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Everything You Need For The Perfect Rainbow Nursery, From Bedding To Lighting

Your little one will be rocking the rainbow right from the very start.

As you get ready for Baby’s arrival, you’re probably going to think of a theme for their nursery. But what if you can’t choose one solid color or design? You don’t have to if you choose every color. That’s right, a rainbow nursery allows you to welcome Baby home in a beautiful display of shades… and hope.

Beyond being gender neutral, (which is helpful if you opted to not find out if you’re having a boy or a girl), a rainbow nursery is just sheer happiness. It might also represent Pride for you and your partner and help your baby understand that love is love, right from the very start. And, of course, if you’ve suffered through pregnancy loss, a rainbow nursery symbolizes faith and happiness as you prepare to bring your rainbow baby home and into your family.

And did we mention that a rainbow nursery is just cute, colorful fun?

So if you can’t commit to a color, want to celebrate the Pride you feel for your family (and each other), or have gone through hell and back to finally hold your baby in your arms, these rainbow nursery items will just make you feel joyful.

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Rainbow Nursery Sheets

Solid sheets can be simple, and that’s when a rainbow-themed crib sheet can make your baby’s sleeping space even more beautiful. This sheet from Gerber is made from 100% soft cotton and has an elasticized edge so that the sheet stays firmly in place. Sweet dreams are guaranteed.


Rainbow Nursery Diapers

Rainbow diapers? Yes, please. Your kiddo will be rocking the rainbows with these Honest Company diapers. Not only do they offer leak protection, but they also save over 7,000 trees every year. Sure, it might not smell like rainbows and unicorns during a diaper change, but at least your baby’s butt will be adorably adorned.


Rainbow Nursery Teether

All it takes is one yank on your nipple to know that Baby is totally teething. Spare your boobs by buying this Loulou Lollipop Pastel Rainbow Silicone Teether Set. Not only does it have food-grade silicone beads, but it also has nubby textures on both sides to help soothe itchy gums. The teether is also Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead and cadmium. Pop it into the freezer for even more relief — for both of you.


Rainbow Nursery Night Light

There’s nothing like tiptoeing into Baby’s nursery, and then tripping over a toy and waking them up. Ensure that you never take a nosedive again by plugging this rainbow night light into your baby’s room. It’s a know-it-all nightlight too — it has a light sensor that allows it to light up at dusk and turn off at dawn, so you never have to do it yourself. Plus, it’s not too bright to prevent your little one from getting the zzz’s they need.


Rainbow Nursery Mobile

Let’s say that you want the essence of ROYGBIV without the actual arch. Well, this Primary Pom Pom Felted Ceiling Mobile from Pottery Barn Kids gives you all the color without being too obvious. The handmade mobile is made in a Fair Trade Certified Facility and features a beaded ring and colorful pom poms. It even comes with a metal hoop for hanging; just make sure that once Baby is able to bat at it that you remove the mobile from the crib.


Rainbow Nursery Lamp

Rainbows can be very bright, but not this sweet pastel one from Pottery Barn Kids. The ceramic lamp has a rainbow base and rectangular shade that’s made from linen. It has an off/on switch to let Baby know when it’s lights out (hopefully) for the night.


Rainbow Nursery Diaper Bag

If you’re planning to pack some diapers and other baby essentials, you can use the Cannon’s Earthy Rainbow Overnight Bag. Not only is it great as a hospital bag, but you can tote it when you and Baby go out for a stroll. It’s made from a high-grade waterproof fabric (which is awesome in case your baby’s bottles accidentally spill), and the straps are made from microfiber leather to give it a chic look.


Rainbow Nursery Changing Pad

Listen, diaper blowouts will never be fun, but they’ll be easier to handle with the Organic Changing Pad Cover from Monica + Andy. Made from 100% organic cotton, the rainbow changing pad has a stitched quilting detail to make Baby feel comfy while you’re cleaning their bottom. It’s lead, phthalate-free and flame retardant, too. And when it’s time to clean, pop it into the washing machine on cold.


Rainbow Nursery Wall Decals

Let’s say that you want some art on the walls but don’t want to commit to something as monumental as a mural. These Rainbow Wall Decals from Etsy seller WhiteCornerDesigns come in various sizes and quantities, and (woot), the colors can be customized, too. They’re easy to apply and, best of all, easy to remove without ripping off any paint from the walls.


Rainbow Nursery Artwork

You’ve already been through the storm. So celebrate the sunshine (and your bundle of joy) with this Rainbow in a Cloud art print. You can get the print alone or in a variety of sizes and frames to match the rest of your nursery décor.


Rainbow Nursery Curtains

When you have an all-white nursery, these rainbow colored-curtains can make the space sparkle. They’re made from 100% polyester and have a blackout effect feature to help Baby learn day from night. The curtains even have star cutouts that offer additional light when the sun shines through them, which might even make a real rainbow appear in Baby’s nursery.


