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11 Baby Names Inspired By Casper The Friendly Ghost

We’re going to leave out Fatso though.

Baby name inspiration can come from anywhere — including your favorite movies. Whether you’ve got a spooky October baby on the way or just still have the hots for Devon Sawa, I think it’s high time you consider baby names from the movie Casper for your own little friendly guy or gal.

Casper has been around a lot longer than some of us ‘90s kids remember, but the bulk of these baby names come from the 1995 movie Casper starring Christina Ricci, Bill Pullman, and a very cute, floppy-haired Devon Sawa. The movie is a classic, and after recently rewatching it with my own girls, I fell in love all over again. It’s funny, it’s sad, and it has an underlying theme of love deep within all of the characters and plot points. It’s like the perfect ghost movie, and I just think there should be a million little Caspers, Amelias, and Harveys running around the world.

But don’t worry — you don’t have to take any of that sad energy with you when you name a baby after Casper. (And you also don’t need to consider the names Fatso, Stinky, or Stretch.) If Casper was a favorite movie for you (or you were a big fan of the comics or cartoons), that’s reason enough to choose a baby name inspired by the friendly ghost.



I mean, kind of a no-brainer, right? But Casper is such a great name even if it’s not connected with the friendly ghost. The name Casper means “treasuer” and has been around for centuries, including biblical times. It has a definite aristocratic air to it, and feels both boyish and strong.



Dr. James Harvey is the ghost therapist who moves into Whipstaff Manor (played perfectly by Bill Pullman), and I think he deserves a little shout-out. The name Harvey is especially fun and unique and can pay homage to the OG Wife Guy who just wanted to chat with his lost wife and be there for his kid. But the name Harvey also means “battle worthy,” which is incredibly bad*ss if you’re looking for another reason to love it. (And when’s the last time you met a kid named Harvey?)



OK, sure, Kat is short for Kathleen in Casper (more on that later), but Kat stands alone totally fine as a baby name. Plus it can be short for Katherine, Kate, or whatever other name you choose. Christina Ricci perfectly portrayed Kat in 1995’s Casper, and she deserves to have a million little babies named after her character. Bonus points if you whisper, “Can I keep you?” to your own baby Kat.



Amelia Harvey is the late wife and mother of Dr. Harvey and Kat, and she ends up being a legit angel at the end who rewards Casper for being such a noble little ghost guy to her family. Amelia has gotten very popular over the years, and the name actually means “industrious” or “hardworking.” Does anybody work as hard as a ghost angel? Millie is also a great nickname for Amelia, as is Lia.



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OK, Carrigan is a bad guy. But she’s one of those bad guys who is hilarious and makes the movie, so why not take some of that energy into your own babe? Carrigan is also a gender-neutral baby name that means “pointed, spear” and has some great Irish warrior vibes. Shorten it to Carrie if you want, but please make sure everyone knows you chose it because of Casper.



I had to include Kat’s formal name, right? Kathleen is a mega-traditional baby name, but it’s so good. It actually means “pure,” which feels extremely right for a girl who befriends a ghost child, and I love how it’s formal-sounding, but still just right for a little girl.



This is also a nod to Dr. Harvey’s full name, and is another super traditional baby name. James means “supplanter” and has always been popular, but in recent years it’s become gender-neutral as well, which is a fun spin.



I mean, Ray Stantz shows up to Whipstaff Manor to help get rid of the Ghostly Trio and can’t, so it’s not like he’s a hero here, but it is a fun little nod to the original Ghostbuster. It’s funny because Ray means “wise protector” and could actually be pretty gender-neutral if you wanted.



Father Guido was a recurring character on SNL for years, and he shows up to help perform an exorcism in Casper. (And, obviously, fails.) But Guido is a deep-cut Casper baby name, and I love it. It’s Italian and means “guide” or “leader.”


John Thomas

In the old newspaper clippings of Casper’s dad, you find out his name was J.T. — which is short for John Thomas. This is incredibly traditional, but I love it so much, and you just can’t get much better than J.T. as a nickname.



I mean, why not give your baby the same name as the actual Casper? Devon Sawa was put on the map with Casper (and those perfect blonde bangs), and his name means “deep valley dwellers.” The best part is that Devon can be gender-neutral.

Whether you go for a deep-cut Casper-inspired baby name or something more obvious, please know that your baby will be even cuter than the Friendly Ghost.