baby at the doctor

15 Insta Captions For Your Baby's Most Memorable Moments At The Doctor

During your baby’s first year of life, it’s highly likely that you’re going to be at the doctor’s office about a dozen times or so. And during those pediatric visits, you’re bound to see some snap-worthy moment (or you know, 12) that demands documenting. But once you have that totally adorbs photo of your little one looking lovingly at the pediatrician, what are you doing to do with it? If you’re planning on sharing your image online, these Instagram captions for pics of babies at the doctor can make your post even more amazing.

If you think about it, almost any visit to the doctor can produce frame-worthy photos. From the pics of your baby playing with the paper on the table (or yikes, eating it), to them sitting so cutely on the scale waiting to be weighed, there just doesn’t seem to be a moment that’s not precious. But you don’t want to just leave the picture on your camera roll to get lost with the other 5,793 images — you want everyone to admire the beauty of your babe, too.

From baby’s playful interactions with the pediatrician to even, yes, that first howl after getting a shot, these are the moments worth capturing. So get ready to Insta your images with these cute captions of your even cuter kiddo.


"The thermometer goes where?!"


Two words: rectal thermometer. If your baby makes a funny, surprised look at you during your visit, you can always equate it to him being told that the pediatrician needs to take his temperature — via his tushie.


“If you keep pushing, I might poop.”

Pediatricians check your baby’s tummy for a potential umbilical hernia or enlarged organs, the Mayo Clinic reported. But if your pediatrician pushes a little too hard, he might be facing the wrath of a diaper blowout — sans the diaper. Proceed with caution.


“This crinkly paper is amazing!”

When your baby is little, he probably doesn’t even realize the awesomeness that is the exam table paper. But once he gets a bit bigger, prepare for crazy chaos as he rips, scrunches, (and yes, tries to eat) said paper.


“If you take off my diaper, I’m not responsible for what happens next.”

During a doctor’s visit, your baby’s diaper is going to be removed as part of the standard exam. But we all know what happens when you part with the a cold room... with no clothing on. Get ready for some tinkling to occur.


"What needle? I didn't feel a thing."

If your baby is looking like a boss, chalk it up to the fact that he got his shots and didn’t even blink. Unfortunately, sometimes the same can’t be said for the parents, who might shed some tears instead.


“This stethoscope is a cool toy!”

Even the most well-behaved baby is going to make a grab for that shiny stethoscope at some point. Try to catch the ensuing tug-of-war between your baby and the doctor on your phone. Bonus points if baby beats the doctor.


“A little light reading… ”

You’ve got to do something while you’re waiting for the nurse to come in. In the meantime, give your baby a book and help him learn his ABCs. Everyone will marvel at your brilliant baby.


“She’s smiling now, but we’ll both be crying later!”


When they’re little, babies are kind of clueless about who the pediatrician is. That’s why she’s sitting on the exam table and smiling away. But her expression might quickly change once she spies the white coat, so it’s a good idea to get her while she’s in a good mood.


“Shots Shots Shots Shots!”

Yes, it hurts you to watch your baby getting shots. That’s why you can make a joke out of it — and saying it out loud will be a good reminder to down some of your own later on.


“It’s all fun and games until the needle appears."

Sure, your baby might be smiling now, but it won’t be long before she realizes what that pointy thing is for. Might as well savor the moment before the poor thing gets poked and prodded.


“If I wasn’t sick before I came in, I will be after playing with this toy.”

Almost every parent fears those pediatric waiting room toys, because you know that they’re just covered in fun things like phlegm, strep, and the flu. So snap a shot of your baby gumming the bead maze so you have photographic proof of what's causing her to puke.


“Ok, enough pics, mom. Help me put my pants back on.”

A pediatric visit can quickly turn into a photo shoot of your cute kiddo. But at some point, your baby is going to get tired of his supermodel status. Be sure to put your phone away so that you and your little one can get that post-visit sticker that always makes it all better.


“They said I’m getting how big?!”

It’s almost obligatory to get a pic of your baby during her weigh in. Perfect for that scale shot, use this caption to quip on how big your chunky monkey is getting. You’ll definitely get “awws” when your friends and family have seen how much she’s grown.


“Who are we waiting for and why the heck are they taking so long?”

Sometimes, you have to wait (and wait) for the doctor to appear. If your baby starts to snooze before the doc comes into the exam room, you can always use this caption to set the scene.


“Hey mom! Need help filling out that paperwork?”

Pediatric visits sure require a lot of paperwork. Give the pen to your precious little one, and let him fill out the insurance information for you. Have a good laugh when the billing department can’t tell if it’s a 3 or an 8 (or an E or a Q) that's written down.