Rainbow Nursery Laundry Basket

It’s mindboggling how someone so little can create so much dirty laundry. But you won’t mind washing all those itty bitty onesies when you can toss them into the Pehr Rainbows Hamper. It measures 20 x 18 x 20, so it won’t take up too much floor space but can still hold all those sweet 0-3 month sleep sacks.


Rainbow Nursery Pillow

When you worry that you don’t know what the hell you’re doing as a new momma (as we all do), this rainbow pillow from Shein will remind you that you’re doing just fine. The rainbow pillow cover, which measures 40 x 40, can be used in your rocking chair to help comfort your back during all those late-night feeding sessions and offer inspiration when you need it most.


Rainbow Nursery Blanket

You’ll want to keep this heirloom-esque rainbow baby blanket forever. The quilted baby blanket features a rainbow print on one side and a rose gold heart and stars pattern on the other. You can use it in the nursery as a play mat, on the go in the car, or on the floor for tummy time in the future.


Rainbow Nursery Stuffed Animal

It might be too soon for Baby to color with a crayon, but that shouldn’t stop you from helping them channel their inner artiste. And this Crayola Teddy from Build-A-Bear is every shade of the rainbow. It has the logo stitched on its paw along with the Crayola one on its chest. It even has a fun surprise feature that your baby might appreciate when they’re older: dip a paint brush in water and run it over the bear’s white paw pads and you’ll see a cool pattern emerge.


Rainbow Nursery Hangers

Who says that your kid’s closet can’t be as colorful as their nursery? These rainbow hangers feature 10 hangers in assorted colors, including (woot), baby blue. They’re also slim, so they’ll be enough room to hang all of your baby’s beautiful clothing.


Rainbow Nursery Baby Activity Gym

It’ll all be sunny skies when Baby is big enough to start playing with this rainbow baby activity gym. The mat, which measures 36"Wx24.5"H, is machine washable. Your little one will be comfy laying on the cloud while batting at some of the toys, such as the rainbow, rain drops, clouds, and the sun.


Rainbow Nursery Onesies

Your rainbow baby will look beautiful in the Gerber 4-pack sleeveless onesies. In addition to the breathable fabric, the snaps are situated higher for lighting-quick diaper changes, too. And when they get dirty, they can be tossed into the washing machine for a fast wash and dry.


Rainbow Nursery Bibs

It’s soo exciting when your little sweetie starts solids -- and a little messy, too. Make sure that their clothes stay stain-free with the Boho Watercolor Rainbow Name Modern Coral Baby Bib. You can personalize it with it your baby’s name, just in case there was any confusion who it belongs to.


Rainbow Nursery Baby Bottles

Your baby will drink your pumped breastmilk or formula in style with the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Baby Bottle. The rainbow colored bottles come with a breast-like nipple to help avoid any confusion. The bottles, which are BPA-free, come complete with an anti-colic valve, and can hold up to nine ounces of your liquid gold.


Rainbow Nursery Burp Cloth

Although you might not pay too much attention to Baby’s burp cloths, you’ll love these Gerber rainbow-themed ones. The 4-pack of cloths feature traditional rainbow designs as well as thick colorful stripes. Puking has never been so pretty.


Rainbow Nursery Toy

Whether you use it as a decoration or a potential play toy, the Montessori Stacking Arch Rainbow Wooden Toy is a cute addition to your rainbow nursery. The stackable blocks can help build hand-eye coordination, teach your child about rainbows — or simply be something that your baby tries to gnaw on (which is, you know, not recommended).


Rainbow Nursery Clock

You’ll never wonder what time it is with this sweet rainbow clock. It runs on one AA battery, and comes with mounting hardware so you can place it anywhere in the room. It can help you keep track of how long Baby’s last feeding was — and how soon you can go back to sleep again.


Rainbow Nursery Storage Basket

Keep everything and tidy (in every color of the rainbow) with this basket from Etsy seller LoveIndiLou. The rainbow nursery basket is made from recycled t-shirt yarn, and is 100% cotton. And in case it gets dirty, it’s machine washable, too.


Rainbow Nursery Rug

It might be hard to find a rainbow-colored crib, but it won’t be a challenge to find a rainbow nursery rug like this one. The rug, which comes in three sizes, is made from 100% polyester chenille, and has hemmed edges. There’s even a coated backing so that it won’t slip while you’re slowly rocking your baby to sleep.


Rainbow Nursery Swaddle

Wrap your little rainbow baby in style with this chic personalized rainbow baby swaddle from Etsy seller BabySquishyCheeks. It’s made from super soft and lightweight stretch jersey knit that offers a 4-way stretch for your sweetie. The swaddle can be personalized (in charcoal grey) with your baby’s name.


Rainbow Nursery Crib Set

Your baby’s crib will be a stunning statement piece with this rainbow bedding set from Sweet Jojo Designs. The 4-piece set includes a crib sheet, blanket, diaper stacker, and dust ruffle. Although some of the sheets come in pink, you could definitely replace them for blue or any color that you’d like.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one color or style when you’re thinking about how to style your baby’s nursery. By choosing a rainbow theme, it’ll always be sunny skies for your little sweetie.