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These Free Printable Hummingbird Coloring Pages Are So Pretty

Watch your kid’s creativity take flight.

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With their super small stature, bright colors, and ability to seemingly hover over flowers mid-air, hummingbirds are absolutely adorable. So it makes sense that your kiddo might want to grab their markers and make some artwork that involves these fast-flying birds. And these 20 hummingbird coloring pages can help your child create some very pretty pictures of these beautiful birds.

Unlike other garden-variety birds, there’s something special when a hummingbird comes to buzz about your flowers. “A hummingbird’s small size is a draw, as is their amazing flying skills, along with their gem-like colors,” Britt O’Leary, MS, a bird expert tells Romper. “The one big reason that kids love them so much is that they’re not afraid of people — sit quietly near a hummingbird feeder or the kind of flowers they like long enough, and the birds will feed quite close to you.” Unlike other birds that flap about, hummingbirds get their name from the sound that their wings make from flapping so fast. Plus, a hummingbird’s heart beats 1,200 beats per minute, (per the National Park Service), which might make your own heart skip a beat when you see one near your impatiens or petunias.

So crack open the crayons and get ready to color with these 20 hummingbird coloring pages. And woot, all of them are free to download and print.


A Simple Hummingbird Coloring Page

This coloring page is perfect for little ones still learning how to color in the lines. With its basic design, your child will be able to figure out which color would be best for the beak and wings. And if your kiddo is wondering where the hummingbird’s legs are, you can explain to them that this itty bitty bird has super short legs and feet.


A Hummingbird with Sunflowers Coloring Page

It’s one thing to color in a hummingbird, but add on some fun sunflowers, and well, you’ve got a masterpiece in the making. This coloring page will make your kiddo use up all their yellow crayons for sure. It’s no wonder that hummingbirds love sunflowers, though, since they’re naturally drawn to brightly-colored flowers.


A Rufous Hummingbird Coloring Page

If you thought all hummingbirds were the same, think again. The Rufous hummingbird have fantastic flight skills. And this hummingbird is using its long beak to suck up some sweet nectar. They’re a wee bit territorial, though, and have been known to chase off other hummingbirds that they feel are getting too near the nectar that they want. That might explain why this little birdie is all by itself in this coloring page.


A Pair of Hummingbirds Coloring Page

One hummingbird to color is cool, but two together is double the fun. These two lovebirds (er, hummingbirds) are flying mid-air over a pretty peony. They might even be mistaken for lovebirds, sharing a beaky kiss while still being in flight. But chances are that this love affair is short-lived, since hummingbirds don’t mate for life. In fact, male hummingbirds don’t even stick around to help the momma bird build her nest or take care of her babies. Jerk.


A Floral Hummingbird Coloring Page

For more experienced artistes, this floral-themed coloring page is ideal. It features a hummingbird smack in the center surrounded by leaves, branches, and flowers (read: plenty of things to keep your kiddo coloring — and occupied.) With so much color to contemplate, your child will probably use up all their markers to make this a masterpiece.


A Host Of Hummingbirds Coloring Page

Your child can color in (count ‘em) four hummingbirds in various forms of flight with this printable page. Different flowers (from daisies to lilies) adorn the sides of the page to add extra interest to their design. Unfortunately, this coloring page isn’t very realistic, since it’s rare that you’ll spy more than one of them together, as hummingbirds are solitary birds. In fact, if you do spy two together, you can assume that they’re either canoodling, or about to throw down so as to protect their territory.


A Hummingbird Coloring Page For Adults

While your child is working on the wings of his own hummingbird coloring page, you can channel your inner artiste with this adult hummingbird coloring page. There are tons of itty bitty spaces to fill in for hours of entertainment… and relaxation. This mosaic-like coloring page will keep you captivated for hours with all of its intricate nooks and crannies.


A Baby Hummingbird Coloring Page

This baby hummingbird coloring page will elicit all the ooh’s and aah’s from your preschooler. You can show them how the bird is meant to look, or just let their imagination go crazy with colors as they fill in all the feathers. And when your child learns that a baby hummingbird egg is the smallest ones in the world(measuring the size of a single jelly bean), well, then it just might make you marvel at how big they can get — which is still kind of small, TBH.


A Flying Hummingbird Coloring Page

We don’t know what’s prettier, the open wingspan on this hummingbird, or the flower that it’s trying to get nectar from. It’s truly a toss-up. While hummingbird coloring pages will often feature the small bird frozen in flight, it’s fascinating to learn that hummingbirds can flap their wings at a rate of 10-15 times per second. That’s right, per second.


