23 Beautiful Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

You won’t regret copying these photogenic rooms.

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Baby boy nursery ideas are something you’ll likely spend a lot of time perusing before you start to nest. There are so many nursery themes and directions you can take when creating a nursery. You want the space to be cozy and welcoming, but also original. Thankfully, there are tons of fabulous designers out there who have shared their gorgeous baby boy nursery ideas online. And many were kind enough to share their masterpieces here.

As you’ll see, we’re having a soft hue moment. Light browns and cool blues are very popular. Other hot looks: charming framed images, starry scenes, and even wild wallpapers. The message? Go wild. It’s your baby, after all. You don’t have to have a boring baby nursery. You can get all kinds of creative and unique ideas from these baby boy nursery ideas, then use them as a jumping off point to create a super lovely room of your own design.

Just don’t forget the best baby boy nursery ideas are ones that are as charming as they are functional. Consider wicker baskets for diaper storage, shelving for children’s books, and plenty of drawers for changes of clothes because guaranteed, your little darling is going to go through a lot of them.


Starry night nursery

Your baby is the star of your world, so why not echo that feeling in the actual interior design of their nursery. This lovely star aesthetic from Winter Daisy casts a dreamy black and white glow across a nursery. And it’s carried throughout. Just take a look at those coat hangers that also feature stars to match the wallpaper. A fuzzy carpet with an abstract black and white design pulls the space together while a black wicker lamp shade offers a gentle glow.


Soothing hued nursery

Who says baby boys can’t enjoy a room with sweet soft peachy hues? That’s the message of this look by Whiteglam featuring a Timberwood Designs hickory name script above the stuffy shelf. In this lovely baby boy nursery idea, the mood is zen thanks to a gentle striped wallpaper on one wall with a pair of natural framed images of a biplane and a car resting above a cozy rocking chair. The wicker bassinet makes the room complete.


Megawatt color nursery

More interested in baby boy nursery ideas that have a pop of color? You won’t get any brighter than this design. Using fluorescent orange and bright green as a base, Stella and the Stars creates a super dramatic nursery that would definitely spark an infant’s imagination. A stuffed swan head above the crib adds a hip vibe, along with a ladder rack for a matching baby blanket. Naturally, the window treatment is a bright green made to match, and show-stopping ceiling fan made with webbed cane disks finishes the look.


Crisp and cool nursery

Crisp and cool is a great baby boy nursery theme, as shown by this image from Havenly’s Instagram account. The crib is a natural wood with a lovely cushy rocking chair to the left accented with a geometric black and white design. Accents of color come in the form of beautiful framed photographs above the crib and dresser evoking a future life filled with travel for one little baby boy.


Sunshine nursery

Katya Akuma has the right idea with this a super fun way to dress up a small nursery. Take this example of a baby boy nursery idea featuring a huge sun splayed above the crib. Next to it is a tall built in bookshelf perfect to display baby’s favorite reads, while the floor gets a playful twist with a faux leopard rug and a very handsome toy box.


Mountain motif nursery

While we’re on the subject of murals, consider using chalk paint and drawing one yourself a la this Gray House Studio baby boy nursery idea. The gray illustration is of a mountain scene, a soothing setting set behind the gray crib. Keeping with the matte tone is a gray rocking chair that sits below a three-piece series of woodland animal framed illustrations. Just like the pillow says, for one lucky kid it appears adventure awaits every time they enter their nursery.


Jungle nursery

Here’s your official permission to go wild with your baby boy nursery ideas. Why hold back when a little creativity can result in something as fun as Another IVF Mum’s safari vibe room. Using stuffed animals on the wall and huge palm leaf wallpaper, this room feels like it’s an adventure waiting to happen. A cozy rocking chair upholstered in matching green fabric to match brings the whole scene together.


Foxy forest nursery

This room is all kinds of foxy thanks to the most lovely woodland creature wallpaper. Live and Gather Co. brought the forest to her son with fun details like a giant framed image of a bear above the crib as well as a stuffed fawn toy ready for him to cuddle. To add to the look, a leather poof — for tired mom to rest her feet — sits in front of the rocker along with bookshelf nearby to snuggle in for a cozy read.


Bold name nursery

Another hot baby boy nursery idea right now is to include on the wall the name of the child. Here, Farmhouse Fosters outlined large gold letters accented wood detailing in a deep forest green make the name Barrett Matthew really stand out. The result is a gorgeous homage to a new baby. And to complete the look, across the room (out of frame) a natural wood dresser rests below three forest green paintings of mountains.


Plantasia nursery

Love indoor plants? Consider adding them to your nursery decor. Katie Herb did just that with this lovely nursery. Using cool natural tones as a base, real live plants splash from the minute you enter on the door frame, to a potted plant on the floor, to potted plants hanging from the baby’s bookshelf. You can foster an appreciation of the outdoor world from day one by including plants in your baby boy’s nursery.


