to accept the challenges, and reclaim who you are (and who you’re meant to be), Archer.

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