A Balloon and Hummingbird Coloring Page

This comical coloring page of a hummingbird blowing up a balloon will go over big with your child. It has simple, clean lines, so that your kiddo can concentrate on coloring. It’s a cute coloring page because it looks like the hummingbird is actually trying to either blow up the balloon or play with it, neither or which (natch) would happen in real life.


A Sitting Hummingbird Coloring Page

You don’t often see hummingbirds not, you know, humming. But this one is peacefully perched on a tree branch, and that’s a lesser-known fact about hummingbirds; they’re not always flying. Actually, they spend about 80% of their life perched on tree branches or other twigs and vines. This coloring page offers a a simple design for coloring. Don’t forget the foliage in the background!


A Stained Glass Hummingbird Coloring Page

Sure, there are plenty of hummingbird coloring pages where it’s featured in nature. But what about a stained glass one? Well, this coloring page from I Heart Crafty Things, makes the hummingbird a work of art — literally. Help your child choose colors for their stained glass hummingbird that will look like something hanging in a museum. You can even show them how colors combine to create new hues and shadows for a more in-depth design.


Two Sharing Hummingbirds Coloring Page

What better way to teach your child the concept of sharing than with this coloring page? Featuring two hummingbirds sharing the same flower, it just might encourage your kiddo to share their toys with their sibs. (Maybe.) But although the picture is in black and white, that flower is mostly likely a bright and bold color. After all, hummingbirds love the color red, and are attracted to red flowers as well as feeders. So be sure to have lots of red markers and crayons to ensure your child’s artwork is factually accurate.


A Mama Hummingbird Coloring Page

So many hummingbird coloring pages depict the bird in flight. That’s what makes this one of a momma hummingbird feeding her two babies so adorable. Your child can accentuate the scene by painting the leaves a vibrant color, too. Most likely, that mommy hummingbird is about to puke up some already-eaten bugs and nectar and pass it into her babies’ mouths. Dinner is served.


An In-Flight Hummingbird Coloring Page

The feathers are the focus of this fab hummingbird coloring page. The wings are outstretched so that your child can accentuate them with either an ombre design or just a rainbow of coordinating colors. Your child could color in the wings all one color, but where’s the fun in that? Another option is learning ombre, which will blend one color into another, creating shades that go from light to dark on the bird’s wings.


A Basic Hummingbird Coloring Page

If you’re looking through hummingbird coloring pages that seem complicated, this simpler one from Coloring All might work. It accentuates the shape of this itty bitty bird, complete with outstretched wings and sleek tail. From its long beak to its fanned out wings, your child can see how aerodynamic the bird really is. As for the feet, well, they’re tucked into the bird’s body during flight times.


A Detailed Hummingbird Coloring Page

There are so many shapes to fill in with this super detailed hummingbird coloring page. From dragonflies to ladybugs, leaves, and, yes, the hummingbird, you’d better break out the entire 64-count of crayons to ensure that your child can complete the page. Apart from the artistic element of it, this page can also teach your child patience, since it’s unlikely that they’ll finish it all in one day.


A Flowery Hummingbird Coloring Page

A small cascade of flowers is what this sweet little hummingbird is after in this coloring page. You can even spy its small feet, long beak, and stout body shape. But the hummingbird is discerning in its search for nectar, and won’t fly up to just any ol’ flower. That’s right, blooms like lilacs, roses, tulips, and daffodils aren’t appealing to a hummingbird — at all.


An Intricate Hummingbird Coloring Page

While some hummingbird coloring pages offer basic shapes and designs, there are others that are meant for parents to pick up a marker and color. That’s exactly the case with this coloring page from Just Color. The fun won’t ever end with this highly intricate hummingbird coloring page. Full of tiny lines and shapes, your child will definitely need some ultra fine markers to get the job done. This might be one that you’ll wind up framing once you’re finished.


A Cartoon-esque Hummingbird Coloring Page

Although hummingbirds are pretty antisocial, this little one looks fairly welcoming. Although he’s comical-looking, he’s pretty cute, too. With his wide-open eyes and smiling beak, the hummingbird looks like he wants to make friends with your little one. And that just might inspire you to get a bird feeder to see these birds in motion. Plant colorful flowers that they like, and offer nectar feeders (hummingbirds love sugar water), and step back to give these feisty fliers some space to do their thing. Eventually, a hummingbird will make its way into your outdoor space where you can marvel at how mighty this little bird truly is.

Whether it’s due to their small size, the way their wings flap furiously, or how they hover from one flower to another, hummingbirds are a beautiful bird to behold. And with these 20 coloring pages, your kiddo can enjoy coloring them to their hearts’ content.

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