A young baby sitting in the back garden and eating fresh, home grown tomatoes with her mom.
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Funny Baby Captions & Quotes For Those Messy Mealtimes

It might be time for a bath.

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Of the 7,830 photos that are currently on my camera roll, a lot of them are of my kids eating. You, like me, probably have tons of cute, funny baby eating moments captured, from when your baby latched onto your breast for the first time, to when your partner let your baby lick a lemon to see the hilarious response. Yes, your baby (and that bowl of cereal on his head) is utterly enjoyable. If you plan on sharing that cute baby eating pic, you'll need a cute, funny baby caption for Instagram (or whatever your favorite social media app may be) to go along with it.

But why are photos of babies eating so precious in the first place? Well, for starters, babies are inherently messy eaters. I mean, who doesn’t love an image of an infant sitting proudly in her high chair with cake smeared all over her chubby little face and hands? Since we’re all taught to have proper table manners fairly early on, seeing your little one let loose and plunge into her pudding with gusto can make you feel a certain joie de vivre that can get lost in adulthood.

Plus, there’s no filter when a baby loves (or loathes) a new food, and those expressions can be utterly adorable. Ultimately, it serves as a reminder for us that eating is meant to be enjoyable and that we should savor every morsel, (of both our food and our lives), just like our sweet babes do. So as you scroll through your phone looking for that ideal Insta photo, check out these quippy, funny baby captions that you can use to accompany that perfect picture.

Funny food captions for Instagram

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  • So spaghetti *isn’t* a toy?
  • I never knew I liked pears... until now!
  • Pass the salt.
  • Eating bananas like a BOSS.
  • How come you got Frosted Flakes and I got barley cereal?
  • But I like my bowl on my head.
  • Nom nom nom.
  • Textures are so tasty.
  • This. Is. So. Sour.
  • You’ve been holding out on me, Mommy.
  • Napkins? Who needs napkins?
  • When you see your favorite snack…
  • Is it acceptable to lick the bowl?
  • Love at first bite.
  • “Is it time for cake yet?”
  • Hmm, I’m not so sure about this solids stuff…
  • Food is fine, but my toes are soooo tasty!
  • You know that my poop is going to look like pureed carrots later, right?
  • Trying to have dinner and Mommy won’t stop snapping pics.

Funny baby captions for nursing or bottle sessions

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  • To sleep or to nurse, that is the question.
  • Did someone say boobs?
  • That moment when the boobs come out.
  • Bring on the bottle!
  • I’ll have a bottle of the house white.

In the midst of all the grape-cutting and bottle-prepping, be sure to snap a picture of your sweetie and share it. Hopefully these funny captions make it a little easier to fill your feed with baby mealtime fun.

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