Moody blue nursery

Can you already tell that your son is going to be a car lover? Set them on the right track with a nursery design that celebrates automobiles. Here, Baily Ward Interiors has framed four darling vehicle illustrations above the crib. Then used blue tones to accent the room, from the walls to the bookshelf. Even baby’s bedding gets a touch of blue treatment in this super lovely baby boy nursery idea.


Wanderlust nursery

Want to raise a world traveler? Put maps in the midst of your baby’s mind. That can be achieved as The Cream Colonial has done here with a beautiful framed map placed at the center of this baby boy nursery idea. As you can see, again, natural plants make a cameo in this nursery design as well as a great bookshelf for storing fun reads and toys.


Built-in-centric nursery

If you have built-ins already, consider amping them up with bookshelf interior wallpaper. That’s what Taylor Wilkins Interior Design did in this baby boy nursery, adding an element of detail with a leaf motif. The green in the wallpaper plays up the darling window seat cushion. Meanwhile, the lower half of the bookshelves is available for baby item storage. And a green crib brings the whole look together.


Nautical nursery

If a nautical life is the one you hope to impart to your son, get them started early with an ocean-going nursery room. This Anderson Home Design features blue wave wallpaper. A tiny surfboard has been mounted above the crib and hanging above the room is a sailing ship kite that acts as a sort of mobile for baby to look at. A crisp white crib with blue and white bedding ties it all together nicely.


Hot air balloon nursery

Hot air balloons have such a whimsical feel. They harken back to a bygone era of travel and maybe that idea of whimsy is something you want to impart to your child. Get him started imaging the possibilities of life by taking a page out of Josh Bueno Jr.’s baby boy nursery idea book. By installing four hot air balloons above the crib, the baby has something to always look at. But the details don’t stop there. On the wall is a mountain mural and beside the crib there’s an elephant rocker and a large kid-friendly bookshelf.


Cowboy nursery

“I shoulda been a cowboy” is more than a classic ‘90s country song. It’s an anthem that can be applied to a nursery. Just look at how Its Tiki Girl applied the idea in this baby boy nursery idea. Not only does the wall feature a vintage cowboy wallpaper, the theme is extended in the art in a framed cowboy painting above the changing table. You could ramp this idea up with a lasso on the wall or some baby cowboy boots strategically placed on a shelf.


Desert nursery

Who says cacti aren’t beautiful? The desert plant makes for a great geometrical print in a baby nursery, as is obvious in this gorgeous design from Andrea Dickherber. The wallpaper print is echoed in a cactus baby blanket neatly hung on a short ladder. But Dickherber doesn’t limit her baby boy nursery idea to green. Bright blue plays a role too in a tie-dyed pillow, dyed tapestry on the wall, and matching blanket.


Horse nursery

Go head, horse around in your baby boy’s nursery. Get buck wild with this inspiration from House of Funk Design. The interior designer uses a monochromatic image of a thoroughbred above a natural crib to set the scene. Then draws attention to the image via two large rustic barn doors, a great mix of old and new.


Vertical shiplap nursery

Vertical shiplap has been trending for a while now, but if you want to differentiate your woodwork of the moment, especially in the baby room, consider painting it. That’s what Pratt Home with Lauren did. A cool light green makes the room inviting while natural accents within the crib, side table, and bookshelf beautifully accent the space.


Wild animal nursery

Here’s a baby boy nursery idea that’s as fun as it is functional. Little House on a Little Land used playful lion wallpaper for her nursery. To match the black and white line drawing design, she used geometric lines as a background to the crib. Then, on the floor, she opted out of a traditional carpet for a foam play mat, a super smart move when baby starts moving.


Crib-to-bed nursery

If this isn’t your first rodeo preparing a nursery, then you know you might want to include a futon or day bed as much as a crib for those moments when the only way to get your baby to sleep is to lay down with them. That’s what Megan Molten has done here and to great effect. This sunny nursery features two walls of windows with beautiful bamboo shades. Everything is decorated in clean white, even the art, an abstract face above the crib.


Cloud ceiling nursery

As previously mentioned, baby boy nursery murals are very hot right now. But why limit yourself to a wall. Here Maison Ellie Interiors mixes it up with a cloud mural on the ceiling. This dreamy addition gives baby something soothing to look at from the crib, while also making the room extra snuggly. And to echo the blues and whites of the ceiling sky above, she’s matched those colors in the rocking chair and pillow as well as a soft rug.


Bold blue nursery

Baby blues are very common in boy nurseries, but what about a pop of power blue? That’s how Carolyn Leona Design did here in this lovely nursery with a bright and bold wall of blue behind the natural crib which, we should note, features its own skirt. And to pull that same natural look throughout the entire space, she uses straw lion faces on the wall, a cheeky straw cactus basket for storage, and natural light treatment in the center of the room.

Designing a baby room doesn’t have to be a drag. By using these baby boy nursery ideas you can put your own unique stamp on your infant’s abode and make it extra special in the process.

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