Valentine's Day

baby surrounded by hearts for valentine's day
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These 5 Superstitions About Little Charmers Born On Valentine's Day Are Pretty Irresistible

They're smart, charming, and destined to be heartbreakers.

Most people probably know all about the hearts, lace, flowers, and cupids that are synonymous with Feb. 14, but what about birthdays that fall on the holiday? While their b-day may get overshadowed, if superstitions about babies born on Valentine's Day are true, you'll have a hard time overlooking the little sweetheart every other day of the year. These babies are destined to be loved, desired, and to steal the spotlight without even trying.

The origins of Valentine's Day are often debated because some believe it's a celebration of Saint Valentine, his commitment to love, and his authoring the first "valentine" card. Others, however, say it started as a Pagan festival for fertility, where women would toss their names into a bowl and the eligible bachelors would pull one out, and the pair would eventually marry. Perhaps it's a combination of both, but either way, the general theme is the same: lasting love.

Since the day is so focused on finding love, there aren't nearly as many theories about babies who are born on Feb. 14. However, when you look into superstitions, the zodiac, and numerology profiles, there is a lot to be said about these little valentines' personalities.


They Chose Their Birthday

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Researchers at Yale University wanted to look at how human will might play into the timing of a woman's labor. To do this, they looked at the number of births on Halloween versus Valentine's day because they are two prominent holidays with contrasting meanings. Data gathered between 1996 and 2006 showed that, compared to the typical daily average, the number of births on Halloween dropped significantly while there was a big spike in babies born on Valentine's Day. This data included not just c-sections and inductions, but spontaneous births, as well.

So, if human will does play into a baby's birthday, especially when it comes to spontaneous births, it could be argued that Valentine's Day babies choose to arrive on the day of love. Basically, it's destiny.


They're Little Charmers

Looking at the zodiac profile for babies born on Valentine's Day, it looks like they are born to be charming, insightful, and have a good sense of humor. Basically, they're the whole package. This isn't shocking, though, because would you expect anything else from a baby brought by cupid?


They're Wicked Smart

Another trait the zodiac says Feb. 14 babies have is intellect. These little smarties will thrive academically, and thanks to their friendly personalities they'll still be very approachable. Further proof that Valentine's Day babies are the whole package.


They Are Passionate

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If you go by the tarot profile, Valentine's Day babies are said to be determined, enjoy a challenge, and love to take risks. They're driven to succeed and want to help the people they love succeed, as well. These babies are born passionate, and nothing will stand in their way.


They're Irresistible

Some horoscopes actually argue that calling Feb. 14 babies charming is putting it lightly because they're actually downright irresistible. It's said these babies are defined by romanticism, warmth, and mystery and that "people cannot help but to gravitate" toward them. So, it's safe to say they will be getting plenty of love throughout life.

It seems like babies born on Feb. 14 have no intention of coming in second to Valentine's Day. They will be forces to be reckoned with, difficult to ignore, and impossible not to love.