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9 Fascinating Facts About Gemini Babies

They’ll Make You Say, "Oh, That Explains It."

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Gemini season: The time of year we celebrate those born between May 21 and June 20 (or June 21 depending on which chart you use). If you know anything about astrology, you likely know that Geminis are commonly referred to as "the twins," partly because the Gemini constellation represents the twins Castor and Pollux, and partly because of the dual personality traits those born under its sign can exhibit. But there are so many more fascinating facts about Gemini babies, and whether you follow astrology in your daily life or not, these interesting insights can definitely help you understand your little Gemini better.

I have not one, but two Gemini children, and I often joke that it feels like I really have four kids depending on which "side" of them I get during the course of the day. Though they do have different personalities from each other, I've been fascinated to see how accurately they both represent the typical Gemini traits. Curious, dramatic, talkative, impatient... these are some of the most common characteristics used to describe Gemini kids, and in my children's case, they are all true.

Believe it or not, using your child's zodiac sign as a guide can be just as useful as all those parenting books you bought (and probably didn't read). After all, astrology has been practiced far longer than that trendy parenting fad you don't really understand anyway. While this list can't be comprehensive for every single Gemini, below are nine facts about your bundle of Gemini joy/frustration that may shed some light on what makes them such a unique sign.


They have many interests

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One of the first things acclaimed Psychic Medium and Astrology Expert Sloan Bella said to me about Gemini children was that they love to "learn as much as they can, but frequently jump from subject to subject." This is definitely true of my oldest son. If you find yourself saying, "Why can't you focus?" to your little Gemini, Bella wants you to know this isn't a bad trait, or one they can really even control: "They aren't meant to stay with one thing." Embrace their curiosities, but maybe just don't shell out the big bucks for all those soccer/piano/chess/magic classes unless you know they’re committed.


They love to talk

Geminis are born to talk, that's literally what their "house" represents: communication. My children talk non-stop. It sometimes feels like talking is akin to breathing for them — they need it to stay alive. Though it can drive me up the wall, Bella notes that parents of Gemini children should, "never tell them to stop talking" because that's how they process the world around them. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll get answers from them, though. For as anyone with a Gemini kid knows, rambling is a particularly strong skillset of theirs.

She also notes that if you are a parent of a non-verbal Gemini child, your little one will figure out other ways to communicate with you.


They may be gender fluid

One of the more interesting things Bella spoke about was in relation to gender, stating that Gemini children "rarely stay stuck in traditional feminine and masculine roles." I can absolutely see this in my younger son, who is just as interested in applying my makeup as he is in building Lego swords with his brother. "There are 16 different personality types," Bella explains, "and Geminis move through them all fluidly."

If you're curious about whether there's truth to this, look no further than one of the most famous Geminis of all time who was known for pushing the boundaries of gender and sexuality: Prince.


They're adventurous

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If you have a daredevil Gemini, you know exactly how much fear this trait can provoke in a parent. My kids are always wanting to climb higher, go faster, and experience every thrill life has to offer. As described on the Zodiac Fire website, "Whether it comes to their career, hobbies, love life or anything else… the Gemini likes to be adventurous in everything that they do."

For parents like me who tend to worry too much, Bella says, "Let them explore, and don't be afraid. You'll block the pursuit of their knowledge if you don't let them climb that tree. That's how Geminis learn."


They may be accident prone

Along with the thrill of adventure, however, can also come the downside: injury. Bella says your little Gemini may be more accident-prone than other signs because they get easily distracted. Turns out, research may actually back this up as well. In a study conducted by B&CE Insurance, Geminis were named the most accident-prone zodiac sign.


They may learn languages easier

Because verbal communication is so strong with this sign, a Gemini child may be quicker to learn other languages than other signs.

"Being the sign of the communicator, Gemini picks up easier than other kids on new dialects," explains the Astrotwins' parenting site, Momstrology. Bella says this is also due to a Gemini's ability to mimic well, making dialects and foreign words easier to pick up.


They may be drawn to the neighborhood gossip

No parent wants to hear this about their kid, but because Geminis are known to be gossips, you may want to keep an eye (or ear) out to see if your little one is falling prey to this less-than-desirable personality trait. Bella says this is because they're a "neighborhood sign" who want to know everything that's going on around them. Make sure you're talking to your little one about the importance of trustworthiness as they start to navigate their own friendships.


They really are that smart

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If you're a parent of a Gemini child and you've ever asked yourself, if your child is a genius, the answer could be yes. I mean, you're also biased, but with good reason. As Momstrology put it, "Gemini kids are all born with a touch of genius to them." Whether it be language, music, math, or some other ability that makes them stand out from the crowd, it's worth paying attention to what your child seems "naturally gifted" at and make sure you foster that.

For us, our oldest son took to chess at a young age as if he just instinctively knew how the game was played. We enrolled him in an after-school chess program and it's one of the smartest parenting moves we've ever made.


They are worth the work

Guiding a Gemini child can be exhausting, and endlessly frustrating. They always ask "why," they don't like to listen to authority, and they never seem to slow down during the course of the day. But with that comes an opportunity to explore the world through their endlessly curious eyes, and re-frame how you parent them, for both of your sake's.

As Bella notes, "Your Gemini child picked you to foster their path in life." And for those of us lucky enough to have been chosen, it's a wonderful, wild ride.

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