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17 Sweet Instagram Captions For When Baby Says "Dada" For The First Time

You heard it here first.

For a dad, hearing the word “dada” uttered by his baby for the first time is a groundbreaking moment. Shock, surprise, excitement, a flood of emotions, all of the above are likely to occur. But what you must remember is to document the thrill with an Instagram caption for when baby says “dada” for the first time.

Ideally you’ll get the moment on video. Short of that, a sweet picture of your darling doodlebug with a fun caption posted to Instagram is a great way to celebrate the milestone. But what to write? There are so many directions to go in. You can use Instagram captions for when baby says “dada” for the first time that evoke the emotions you're feeling, or have a little fun with it and add some humor. Like, let’s be honest, the first time your child says “dada” is clearly just a preview of the time they ask you for money or roll their eyes saying “daaaad!”

It’s all part of the fun of raising a child. And the joy of getting to know your kiddo, one father/baby conversation at a time, starts with this very first utterance of a word you’ve likely dreamed of one day hearing. Now all you need is the perfect Instagram caption for when baby says “dada.”


“ Dad Energy”

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Sure, you might feel like a dad the day your child comes home from the hospital. Or you might step into your father shoes the first night you find yourself up at 2 a.m. rocking a fussy baby. But you’ll definitely know you’re a dad when you hear your baby say the word “dada.”


Hear that, kids? She said “dada!”

Simple and straight to the point, even your friend who always misreads social media posts will know what you’re announcing with this caption.


Guess I’m a founding father now.

Nothing makes one feel their own legacy like looking their progeny in the eye and hearing their name said.


I’ve got one smart cookie right here. Did you catch what he said?

It’s hard to tell a parent that their child isn’t the smartest creature ever born. It’ll be even more difficult to argue with them once their child starts talking.


Like father, like son.

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If your kiddo has an extra original interpretation of the word “dada,” perhaps just like their father, this caption might work.


This old man is feeling pretty proud today.

Short of putting a “My kid said ‘dada’” bumper sticker on his car, this is a great Instagram caption for when Baby says “dada” for the first time.


Father/son bonding never sounded so good.

Communicating with a child is how parents build a bond. Now you can finally talk to each other!


Chip off the old block, right here.

For the dad who sees himself in his children, this is a great Instagram caption for when a baby says “dada” for the first time.


My brilliant boy just said dad. Next step: Mensa membership.

Again, it’s tough to convince a parent that their child isn’t the smartest creature ever born. Once those conversations get rolling, their genius is even more apparent.


Give this kid a raise. He’s already mastered English 101 and he’s not even out of diapers!

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Another caption for the dad who’s ready to have his kid skip a grade before he’s entered kindergarten thanks to Baby’s advanced language skills, this says it all.


Dad. Daddio. Papa. Pops. Father. I don’t care what this kid calls me, as long as he keeps saying my name just like this for the rest of his life.

The sweetness of a baby’s “dada” inflection is hard to resist as this caption spells out.


Sweet baby girl just called me a four-letter word! Dada.

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This might be the only four-letter word he lets her say.


On second thought, maybe I’m OK with a little name calling.

Get it? Name calling. Go ahead, break out the dad jokes. You earned it, Papa.


She mastered “Dada.” Now we’re going to work on “ the greatest.”

Psst. Dads. Your baby can now talk. That means you can manipulate what they say and no one will be the wiser!


I told her “call me anything you want, just don’t call me late to dinner …” and she still figured out how to say “dada!”

Underpromise and overdeliver. That’s the way to go, kiddo.


If you need me, I’ll just be playing this video on repeat for the rest of the afternoon.

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Did you get those famous words on video? Kiss your productivity for the rest of the day goodbye.


Feeling extra #girldad today after hearing this!

#Girldads, you know who you are. Hearing your baby girl say “dada” well, prepare to be all up in your feels.

Make the magic of hearing your child say “dada” for the first time last forever by putting it on Instagram with these fun captions.