Master Messes With Frida Baby’s New Potty Training Line

They’ve thought of everything.

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Kids are messy, but there’s really no other part of childhood that’s quite as messy as the toilet training stage. No matter how you approach potty training, there’s bound to be plenty of clean up involved. Between accidents and bad aim, it’s crucial to arm yourself with the right tools to keep your toddler, yourself, and your bathroom as tidy as possible. The new line of Frida Baby potty training products can help you do just that.

Between snot sucking, leaky boobs, and dealing with all of the bodily fluids involved in postpartum recovery, the Frida brand is known for tackling the ickiest parts of parenting. To tackle yet another messy milestone, Frida Baby’s potty training product line has everything you need to get through this stage of parenting with your sanity in tact: a toddler-sized potty, bowl liners, absorbent mats for bathroom floors, and two handy potty training kits. Each product is designed with both kid comfort and ease-of-use for parents in mind.

If you’re just starting your potty training journey, the Frida Baby All-In-One Potty Kit has everything you need to get set up for just under $60: a Grow-With-Me Potty, Poo + Pee Liners, Potty Mess Mats, and a handy potty guide. Frida Baby collaborated with clinical psychologist and founder of Good Inside, Dr. Becky, on this exclusive potty training guide packed with tips and tricks to arm parents with potty training confidence.

It’s hard (or, impossible) to ditch the diapers until your little one knows know to use the toilet. To get them started, Frida Baby’s 3-in-1 Grow-With-Me Potty is a potty training staple product that will see your tot through every stage of the process. The soft and comfy top of the toddler toilet detaches from the base to attach to your regular-sized toilet, while the base becomes a step stool to promote independence.

Part of what makes Frida Baby’s potty training products so great for parents is how easy they are to maintain and clean. The Grow-With-Me Potty can be used with or without a liner, but the Frida Baby Poo + Pee Potty Liners make cleanup a breeze. They have a super absorbent pad to soak up pee, which sets them apart from other potty liner brands. The bag and the liners both pull out of the pack sort of like tissues out of a tissue box. Once you affix the bag over the potty base, drop in a liner, pop the seat back on, and you’re good to go.

Another helpful potty training hack from Frida Baby’s potty training products comes by way of their Potty Mess Mats. Place one of these super absorbent, waterproof mats underneath your toddler’s training potty or in front of the big toilet to absorb any drips or spills and save your bathroom floor. The sticky stay-put strip on the bottom keeps it in place.

The Frida Baby Potty Cleanup Essentials Kit comes with 15 Poo + Pee Potty Liners and 15 Potty Mess Mats for $14.99 if you’d rather not purchase each of these products individually.

You never know how potty training is going to go until you get started, but with the Frida Baby potty training products on hand, you can at least feel confident about setup and cleanup.